2035 local

Mac's Apartment

Georgetown, VA

Stefanie and Ashley sat side by side on Mac's couch. Flashes of light from the television before them illuminated their faces. Jumping up as a commercial came on, Ashley darted into Mac's kitchen. Throwing open cabinets she searched for popcorn. Finding a bag of extra buttery type she grinned. Shoving the bag into the microwave she continued her raid on the kitchen. The first thing Ashley looked for was salt. Ashley found it sitting by itself on the counter. The wonderful salt. Salt, salt, salt. Grabbing it she returned to her friend on the couch. Stefanie had been hollering that the episode was almost back on. They were watching one of the many JAG tapes Ashley had compiled over the years. Not only were they watching JAG - they were watching JAG (Lifeline), in Mac's apartment! The JAG I.S. (Infiltration System) was still up and running. Summer vacation had presented an opportunity to venture back into JAG World, an opportunity to figure out what Harm and Mac where up to now. And Bud! WHAT HAD HAPPENED TO BUD!?!?! This question plagued Stefanie, Ashley and all JAG lovers alike. But right now Mr. Teddy-Bear-Man Roberts wasn't on their minds. Right now salt, popcorn, and Mac's engagement party was on their minds. Maybe they'd look up Harriet's phone number later and find out what had happened to Bud.

Ashley bounded back into the room and flung herself over the back of Mac's couch making Stefanie bounce a few inches into the air. Snatching the bowl of popcorn from her friend she began shoving the still-hot kernels into her mouth.

"You know, you'd think we'd be more excited being in JAG world again. I mean this is only our second time being here- aw. That's gross!" Ashley sat with her head back shaking salt into her mouth. Glancing over at Stefanie she shrugged then swallowed, savoring the taste of her beloved salt. Turning their attention back to the TV the girls waited excitedly as the porch kiss neared. Eating halted. All three pairs of eyes were fixated on the screen. (Jingo was watching, too.) Harm and Mac neared each other. Closer. Closer.

A key entering a door lock interrupted the moment. Excitement overtook the pair - Mac was home! Ashley hastily shoved a last handful of popcorn in her mouth and ran to the kitchen to dump the rest of the food in the garbage. Stefanie ran to the TV, ejecting the tape and turning the TV off. Best make a good appearance to their hero - couldn't have food strewn all around the room and the TV on. Mac didn't even have a TV, they had toted that with them from non-JAG land. A voice carried over from the other side of the door.

"Mac? This key doesn't work. Which one is it?" Harm.

"That's my car key, Squid. Try the one next to it." Mac's voice carried through the door to Stefanie's ears.

"Ash! Harm's with Mac!" Running back into the main part of Mac's apartment they stood waiting for the door to open fully. Click. Click. Click. Ashley took picture after picture of her favorite pair. Is this a flashback or what. Now all Stefanie needed was her camcorder. After grinning madly for a moment more she raced to find her green duffel bag - located next to the couch. Unzipping it hurriedly she screamed. The bag laughed back. Tanya Fender emerged from the duffel bag. By the time Stefanie's yell ended, Ashley had pivoted around to look at the blonde that had climbed out of her friend's suitcase.

"Tanya…" Ashley began still wondering how her tall companion had crammed herself into a bag. Better yet how Stefanie, lacking a good amount of upper body strength, had carried the bag around all day with Tanya in it.

"Yeeeees … Ashley?" Came the reply.

"Um, why are you here? We're in JAG world… last time I checked you had no interest in the best show of all time, in my opinion, God's gift to the invention called television, the show holding the ultimate shipper-"

"No interest in JAG," Stefanie finished Ashley's sentence for her before they all turned one hundered and thirty waiting for Ash's ranting to end. A wide smile spread across Tanya's face.

"But this could also be X-Files world! Think of the possibilities. To even imagine… imagine… that Scully and Mulder could be here SOMEWHERE.. ANYWHERE… you never know… I mean, I wouldn't be a good Scully/Mulder shipper if I didn't search for them here. What if Mulder had been in the real world, theoretically our other world, and had somehow found a portal into this world and had -"

Ashley and Stefanie glanced at each other. Walking over to Tanya they led her to the couch. Tanya still had a huge smile plastered on her face. Ashley spoke first.

"Alright Tanya. You can look for Scully and Mulder all you want. At least until we leave. BUT NO GUNS. This can't involve anything potentially dangerous." As Ash lectured the crazed (normal.. Crazed… same difference…) Tanya, Stefanie snuck over to her bag. After searching through various pockets and zippered areas in the duffel bag she found what she was looking for. Pulling out the small item she shoved it in her mouth. Crawling along the floor on her belly she inched towards Tanya. Ashley continued to distract Tanya. Rising up slowly Stefanie pulled the tranquilizer she had retrieved from her bag out of her mouth and uncapped it, preparing to knock the overly excited Tanya out. As the needle neared the back of Tanya's neck the blonde turned around.

"Oh! Tranquilizer. Stef you're doing this all wrong. Look," Tanya took Stefanie's arm in her right hand beginning to shake the tranquilizer. "You take the tranquilizer in the other hand and shake it, then inject. Wallah."

Stefanie's eyes rolled back into her head as she flopped limply over onto the floor the tranquilizer still stuck in her arm. Tanya frowned momentarily before commenting "oops". A slightly annoyed Ashley hopped over the back of the couch and pulled the needle out of her friends arm.

"Sheer brilliance. I don't know which one of you is brighter sometimes," she mumbled to herself as she began dragging Stefanie by her legs to the other side of the couch. Harm stepped forward from the doorway.

"Here let me get her." Picking Stefanie up he deposited the limp form on Mac's couch then returned to Mac's side. Mac finally spoke. This time around she didn't wear her full fledged "what the hell just happened" face upon seeing the girls.

"Let me get this straight," she began looking to Ashley and the unconscious Stefanie. "You two are back. You managed to get into my apartment. Your other friend is here looking for X, X Flies -"

"X-FILES! Not flies. Files," Tanya corrected Mac promptly in a paranoid tone before she had a chance to continue on.

"Right, X-Files. Tanya is here looking for Cully and Mille-" Tanya shot up off the couch for a second time.

"Scully and Mulder! Scuh-ley and Muh-l-der," she exclaimed making sure Mac learned the correct pronunciations of her two heroes.

"Okay. Jeez. Scully and Mulder. Tanya is here looking for people and Stefanie just got knocked out with a tranquilizer… that technically she shouldn't have owned." Mac looked back and forth from Tanya to Ashley. "Right."

The four stared at each other a moment longer. Ashley broke the silence.

"So, ah, what's for dinner?"


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