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Chapter One: Separation

I wasn't even eighteen yet, but it felt like the day had taken forever to get here. Danny and I have been through a lot together, from death to breakdowns in our family. The ceremony didn't mean much to me, all I wanted was to make it official. I didn't care about the dress, the cake, the flowers or anything like that. I've had the only the thing that mattered all along. Danny wouldn't have it any other way, though. He seems to believe that what I have isn't enough. Danny continuously tries to give me the world but he doesn't even realize he's already given it to me.

Since Danny was determined to do this, I was going to make sure our wedding was unlike anyone else's. "Sam, you need to have a look at the program. They listed the time wrong."

How the hell did Paulina get involved in my wedding? Note to self, strangle Piggy Tails. "What time does it say," I asked.

"It says the service starts at 7:30," Paulina remarked. "They could have messed up the invitations?" She put the programs down, standing up from the table, and walked to the calendar. She unpinned Danny's and my wedding invitation. "It says the same thing here."

"Not like we don't know these people. Instead of sending the programs back, we'll tell everyone there was a typo. And for the invitations, who is honestly going to believe I'm having a wedding at 7:30 in the morning?" That way no more innocent trees will be destroyed and crisis averted.

"Who has a wedding at 7:30?"

She couldn't possibly… I stepped away from the counter, walking across Paulina's linoleum floors. "Let me see that." Paulina extended the invitation she was studying between her index and middle fingers. I retrieve the invitation, reviewing it.

Please accept this invitation to witness the nuptials of

Daniel James Fenton

Samantha Annabel Manson


Waterfront Park on Lake Summerset


Thursday, June 5, 2007 7:30 PM

Shuttle services will be provided

We hope you join us!

"You dense, I'm having a nighttime wedding!" I rolled my eyes. How dumb can one get?

"Why are you having your wedding at night," Paulina protested.

"For three reasons. One, I think it will look amazing at night. Two, it's something that is rare. Three, hello, I'm a creature of the night! Do you think I wanted a sunset beach wedding?"

"Now that would be beautiful! We can get you a pretty dress and have it on the beach!"

"My dress is already beautiful and this is what I want," I objected. I rolled my eyes. "Be glad I'm having a ceremony at all. I'd rather do it in front of Samuels."

"Come on Sam," Star said, giving me a warm smile. "We're talking about your wedding day! You are getting married to the love of your life." She gave me a wide smile, "Act like it."

"June fifth is just another day. Nothing about me will change that day except for my last name."

"You've got to be kidding me," Paulina declared. "This is Danny you're talking about. The love of your life."

"And marrying him doesn't make him any more or any less the love of my life." Dealing with the A-list is so frustrating. All they see is materialistic things. What Danny and I have is more than a ring or a piece of paper. God, I miss him so much. "Okay. I'm not backing out of this and I sure as hell don't have cold feet." I handed the invitation back to Paulina. "This is fine. I'm going upstairs."

I walked away at a quick pace, picking up the brochure of menus.

Yes, I was living with Paulina. Graduation was Saturday, today being Tuesday. Being as I was Jewish and Danny's family is traditionally Christian, Danny got this kick. I was totally fine with a unique wedding (I was fine with eloping) but apparently this was a big deal to my husband. Despite Danny behaving agnostic, and me having not attended the synagogue in years, we were having an interfaith wedding. And he had to find out that the couple is not supposed to see each other for a week.

After the accident, we started to realize that we needed a place of our own. The result was a steel construction built about 10 miles from Fentonworks. I was fine with spending the week at headquarters. Paulina would have no such thing; I've been here for the past five days. It's not so bad. Star stays with us all the time and her I can stand. If it were just the Prom dragon and I, I probably would've already strangled her.

I closed the door, tossing the book on the bed. What is supposed to be the happiest time of my life, I have actually spent it in a bad mood. I have looked forward to graduation since ninth grade, now I spend it away from my family and with my sworn (mortal) enemy. Curse the Internet.

I picked up the small hand purse, moving into the private bathroom. Today is Tuesday, I reminded myself. I am 45 hours from being Mrs. Fenton.

I felt my pulse quicken, the first indication that this did matter. I shook my head as I went into the bathroom, closing the door behind me. Thursday was just another day; it won't be the day I fall in love, it won't be the day all my dreams come true, it won't be the day I suddenly become Danny's wife. It will be just an average day, when two souls who have been linked for what seems to be lifetimes, make their commitment to each other public. When I say those vows Thursday, it won't be the first time that I choose to honor them.

I emptied the contents of the pocket purse on the bathroom counter, my entire luggage for the seven-day excursion spilling on the top. I collected my toiletries and my pajamas from the items, and packed the rest back in the purse. I gathered the items in one hand and dropped them in the basin, the stopper clogging the drain. I turn on the spigot, the water pouring on top. Sealed in a watertight bag were the pajamas. When the water hit the bag, the pajamas along with everything else resized.

"I have the best mother-in-law in the world!"

I would deny it if anyone was to hear, but I giggled.


After a light breakfast, Paulina, Star, and I drove to the location of the ceremony. Tucker and Danny were supposed to begin preparations this evening. Danny and I rented the entire area out starting this morning until Friday night. That would give us plenty of time to come in, set up, clean out and leave. Tucker and Danny have plans to begin the lighting tonight. We agreed I would be the first to see the ceremony hall, before the designers came in.

"It's a beautiful setup. Why not bring in some bouquets, some candles, maybe some hanging lanterns? It is not too late to change your mind."

I balled my fits together, imagining my hands around her throat. "Paulina, please wait until my wedding is over before you start to plan yours. All that stuff isn't me. I am content with the plan."

"Sam is right, Paulina. This is her wedding. Let her personality be the face of the ceremony. Besides, I think it will be beautiful."

"Thanks Star," I nodded.

"I guess," Paulina reluctantly agreed. "I still believe you're making a mistake."

"The only mistake being made is my husband's fault. No one at the ceremony is going to be Jewish. Why Danny is so hell-bent on having an interfaith ceremony I'll never know."

"I think it was sweet," Star smiled. "How many guys, and let alone boys, are considerate enough to go to the lengths Danny has."

I couldn't help myself and smiled warmly. "That's just who Danny is. It doesn't really surprise me that he did it, I just wished he had not found out about the separation."

"The break will probably do you good," Star said softly. "You have your whole lives ahead of you."

Dammit, I felt the smile come back. Get a hold of yourself, Sam, or they're liable to think it is a big deal. Paulina and Star started smiling but I couldn't stop. "Don't get cute." Just the thought of it had me smiling like a fool again. "Tomorrow is another day."

"It is not," Paulina declared happily. "Tomorrow is your wedding day, la chica. It's okay to feel excited."

"I'm just excited about seeing Danny," I dismissed. "I miss my family."

"Okay, as fun as this is, we have a job to do. If we don't get this place set up for the the guys, they will never get any work done."

"Dash and Kwan are helping, right," Paulina asked.

Star nodded as I responded, "Yeah. The only thing they have me doing is looking around the area and making any preparations I would like to see." I rolled my eyes. "They'll do the rest."

"If you don't want him, I'll take Danny," Paulina smirked.

"Back off, woman," I said, crossing my arms. "It has never been about the man." I cracked a smile, "Danny is perfect."

"So, what is the plan? What do we have to do," Star asked.

"This is where we'll be holding the reception. I want this place to be set up with the tables and I'm still deciding what kinds to get."

"The wedding is tomorrow! Where are you going to get that many tables," Paulina asked.

"The tables shouldn't be any problem," I began to explain. "We're loaning them from the division headquarters."

"Sam, what is your ideology? How do you picture this room looking? Do you plan on continuing to use the Goth theme or is it going to have a more traditional look," Star asked.

"It will definitely have a Goth theme," I answered. "Some of the tablecloths are black, purple and red while some just have props or declarations. Nothing has a traditional feel to it, I like things unique."

"What about the other things," Paulina asked. "Who's doing floral arrangements, what about the cake, will there be escorts?"

"Yes, we hired this company from Saint Louis to handle the guests. Samuels has other agents coming into town to deal with the ghosts so that there are no disruptions. After the wedding, we're going on vacation. There'll be someone here to look after the town while we're gone."

"Well, you know, Team Phantom isn't the only game in town. Team Raven will be on the job while you're gone." Star looked around the room, "What are you wanting to do in here?"

I held my hand out, pointing at a corner, "We'll have a cocktail bar over there. Of course, the odds of Mrs. Fenton allowing us to drink is stacked against us. But there'll be a lot of adults here so we thought we'd be considerate. There'll be a four course meal provided and we have a full band and Deejay on the payroll. We have concierge shuttle rides so no one has to drive after drinking."

"What about small children," Star asked. I gave her firm look. Star laughed, "Right. So, what are you going to do with them during your vacation?"

"Mrs. Fenton forced us to take a day for ourselves," I said, crossing my arms. "So Danny and I will spend the first day in Spain. The Fenton's will bring them for us to keep in Rome. We added Spain after-the-fact so we could keep our promise. Lilly really wants to see Rome."

Star grimaced, "Are you sure? Rome isn't a proper destination for a toddler? Why don't you guys just go to Disneyland?"

"Okay, I would do anything for my children but Disneyland is pushing it too far," I said, tilting my head forward. "When they're older, and I have time to properly teach them the inaccuracies Disney instills in its films just for cinematic purposes, we may take them. But no way am I taking three toddlers to a place where they say the bad guy always loses, the guy always gets the girl, and the woman is always just a pretty face."

Paulina and Star couldn't stop snickering. The way parents just expect their kids to watch these things because it has a happy ending infuriates me. A fairytale isn't a story where everything turns out all right, because Lord knows not everything has gone well in my life but I wouldn't change it for the world. A fairytale is the story where the characters face unimaginable odds, go through some growing pains, and become better for it. Danny and I have seen more than our fair share of hardships, but our happy ending has arrived. Does that mean we ride off into the sunset; of course not. In forty-eight hours, our story would not have concluded but instead began again.

"Okay, well how about Sea World? You could take the kids to Universal Studios. I still think traveling around the world is not the right way to go about this. Maybe Mrs. Fenton is right. You and Danny can travel the world and when you get back, you can take the kids to a more kid friendly destination."

"Star, I appreciate what you've done for me in these last few days. You're a great friend, someone I can actually tolerate from the A-List. But the kids want to go on this trip. It wasn't because Mrs. Fenton thought our plan was inappropriate, she just wanted Danny and I to have some time alone."

"Oh honey, you know we love you," Star said. I don't know about everyone, most only deal with us because we're Team Phantom, but I believed her when she says it. "We just want you to be happy."

"And I am," I said with a smile. I frowned at Paulina, "Assuming she stops trying to plan a Cinderella wedding."

"I think you shouldn't allow fads to control your wedding. Will you be proud of the skull and cross bone plates in 30 years?"

I snorted a laugh, "First of all, I am aware that I am eighteen years old planning a wedding that is going to last an eternity. I didn't order any skull and cross bone plates. And second of all, yes, I will look back at my wedding dress in 100 years and still be proud. That's your problem Paulina, you believe the things that matter are materialistic. I could care less about the flowers, the tables, or what anyone else may have to think about my wedding. So long as Danny is the one I say I do to, we have our children and we are happy, nothing else matters."

"That's right," Star said, placing her hand on my shoulder. "I have a high respect for anyone who can ignore peer pressure and still be this cool."

I rolled my eyes, "I don't believe I am cool. Just because I work with Danny Phantom doesn't mean I am cool. I am who I am. I'm the same today as I was in ninth grade. If I am cool now, I was cool then."

"Well, that was your fault. You had plenty of opportunities to tell us you were Team Phantom."

"I never had a reason to want to until you called us lousy," I retorted back to Paulina.

"How were we to know you had a cell phone as a team number," Paulina got defensive.

"I think that's Sam's point, Paulina. We were passing judgment on no evidence. We didn't know Team Phantom, who were we to judge them?"

I nodded. Paulina sighed, "I guess. I just don't get why you wouldn't want everyone to know."

"Again, you only think materialistically," I shrugged. I smiled, "When I see Danny Phantom, I don't see a ghost. I see great man, someone who believes in something, and a person everyone should strive to be like. I looked beyond the façade, and see what lies below."

"Back off, sister. If I can't have one, at least let me have the other." I rolled my eyes as Star stifled a laugh. "What?"

I looked back at the Star, my eyes slightly wide. It was so easy to forget that Star knew Danny's secret. When Youngblood had kidnapped all the adults, Star had witnessed Danny fall off the pirate ship. She didn't know for sure, but she began to speculate the truth. Then came May 11, 2006 when Valerie had told Star she had some business to attend to. Star knew more than she let on, writing a note to Danny to let him know what was going on. After Danny had saved Valerie from Vlad, revealing his secret to Val, we began a search to find out who could have known Valerie worked for Vlad, Danny was her only hope but was too afraid to say that in person. The list of suspects was drawn down to only one person.

Star gave me a soft smile. She never brings it up, she still keeps her distance (on most occasions), and she's never told anyone else. It's so easy to forget that Star is one of us.

I walked away from Paulina and Star, imagining what this place will look like in twenty-four hours. Despite it being traditional, I couldn't help but see round tables. After everything is complete, no one will think this is the traditional wedding. "Okay, I'm going to use round tables. I think it will look good."

"Perfect," Star smiled. "What else is there to do?"

"Ladies night out," Paulina said, smirking. Oh no, she is not planning what I think she's planning. "First, we have a spa treatment, then we meet up with the rest of the girls and we hit the town. Tomorrow, we sleep in, go to your hair and makeup appointment and we prepare for your passage into marriage."

"I hate you," I groaned. Paulina just smiled victoriously as Star laughed.

"Come on," Star laughed. "Let's get you ready for your bachelorette party."

I looked around the room one last time, making sure there's nothing else I need to add. Satisfied, I nodded. I walked out of the reception hall.

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