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Raindrops splashed noisily off of the roof of the Merriman's house. Felicity sat upright in her bed listening. Her mind was racing. I wonder if Ben is okay. Is it raining by them? Is he even alive? All her thoughts gathered into a solid prayer for his safety and his health. It had been a whole month since he last wrote her and since the normal letter didn't reach the Merriman household two weeks ago she had been fretting ever since. Felicity shook her head and then sighed. Soon she found herself slipping a dress over her nightgown and tying her shoes on. She made her way across the creaky bedroom floor and grabbed a shawl before exiting the door.

It was as drizzling lightly as Felicity carefully left the house and slipped into the barn. She held her breath as she passed the stalls and climbed up the ladder. She went over to the corner of the loft where Ben had once slept two years ago. She snuggled up on the cot left there and pulled her hand knit shawl tighter around her. Felicity felt some how safe yet even more worried as she sat were Ben had slept. She shuffled the nearby hay and found her writing supplies. She started writing:

Dear Ben,

I am so proud of you and your choice in fighting for freedom. News reaches us weekly of what is going on the front lines. I can't help think about you. How are you fairing? It has been a whole month since you last wrote and we are all worried sick about you. You are constantly in my prayers.

Felicity stopped there. Her pen pooled ink around the period. Ben suddenly flashed into her mind. His brown eyes made her breath stop for a second. Felicity pictures Ben's brown hair that would get rustled in the wind as it passed. His genuine smile showed his pure white teeth. And she could almost hear his laugh. Her heart suddenly ached and she didn't understand it.

Setting her pen aside she closed her eyes and began to think. That last time she saw him when she wished him goodbye in Fathers storage room at the store. He was picking up some of his belongings and also straightening the shelves. Ben had his back turned when she walked in. When he had turned he had jumped and said, "Good grief, Felicity! Planning to give me a heart attack before I leave?" Instantly Ben fell silent seeing her face containing her normal perky smile. He probably remembered that her Grandfather had died from a heart attack and reasoned that was the reason of her sadness. Then it seemed to have struck him: She was sad that he was leaving. "Um," He started.

Felicity shook her head and smiled slightly, l wanted to tell you before you go," she paused, "That I'm really thankfully at you are- were my Father's apprentice. I'm really glad we met each other. We had a lot of adventures and I won't forget you." Felicity remembered while saying those words sadness lingered but then she felt butterflies in her stomach. Could Good Byes create such a feeling?

Ben smiled and looked at her long red hair, sparkling emerald green eyes, and couldn't help but smile. "I won't forget you Felicity either. You were the only true friend when I arrived. Remember when you first saw me? I think it was right outside here actually."

"Hmm, do I?" responded Felicity, "Of course I do. I was a bit mad at first but, only because I was Father's right hand man."

Ben chuckled lightly, "Remember when you and I found Penny?"

Felicity relaxed a bit more, "Will I ever forget? I love that horse. Remember when I started sneaking out to see her and I took your breeches?"

Ben colored slightly, "Um, I do."

Just then, Mr. Merriman stuck his head into the back room and said," Ben, almost time to go."

As soon as he left, Ben spoke again. "I won't forget you ever and I'll write as often as I possibly could."

Felicity gave her friend a big hug saying, "I'll miss you. Be safe."

Ben looked Felicity straight in the eyes and said, "I promise. Keep me in your prayers?"

Felicity looked Ben in the eyes, "You can be sure of that."

All a sudden they both realized they were inches apart from each other and their faces quite close. The butterfly feeling came back in her stomach...stronger.

Felicity was about to take a step back when Ben took her hand, "Thank you." And Ben leaned in and gave her a kiss. Felicity opened her eyes in surprise and felt herself warm all over. She took a moment to realize his lips were still on her lips and she kissed back. At the sound of passing footsteps they pulled apart quickly and their eyes darted everywhere except each other.

"Sorry," Ben mumbled.

Felicity reddened enough to face her hair before responding," Tis fine." Her senses began to open and her mind raced. Does he love me? That kiss was... Amazing? Wonderful?

Ben finished packing his bag quietly as he glanced over at Felicity. She looked like an angel. He didn't know what was going through her mind or even what was going through his as he kissed her. It was just supposed to a parting kiss actually, he thought, but what was that feeling when they did? Could she ever be in love with me? All the last few days Ben had realized he loved Felicity but she was much too young. Was it possible that she...

A half of a minute passed before Felicity asked," What was that?"

Ben looked at her and said, "Well, a kiss."

Felicity raised her eyebrows suggesting that he go on. But, oh! Her face was so adorable he lost his thought for a second. "Felicity..." He trailed off then continues with a burst of passion," I love you."

Felicity didn't quite expect this; the kiss or anything alike. "Uhh, Ben I wish this had been sooner. You are my best friend and I have always loved you since I saw you. I'll miss you," Felicity said softly.

Ben made his way back over to her and put a hand on her cheek. "Will you wait for me?"

Felicity was just about to respond when her Father entered he head down reading something in his hands. Ben quickly dropped his hand and took a step back before Mr. Merriman saw.

Mr. Merriman dropped the pamphlet on the table then took out some papers from his pocket. "Sorry, am I interrupting?" He asked realizing Felicity was still in the room.

Felicity shook her head, "No. No, Father you aren't." Felicity busied herself by the nearest crates.

Mr. Merriman continued, "Very well. Ben, you have been a great apprentice to me. I'm sorry to lose you but, I want you to know I uphold your decision and proud of it. Sign here," he said putting a finger down on the page, "And you will be set to go." Ben scanned the document before picking up the pen and carefully signed. Mr. Merriman offered his hand to Ben. Ben took it as Mr. Merriman said, "Ben- be safe. Oh and your horse will be brought up front in a bit." And he left.

Felicity heart pounded and she felt Ben's eyes fixed on her back. She heard herself say, "Yes" to the question that still lurked in the air.

Felicity snapped out of her trance as a thunderbolt boomed. As lightening flashed she saw a person dressed as a patriot solider enter the barn.

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