Against what Kurt believed, Blaine wasn't completely oblivious, he noticed the way Sebastian looked and acted around Hunter, it was the same way Sebastian and Kurt act around him. So it looked like getting Sebastian on his side was going to be a little more challenging originally though but the other Warblers jumped at the chance to get rid of Hunter and get clean.

Blaine watched Sebastian walk out of the cafeteria with Hunter's food in hand, once the tall boy was out of the room, Blain's eye's scanned the area only four students remained and they were father enough away.

"So what's Hunter like?" Blaine asked, getting Nick and Jeff's attention. "As a captain?"

"He's a drill sergeant." Jeff answered truthfully, "There has definitely been some rule changes since he became captain."

"Changes like what?"

"Like, practices are more frequent and longer, more organized definitely." Nick answered, Blaine gave a confused look Wes's practices were always organized if one thing didn't go as plan he'd have a Wes version (I Couldn't find the right fucking word) of a meltdown then explained. "Like one practice will be strictly for cerography, other for vocals and every once and a while Hunter will give us a free day like today."

"Free day?" Blaine repeated.

"Yeah basically us just goofing off letting off steam I guess." Jeff replied, "Besides being a drill sergeant Hunter's a really nice guy, good leader actually."

"Sure." Blaine stated, maybe getting rid of Hunter won't be easy either. "You know I'm actually kind of tired guys I'm going to head up to my room and get settled in." Blaine smiled back at the two, and lifted.

It toke a while but Blaine found it, not his room mind you but Sebastian's, the French teen obviously needed help falling for a taking guy is one thing but falling for a straight guys is pathetic way to be a predatory gay Seb.

He didn't hesitate knocking on the door, waiting a few more minutes Blaine knocked against the door opened a few seconds later to reveal a not so happy Hunter; his hair wet still dripping on the white t-shirt.

"What do you want?" Hunter asked in a harsh whisper, turning his head back into the room, Blaine managed to look under Hunter's arm to see Sebastian sleeping.

"I uh...Sebastian said to ask you about a spot in the Warblers." Blaine answered; damn he'll have to try tomorrow to get Sebastian on his side.

"And this couldn't have waited till tomorrow?" Hunter demanded, his stance went from annoyed to infuriate his hand now rested higher on the door frame balancing his tone body as it leaned forward.

"It's only eight o'clock I didn't think he'd be a sleep." Blaine replied then cursed himself at the mistake.

"Well Sebastian is, you can audition on Monday now get out of here." Hunter growled, his other handed rested on his hip.

"Hunter, who's at the door?" Sebastian yawned, sitting up in the bed, Blaine slide past Hunter and into the room. "Hey Blaine."

"Sebastian, I was thinking you and I could hang out tomorrow get some coffee see a movie?" Blaine offered, he couldn't help but smile at Sebastian's bed head that made him look ten years younger.

"He can't, we have a standing engagement." Hunter informed Blaine.

"Alright, how about Sunday?" Blaine asked and once again Hunter answered.

"A Warbler thing," he stated leading Blaine closer to the door, "Besides shouldn't you be preparing for your Warblers audition it is one Monday."

"I have plenty of time." Blaine stated confidently,

"Right." Hunter laughed somehow managed not to slam the door in Anderson's face.

"Rude." Blaine muttered but got the message Hunter conveyed and walked back to his room.

On the other side of the door, Hunter ran a frustrated hand threw his hair, the military teen just wanted to strangle Anderson. Sebastian watched a grumbling Hunter slipped into bed behind him.

"I'm proud of you." Sebastian muttered with a sleepy grin.

"I'm not, Blaine is up to something." Hunter told him. "I don't trust him."

Sebastian woke up early that Saturday morning the rising sun blocked by the ugly curtains in his dorm. Hunter lay sleeping behind him alternating between snoring in Sebastian ear and breathing heavily.

Sometimes Sebastian wondered why he put up with the snoring. It had something to with Hunter not only being an amazing top but a great big teddy bear also; the teen sometimes wondered if Hunter liked the cuddling more than sex. Hunter also had amazing arm strength which is a given with once going to a military academy and founder of the Parkour/free running club so getting out from his death gripe was going to be hear do get out of.

Understanding that Sebastian was going to be there a while, it toke a few tries but Sebastian was able to grabbed his book from the bed side table. When he grabbed the book and flipped to his page Sebastian began reading, sure lying on his side with his arms locked under Hunter's wasn't the most comfortable way to lay but Sebastian was used to it, though flipping pages was a challenge.

The teen was so engrossed in the book he didn't notice his bedmate was waking up.

"This thing all things devours:

Birds, beasts, trees flower;

Gnaws iron, bites steel;

Grind hard stones to meal;

Slays king, ruins town,

And beats high mountain down." Hunter read mocking Gollum's voice perfectly, Sebastian was defiantly startled when Hunter spoke but not as startled when the teen started playful biting his neck.

"Hunter!" Sebastian laugh, his book dropping to the floor-he can yell at Hunter later for that-Hunter loomed over the other teen, playfully biting at the pale skin like a zombie repeat nomnomnom as he did.

"How long were you up?" Hunter asked, flopping on his back,

"A few hours I guess, what time is it?" Sebastian asked, turning over to look at the alarm clock. "Seven, we could go for a run in the gym before breakfast is over."

"That will work." Hunter replied and laid a sloppy kiss on Sebastian's check before claiming the bath room.