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Misaki's not very bright, he knows that, and it's a big risk he's taking, aiming for Mitsuhashi.

"Heh. You sure you're fully conscious?"

Misaki winces at that stray memory and gets back to his sums.

Except all he can think about tonight is how long and sinewy Usagi-san's fingers are when they run swiftly over the paper, correcting his work.

He flushes and strikes out the x-cubed, which he has somehow managed to turn into a heart.

"Any reason you're doodling little hearts all over the margin?" The tone is dry, and Misaki flushes, horrified.


"I see. Perhaps we should call it a day." He turns back, startled, to see Usagi-san leaning over his chair. His face is- kind.

"I know the symptoms of a crush when I see it," he says, smiling. "Is she pretty?"

Misaki opens his mouth to correct his assumption and then snaps it shut. What's he going to say, No, your hands are?

"Yes," he mutters, turning away. The aristocratic face hovering near his is overwhelming. "No one has a right to be that pretty," he adds truthfully.

"I see. I think so too." He very nearly misses Usagi-san say the last few words, it's in such a low tone Misaki wonders if they were meant for his ears to hear. Then he realizes who Usagi-san's talking about and he's pissed off all of a sudden, for absolutely no good reason. Well, he reasons with himself, there actually is- Niichan isn't pretty or feminine in the least, he's a man, damnit, he's handsome.

Misaki isn't handsome. He isn't pretty either. He's just- average.

"Or maybe I just have really bad taste," he snaps and closes his copy. Usagi-san says nothing, he simply stares down at Misaki intently. The brunet doesn't want to look into those bewitching eyes anymore- he feels like all his secrets are being sucked out by those dark violet pools; secrets he never knew he had.

"I don't," Usagi-san says clearly, before his eyes widen and he straightens up and looks away. "You can leave now- it's a bit late too, Takahiro will be getting worried."

Misaki nods, irritated at the mention of his brother. Honestly, is Niichan all that Usagi-san thinks about? Not that it's any of my business... "What should I practice next?"

"Ah- do the sums from planes and straight lines at the back of the book. You really need to improve on your coordinate geometry. No wonder you're a klutz."

"Not funny." It's a lame joke, and Misaki's not in a good mood. A cold hand on his hair shakes him out of his reverie. "You look like you're in a bit of a funk- need some advice? She doesn't like you back?"

The brunet glowers. "It's complicated. And I don't think you're the right person to be giving me advice, looking at your love-life- or the lack of it."

The hand falls away, and Misaki begins to stutter "N-no- I didn't mean..."

"No, you're right." His face is shadowed by his blond hair. "I have always been terrible at expressing my feelings- everyone tells me I'm repressed." He laughs derisively.

Misaki feels terrible. "I don't- I'm sorry. That was incredibly unfeeling of me."

"It was," he concedes. "But don't worry about it."

Usagi-san walks him to the door in silence. It's stilting and awkward, this lack of conversation. Misaki looks up at him when they reach the door.

"Perhaps- perhaps you're wrong," he says finally. "Perhaps the right person just hasn't come along yet- and when he does, you won't hold back."

Usagi-san stares at him. "Perhaps," he agrees.

Misaki's embarrassed again, for no reason. "Um. Bye." And then he's out of the door.

He doesn't hear Usagi-san say under his breath, "...and perhaps I've found him already."

End drabble fourteen.

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