What If?

What if I loved you?
Would you give me a chance?
I would offer you my heart
And yet it is not enough
For your heart belongs to another
It can never be mine
No matter how I wish
I hope and pray for a kind word, a tender moment
But, they are reserved for a person who seems unworthy to be yours
I long for the day you realize I love you
Just realize this before it is too late
Before it's too late
~~Ariana @----
Merlock sat on the bed of his apartment, in his hand the latest poem he found that his partner had started to write before........ He never had expected her to be the kind that wrote poetry. He had saw the poem on her desk while he was getting to leave and he took it, hoping no-one noticed that he had taken one of Ariana's poems.
"Gah, get a hold of yourself. She'll be fine, she's gotten into worse scrapes before," he said to himself. "But she's never been shot before," he added softly. "None of us have. It's shown us our own mortality. We thought that the Time Criminals never carried weapons and that's where we were wrong. They do and this mistake might have cost us the life of one of our, no, their own. Ariana's injury was my fault, who knows who else might have gotten hurt if I stayed. It was best that I left when I did."
He stared at the poem, silently reading it again, and a few stray tears escaped from his eyes and ran down his cheeks. Since the shooting, his ruby red eyes had lost their sparkle and he hadn't the same spark to life as he had. It was as if it went into dormancy following his partner falling into a coma. "Aria, please survive, I have so much to tell you," he whispered before falling asleep. It was an uneasy sleep for when he dreamt it was now of Ariana dying before he could have a chance to tell her the truth of her feelings. He was finally admitting that he cared for her. After being partners, for what two years?, it was naturally for feelings to start to develop.
Months passed and no change in Ariana's condition. It was as if she had given up and was just waiting to die. Merlock spent more and more time by her side, quietly talking to her, telling her what was going on with everyone since her hospitalization.
"Ariana, you remember Kevin? He finally got the guts to ask Lilly to marry him. She accepted and they want you as a bridesmaid so you better get better," he said softly, brushing a stray lock of hair of her forehead. "Sara and Tony are doing well in school. Tony's actually doing good in math, can you believe it?" he said, with a soft laugh. He sighed, not really knowing if any of it was reaching her.
"Mer.......lock?" a weak female voice asked.
Merlock looked down and saw what he had dreamt of since the shooting, not her dying, he dreamt that constantly, but of her coming out of the coma.
"Aria?" he whispered in awe.
"It's me. Where am I?" she whispered.
"You are in the hospital. Petra Fina shot you," he said.
Ariana frowned. "Did we get her?" she asked.
"I don't know. I left after you were shot," he admitted.
"MERLOCK HOLMES!! What the hell were you thinking?! You are one of the best Time Detectives! The Bureau needs you!" Ariana said, yelling at Merlock.
"Ariana Goodman! You nearly died because of me! I couldn't bear to work knowing that you were in the hospital because of me and my foolishness!" he snapped back.
Ariana slapped him. "Baka! I did it because they need you," she whispered.
Merlock placed his hand on his cheek. The familiar lively look appeared in his eyes again. "All right, all right, if it means that much to you, I'll see Miss Grey tomorrow and see if she'll rehire me. No promise, lov....." he said and stopped. 'Uh, oh, I almost confessed. I don't know if I truly... Ah, hell, I do. Can't deny it anymore. I quit because she wasn't there,' he thought and sighed.
"Lov? You serious?" Ariana asked, already realizing what he had been about to say.
"Yeah," Merlock said and blushed.
To be continued.....

(A/N: Evil spot to place a cliffhanger, huh?)