Chapter Six: Complete

By island time, we were leaving Monday the twenty-third but due to the time change, we made it back late Sunday night. We enjoyed our time off but it was time to get back to work. We had graduated high school so it was time to contribute to the Homeland Security, Division G ghost hunting oranization as adults now. We wouldn't just be teenaged agents. We were now Senior agents. Not much has changed really because our job has always been important.

It was the week after Danny's evil future self attacked us that the Fentons found out we were ghost hunting. We managed to keep them in the dark for the most part but they learned quickly that our jobs were very important. Mr. and Mrs. Fenton had no idea we were associated with Danny Phantom but they knew we were ghost hunting. Back then, Danny did most of his fights in human form unless it got out of hand. If we had tried this a year later, it would have never worked.

Three years ago, Danny had a prophetic dream about a devestating ghost battle. When Danny woke up, I literally watched him fall to pieces. The only piece of information he and Tucker would share was that someone we didn't know yet was going to be killed during the battle. The fight, though, would change the entire world. With that one death, the ghosts would escape Amity Park and nine thousand people, including three hundred Divisional agents, would perish. We all knew that we needed to get as much information about this fight as possible.

Tucker got an idea about telling the Fenton's about Phantom's prophetic dream power. When we revealed our plan to save the planet, our association with Phantom got out of the bag. When the plan worked, the Division became endebted to Phantom with something that could never be repaid. A rule of the Division is that you do not hunt a ghost you owe. So long as Danny stole their equipment or they didn't know he helped them, they weren't endebted to him. With the asteroid, everything was done by the books. That finally ended the Fenton-Phantom fued.

When we told the Fenton's, they showed us an invention that they created to 'videotape' images in someone's mind. The Fenton's allowed us to give the headpiece to Phantom and we've recorded his dreams for the most part. We didn't share every dream, obviously, but Danny's dreams have provided countless advantages. The biggest thing they provided us was the knowledge that the battle was only the beginning. Another dream told us that the entire planet was about to go to war with ghosts.

It was later that I found out on my own who the casulaity was. When Danny showed the dream about the biggest battle lost in the war, I used what I knew to deduct who it was. I knew Danny and I had five children because he's told me. However, in the film, our eldest daughter, Sammy, wasn't there. It wasn't too hard to figure out the person we lost was our daughter. When Danny went on that trip, though, we found out the war was closer than we thought.

Thousands of natural portals opening worldwide and being unable to seal them is what causes the war. From the dream, we knew that when Danny's been half ghost for eight years, the portals would open and never close. We knew that for twenty years, we had kept the ghosts out of the real world and the first time we'd lose would be in what we call the Battle of Amity Park. What we didn't know was that the portals would start opening earlier than eight years of being half ghost. When Danny was traveling the world, he came across hundreds of hot spots.

When Danny returned and the Fenton's found out the truth, we began cataloging the portals and trying our best to keep the ghosts in. The portals can and do close but they're easily manipulated into opening again (I'm talking about chucking a rock at one!). To keep the planet safe, we've began placing shields around the portals. Right now, they're in rural areas but for when they do open in urban areas, we've been working on shields that can cloak themselves.

"Should I call you Mrs. Radar now," Samuels asked me when I walked into the conference room.

"Not if you want to live," I added firmly. The older man laughed. Samuels was the current Director of Division G, or the boss. The division used to be a stand alone bureaucracy but then the FBI housed it. Now, the Department of Homeland Security is our employer.

"Did you survive two weeks without your radar," Danny asked, smirking.

"I didn't even know you were gone," Samuels said, crossing his arms.

"Uh huh," Danny said, unconvinced, "Then why is your stapler in the potted plant?"

I laughed when Danny picked up the stapler, holding it out for everyone to see. "It's obvious. The plant… was lonely."

"And my boss is loney," Danny retorted playfully.

"Okay, so this place is falling apart. Satisfied?"

"I'm back now so never fear," Danny stated, tossing the stapler at Samuels. Samuels caught the stapler and sat it back on his desk.

"Any more portals reported," Mrs. Fenton asked.

"What do you think," Samuels asked drily.

"How many," Tucker asked.

"About seven," Samuels replied. "I've sent out agents to do a scout. Everything's under control."

"We've had some time off so now we're refreshed and ready to jump into this thing head first," Danny replied.

"How was your trip," Samuels asked.

"Great," Mrs. Fenton nodded. "Vlad's island is amazing. You should really come with us one time."

"That's okay," Samuels smirked. "You guys need a place all of your own. I'm glad you've found one."

"I'd like to choke Vlad," Danny remarked, crossing his arms. "That house was huge. Everyone got lost at least once as we were trying to get the hang of the place. It was nice to have a cool temperature. It was like seventy degrees the entire time."

"It's in the southern hemisphere, right," Samuels asked. We nodded. "So you guys were experiencing winter."

"And Lilly hated it," I smirked. "She found out it was wintertime and she wanted snow. We cleaned out some of the beaches and now there's a lot more places to swim. It was pretty cool."

"Did the kids enjoy your world vacation," Samuels asked, reclining in his chair. Danny and I told of our vacation and we chatted for about thirty minutes. We'd been gone for a while so Samuels was wanting to catch up. He's like an uncle to Danny.


After we straightened out everything at the Division, we took the Specter Speeder into the Ghost Zone to speak with the castle. We had the kids with us this time so they could play with their friends in the nursery. Tucker parked the Speeder and we entered the massive complex. It has changed a lot since Danny defeated Pariah Dark. We've been in control of the castle since that summer and we've added electricity and internet since then. Tucker is still working on creating a digital archive of every book in the library. There are countless books so this is a several year project, even on the two years we've been working on it.

Danny and I entered the castle first but we ran into thousands of our people in the front hall. Two male ghosts stood out in the front; Anastasius and Pope Steven. The sight caused us to stop dead in our tracks. What's going on? This doesn't usually happen.

Pope Steven stepped forward, his traditional pope garb on. "We welcome the King and Queen of the Ghost Zone. We proudly serve you, our majesties."

I nudged Danny in the rib. "I told you that you ascended the throne."

"He called you the Queen of the Ghost Zone," Danny retorted back. He's been in denial for years, really, but I don't think he can deny it anymore. Then his words hit me.

"He did call her the Queen," Tucker announced.

"Queen Sam ascended the throne eighteen days ago. When the King and Queen were wed, her authority was utilized. The King's authority utilized on his birthday. Duke Tucker's, yours will go in effect when you complete your transformation."

"Why," Mrs. Fenton asked. "Danny's been the king since he beat the last one. Why the sudden assertion to power?"

"King Danny didn't want that power and denied it. As Ghost Zone law has it, a King can't be crowned until they become of age. By Ghost definition, that's eighteen. He could put it off until his eighteenth birthday. If the King and Queen didn't wed when they did, Queen Sam would have become Duchess Sam on her eighteenth birthday."

What Anastasius was telling us was making sense but I was just so confused. It had to have been what I felt when Danny and I kissed. "But I felt the power already," I spoke up. "Shouldn't I be forced to wait until I turn eighteen, or when I transform like Tucker?"

"No, milady. The Queen's power isn't as strong as the King's power is." I looked to Danny sharply.

"I'll change that right away," Danny put in. Danny grumbled something under his breath.

"Yes, sire, relationships are supposed to be equal but you are the one who defeated Pariah. That's the reason you are more powerful."

"The whole reason I made Sam and Tucker rulers with me was so we could have a balance of power. There's no balance here. According to you guys, I can override everyone here."

"This is a monarchy, sire. It's not a democracy."

"Maybe it should be," Danny muttered under his breath. I took his hand and he looked up at me.

"We can do anything together, Danny. So long as we're together."

"I know," Danny nodded. "I just didn't want to be the king."

"It's for the best, Danny. You will run the Division one day. With you running the Ghost Zone, we just may survive this upcoming war," Mrs. Fenton said softly.

"I won't be a typical king," Danny said, looking up. "I will listen to the people and I will not have people falling over themselves for me. Is that clear, Record Keeper? I'm just another… ghost."

"Of course, sire," Anastasius bowed. The ghosts took one more bow and returned to their previous activities. This is going to take some getting used to.

"Does that make us princesses," Megan asked.

"It sure does," Danny said, picking her up. Tucker picked up Lilly, sitting her on his hip. We took the kids to the nursery. Lilly and Megan ran to play with their friends as I laid Doc down in the basinet. I looked up to see Danny bringing over William. I met Danny, rubbing Will's head softly. It's been seven months since I lost him but he hasn't changed a bit. He won't turn a year until he's been dead for five. Ghost children age really slowly.

"Hello, sweetheart," I whispered, kissing him on the temple. Danny looked at me gently, a soft smile on his lips. "Should we call your grandparents? I know you must want to see Eddie and Jacob?"

"No," Danny shook his head. I tried not to show my displeasure with the decision. Danny is still insisting that we have no right with these children. He thinks that just because we lost them we shouldn't still have them. I beg to differ. The portal is open and we know where they are. I will always put my children first. I've been to Carla and David Simmons' haunt several times to see Danny's twins. I won't let Vlad even claim the two that Danny seems to neglect.

"Okay. We'll see them another time."

"That's fine," Danny said, but I could hear his own displeasure. The only reason Danny supports us seeing Will is because I insist on it. I know if I showed no interest in seeing William, we'd almost never see him either. I have to find a way to change his mind.

Danny passed me Will and I walked over to the rocker. I began to rock my son as the work came in the door for us. Two weeks gone and we had plenty of work to catch up with.


I didn't want to do this. I allowed them in our wedding but now we have to have dinner with them. And it couldn't even be in public. No, we were having dinner at my old house. I didn't want to do this. Please, let a meteor strike me or a ghost attack happen. One visit a month is plenty for me.

"Come on, Sam," Danny said, putting his hand behind my back. We were boxing up our belongings in Danny's room so almost everything was in boxes. Danny had bought an apartment in town that was big enough for our family. I asked him why he didn't buy a house but he didn't give me a definitive answer. He does things for strange reasons sometimes.

"Why do we have to go to this stupid dinner," I grumbled. "I just want to say bygones be bygones. Do we have to get along with them, too?"

"Yes, Sam. They are your parents. Come on, honey. Give them a second chance. If they mess up again, I promise, we will walk away and not look back."

I picked up a black, long sleeved shirt dress with a turtle neck. I didn't want to cover myself head to toe with makeup to cover Danny's bruises so I'd have to cover myself. I picked up a pair of dark black pantyhose to cover my legs. If anyone saw me without my makeup, they'd think I was being beat to death. With mine and Danny's connection, I can use his powers but I also share his injuries. Danny heals immedietly but he can't heal my bruises. Normally, I wear long sleeved clothes to cover myself but Mrs. Fenton came up with a body paint that helps cover me as well. It takes a while to apply, though, so I'll only cover my face. Not many bruises there, though.

"That a girl," Danny smiled. I rolled my eyes and dismissed myself to the bathroom.

After I finished dressing, I spun around for Danny. "How do I look?"

"You look beautiful, as always," Danny said, kissing me on my cheek. I saw him flinch just a fraction though.

"What's wrong," I asked.

Danny groaned out, unsure. "Should you be wearing a turtle neck, though? It's summer, Sam. They could be suspicious."

I looked in the mirror again. Danny did have a good point. If my parents see me wearing a turtle neck dress in the summer, the first thing they're going to do is accuse Danny of hurting me. "Do you think long sleeves woud be too much," I asked.

"With them, I can't tell. You used to hate long sleeves," Danny replied.

"I'm still not crazy about them," I admitted. I've just gotten used to them. "I don't think they'll notice, though. My parents never were all that in touch with my likes and dislikes."

Danny laughed. "You mean asking you to wear bright, primary colors?"

"And foral prints," I added with a smile. I returned to my clothes and stepped out of my dress, just standing in my under garmens.

I started going through my dresses again, trying to find something to wear. Danny came up from behind me, sweeping my hair to the side. He pinned it to the top of my head and began to paint my neck with the makeup. I finally selected a similar dress to the previous one, just with a regular neckline. I turned around to face Danny and he continued to apply the makeup to my front. I can't imagine there being too many bruises on the front of my neck. Not many ghosts punch Danny in the face or harm his neck. The last ghost to do that spent weeks in a thermos.

After Danny finished my makeup, he kissed he slowly. I returned the kiss, putting my free hand on his shoulder. Finally, we broke apart. "I am so sorry, Sam."

I knew what he was talking about but I wanted to erase those worry lines. "I'll forgive you one of these days for forcing me to have dinner with my parents." Mission accomplished; Danny laughed.

"That's great to know. I feel like you're going to hold me to this for the rest of eternity."

"No. That's just for inviting them to our wedding."

"Yeah. I got that." He kissed me again, pulling on my lip. I moaned in his mouth, wondering if he'd let us skip this dinner. Shoot, I know he won't. Danny broke the kiss and I slipped my arms in my dress. I finally pulled it over my head, smoothing the black fabric out.

"Let's go see if your parents need any help with the kids," I replied. I walked back across our bedroom and stopped by the desk. I picked up the knee high boots. They were my favorite shoes now, especially since I only use my combat boots for ghost hunting. I'm going to use my combat boots for my ghost form so I'm trying to distance myself from that style. I pulled the boots on and Danny zipped them up for me. He was amazing at taking them off. I unpinned my hair and ran my fingers through it quickly. I wanted to make sure I was ready for this. Well, ready physically that is. I'll never be ready mentally.

I opened the door to Mr. and Mrs. Fenton's bedroom and our girls were already dressed. Lilly had on a short white skirt with a deep blue shirt. She was wearing tenis shoes, though, so that made me smile. I knew that outfit wouldn't please her. She is a tomboy who loves to play and get dirty. A skirt, especially white, is not who she is. Megan looked radiant. Megan loves to dress up so she sold the ruby red dress she wore, the sleeves cut at an angle. Megan had on a pair of red clip on shoes.

"You girls look great," I said, stepping in.

"Do you think Grandma and Grandpa will like this," Lilly asked. She smoothed out her white skirt. "I hope they like me."

"Girls, listen to me. I don't want either one of you to go out of your way to impress them. My parents are very hard to impress and if you aren't good enough for them, then that just means they aren't good enough for you."

"I didn't even know anything about Moma Sam's parents," Megan said, walking over to Danny. Danny picked her up, resting her on his hip.

"My parents and I didn't get along that well," I explained. "To be honest, I didn't really plan on this ever being an option."

I picked up Lilly just as Mrs. Fenton picked up Doc. Danny held out his free arm and he cradled him in his arm. "Do you want Mama Sam to carry me," Megan asked.

"You're fine, lady bug," Danny replied. "I've got my babies."

"Mama," Megan giggled. "I'm not a baby."

"You're one," Mrs. Fenton deadpanned. "What else would you be?"

"Have fun and if you need anything, we'll be there," Mr. Fenton replied. I nodded, leading the way out of the bedroom. I put Lilly in the backseat of my car as Danny had Megan open the passenger side door. Megan crawled in the backseat while Danny reclined the passenger seat and secured Doc. I got in the drivers seat as the girls fastened themselves in.

"Everyone secure," I asked.

"We're ready," Megan replied. I wished I could say the same.

We had a great dinner and I think my parents really came a long way. Mom and Dad couldn't understand how I was supposed to have Lilly during ninth grade but because they rarely saw me even when I was still living under their roof that they believed I could keep a pregnancy secret. No one besides family will know the kids aren't mine biological. I don't care about DNA. I love those kids. They are mine. That's all they need to know.

We'd be moving into our apartment tomorrow and I was really excited about that. We got the kids down for bedtime and met our family downstairs. It was just Mr. and Mrs. Fenton, Danielle, Danny and I there. Jazz, Joseph and Joey already live in town. "Jacky and Jamie down," I asked as I sat down in the living room.

"Barely," Danielle smiled weakly. "I had to read Jacky six bedtime stories and Jamie was getting fustrated with his brother's insomnia. Jamie offered to help his brother sleep but we didn't need that kind of assistance."

I covered my mouth with a quick laugh. Those two are something else. "How was the dinner," Mrs. Fenton asked.

"It was great. They loved the kids and they've accepted Danny. I think this might work."

"I hope so. You deserve to have parents that love you for you. It's about time they started acting like parents," Mrs. Fenton said, taking a drink of coffee.

"Did the Mansons have any doubts about the kids," Mr. Fenton asked.

"At first they were a little confused," I replied. "But it wasn't hard for them to buy."

"They know Sam is their mother and that's all that mattered," Danny replied.

"What about Megan," Danielle asked. "Did she call you dada?"

"Yes," Danny nodded. "They acted their age and Megan called Sam mama and me dada. It worked out all right."

"That's great," Mrs. Fenton smiled warmly.

"The Manson's invited me to call them by their first names," Danny remarked. His voice confused me, though. I looked between my husband and my in-laws. Mrs. Fenton snapped her eyes to me.

"We did invite Joseph to call us by our first names," Mrs. Fenton said.

"What," I asked, wrinkling my brow.

"This is going to take some time to get used to," Mr. Fenton sighed. "For all of us."

"Sam, it's time you started calling us Maddie and Jack. You're our daughter-in-law now."

"What," I asked, startled. Oh, man. I'm Mrs. Fenton now. "Are you sure? I've called you Mrs. Fenton all my life."

"I eventually stopped calling Rafe Mr. Fenton," Mrs. Fenton remarked. "It'll take some getting used to. Believe me. I've been here. But when you feel comfortable, you can call me Maddie."

"I'll try… Maddie," I said. It felt wrong the instant I said it, though. "Yeah, that's going to take some time to get used to."

"Just take some time," Mr. Fenton replied. Jack. Jacky. No, Jack. I laughed. "It won't be easy. I didn't have that issue. My in-laws were already dead by the time I married Maddie."

"I never imagined calling you guys by your first names," I admitted. "You'll always be Mr. and Mrs. Fenton to me."

"I get that but now you're Mrs. Fenton. We don't want the same name." Mrs. Fenton started laughing and I joined her. Maddie. I can do it but it'll take a while. Maddie and Jack.


Danny, Lilly, Megan, Doc and I finally moved into the apartment. It was beautiful and it had three bedrooms, just like I suspected. We didn't spend too much time there, though, because when Maddie discovered our plan to postpone our education, she put a stop to it. She was right, of course. The war wouldn't let us do it just anytime. Now was the best time to do this. So that Fall, we moved again. Tucker and Mikey and Valerie and Brit shared a dorm room but Danny and I had our own apartment. We still owned that one back in Amity Park but Champaign-Urbana was where we lived full time.

It was tough juggling a sick newborn and school but we committed to it. Lilly and Megan helped out as much as they could. They were great. Doc wasn't getting any better. When he turned six months, his development sped up but he was not improving in his health. Danny's pregnancy was just too complicated for Doc to have the same upbringing as Lilly and Megan. It broke my heart but Danny and I were planning on doing this with Sammy when she was born. We wouldn't treat Doc any differently either.

Danny and I were both doing homework, our babies spread out on our bed asleep. Cujo slept at the foot of the bed as the fire cracked and popped. It was quiet and this was a rare occurance. I rubbed my fingers through Megan's hair, feeling the course baby hair. Megan was sleeping peacefully on my side of the bed. She was doing a lot better. She called me Mama now while she called Danny Mommy. I think she's about to evolve again but I don't care. I just want them to stay little. They'll be growing up on us soon. Doc was sleeping in the middle of the bed while Lilly was sleeping on Danny's side.

"It's a perfect picture moment, huh," Danny asked me with a smile. He looked up from his math homework to look at our babies.

"Absoultuley perfect," I smiled back at him. I couldn't think of another job I'd want more than this right now. I loved being a mother and being a wife. I thought it was great when we were living at Fentonworks. Being the head of the house is a reward I could never anticipate, though.

"Can you live with this, Mrs. Fenton," Danny asked me with a smile. Cujo yapped in his sleep, kicking his hind leg. I smiled at the sleeping ghost dog.

"For an eternity, Mr. Fenton," I said, looking up at him.

"I'm glad." Danny leaned in, kissing me passionately. I shifted the weight on the bed and Danny's workbook fell off the bed, landing in Cujo. The dog woke up instantly, barking.

"Shut up, Cujo," Lilly moaned, rolling over. Danny yelped as Lilly rolled the wrong way and fell off the bed. "Ow!" Lilly started laughing as she stood up. "That was fun."

"An eternity, remember," Danny laughed. He stood up, picking up Lilly. "Are you okay, Lilly-Bear?"

"I'm fine, Daddy," Lilly laughed.

"I wouldn't have it any other way," I smiled as I watched my two babies wake up. Cujo started barking, loudly and obnoxiously.

Does this sound like a fairy tail you know? It's our fairy tail, though. And they continued happily for an eternity.

The End

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