"Dude you can't be serious." Sam demanded standing beside Blaine as the soon to be former New Directions member packed up his locker.

"I am." Blaine told him, "You don't understand the Warblers are my friends my family, it's because of me they are in this mess."

"It's not your fault, the board of directors at Dalton hired Hunter it's their fault."

"They wouldn't have had to hire Hunter if I didn't leave." Blaine argued, shutting his locker. "I'm going back to Dalton, I'll go back to being captain of the Warblers, I'll forfeit their post at Regionals to the New Directions and I'll work on getting them clean. I'm sorry Sam but that's the way it has to be."

"Fine... good luck dude," Sam offered weakly, he was sad to see his friend go but he understood why, it was for the best that Blaine went back to Dalton even if the other wouldn't agree.

Walking through the halls at Dalton was like coming home for Blaine, it felt great to walk down the familiar halls to see at the young male's walking the halls in the pristine Dalton uniform, to walked down the Art hall and hear the familiar sounds of the Dalton Academy Warblers.

When Blaine arrived at Dalton the Warblers practice was in full swing, so the short teen had yet to run into his friends, after unpacking his things and changed into the uniform Blaine headed to the practice room.

The doors were open letting the music float out into the halls, standing in the door way Blaine saw something he didn't except, Beatz singing 'Dynamite' he didn't even know the beat boxer could sing, but there he was singing and dancing with Sebastian and Jeff.

"Alright," Hunter clapped when the three were done. "Nicely done Beatz that is definitely a contender for Regionals: That's it for today guys, remember no practice till Monday, over the weekend I want you all to start coming up with retinues we need a complete list by the end of the month."

The Warblers happily chatted as they grabbed their bags and started withdrawing from the practice room, a good number of them walked past Blaine not noticing him except for the only blond member.

"Blaine!" Jeff yelled, running from his spot by Nick. "What are you doing here?"

"I transferred back Jeff." Blaine told him allowing the blond to hug him tight. "I'm a Dalton boy again."

While Jeff interrogated his old friend Hunter tried not to feel threated, he has worked too hard to get the Warblers confident up and them all into the tip top shape they were now just to lose it all to some out dated legend.

"Jeez Hunt could you glare any harder?" Sebastian teased, bumping shoulders with the Warbler captain.

"What the hell is he doing here?" Hunter asked threw gritted teeth only to relax when Sebastian stepped into his view blocking Blaine out effectively.

"Come on," Sebastian joked lightly grabbing Hunter's hand. "No one is going to vote for Blaine to be captain over you, because of you we have a chance to not only go to Nationals but win and that hasn't happened in years."

Hunter smiled, looking down at his hand the one Sebastian gripped. His co-captain always knew what to say when it came to calming and comforting Hunter, "Just promise me you won't fall for his school boy charm."

"Trust me; I am no longer interested in innocent school boys. I like a guy who's not afraid to take charge." Sebastian told him, tugging on Hunter's hand before letting it go, the short teen watch as Sebastian walked over to Blaine and Sam. "Sup Killer," Sebastian asked with his dazzling smile.

"Hey Sebastian: nothing much just wondering if there is a spot in the Warblers for me." Blaine answered; already know that there was a spot just for him.

"Uh, you'll have to ask Hunter." Sebastian answered nodding his head over to the teen, who was looking through sheet music. "He'll probably make you audition or something on Monday."

Blaine was shocked at the thought of auditioning, Hunter had practically begged him to re-join when the ex-military teen stole his National's trophy. It was probably just a formality which Blaine totally understood but auditioning it would be easiest way to remind the Warblers just how good Blaine Warbler was and why he should be their captain, just like Wes had wanted when the counsel leader requested.

"Well then I better get something prepared." Blaine laughed it off shrugging his shoulders. "I don't know about you two but I am starving, I hope the cafeteria food is just as good as I remember it to be."

"Yeah, I'll text Nicky he's probably done with his interview class." Jeff informed them and pulled out his phone, a smile instantly gracing the blonds face as he text his boyfriend.

"Hey Hunter, we're going to eat what to join?" Sebastian asked the other teen stopped what he was doing but declined the invitation, saying something about homework but asked Sebastian to bring him something to eat seeing as they were roommates.

Sebastian, Blaine and Jeff walked to the cafeteria there were a few other students all eating snacks and working on homework together. Jeff saw Nick first the blond practically skipped to the table kissing Nick's cheek before sitting down beside him. Sebastian toke a seat next to the blond while Blaine went to go get some food, he came back to see Sebastian and Jeff messing with each other, poking and pulling on each other's close just bothering each other like two young siblings trapped during a long car ride.

Blaine wondered how Nick handed snapped at them seeing as the dark haired Warbler was trying to finish up some homework. Jeff was now throwing tiny rolled up pieces of napkins at Sebastian getting the trash stuck in the brunet's hair.

"Stop it." Sebastian ordered, brushing the paper out of his hair before taking a wade of napkins and throwing it at the blond.

"Both of you stop it." Nick ordered, brushing the papers of his homework, the dark haired warbler glared at the two before returning to his work.

"Bas started it." Jeff answered pitifully, than the blond perked up and walked over to the pastries' table and grabbed a few before returning. The blond sent the sugar cookies in front of his boyfriend, Nick looked up from his homework long enough to grabbed a cookie and smile at Jeff.

"So auditions any idea on what you are going to do?" Jeff asked, Blaine nibbling on his own chocolate chip cookie.

"I haven't thought about it, but coming up with a solo isn't too hard for me." Blaine answered; Jeff nodded thoughtfully before finishing his cookie.

The four friends sat at the table chatting and catching up an hour past before Sebastian left the group picking up Hunter's something to eat before heading back to his room.

Sitting at his desk, Hunter was wearing jeans and a t-shirt practicing his violin, since the Dalton Band had a concert coming up, and as first chair Hunter had to spend extra time practicing.

"I brought you back some food." Sebastian told him, putting the food in their mini fridge. Hunter made a grunt of acknowledgment and kept playing. Changing out of his uniform Sebastian grabbed a book from the bedside table and stretched out on the bed, allowing the words of J.R.R Tolkien and the soft melody from Hunter's violin to lull him to sleep.