A/N: Ahh~ Eyewearshipping. It's the most beautiful Pokémon shipping there is in my book. Gold/Ethan x Ruby/Brendan, they're just perfect for each other! WHY CAN'T YOU PEOPLE SEE THAT?! This ship demands more shippers!

Anyway, this story is based on 96neko's Ah- it's a wonderful cat's life together with Kagamine Ren. But it has a personal touch to it. Hope you gonna enjoy it!

Gold was your typical street cat. He got his food by stealing it from shopkeepers, fought for his territory with other street cats, pulled pranks on other cats and humans and slept there where he was. Gold was, in other words, a very mischievous cat.

He loved his live. No rules, no people telling him what to do, going wherever and whenever he wanted. It was perfect in his eyes. So, he couldn't understand the lifestyle of cats that are being kept as pets.

Especially the life of a cat named Ruby.

Ruby was an elegant cat. His fur was always neatly trimmed and shone when he laid in the sun. He wore the most expensive kind of collars you could imagine and mostly spend his days indoors.

Gold stumbled upon this spoiled little feline when he had to run away from some angry shopkeepers, that were tired of him constantly stealing their food.

He winded up in a really big garden and a mansion as big as two football stadiums. Of course Gold was curious what kind of people would live in such a big house.

As nimble as he was, he climbed up in a tree and was surprised to find the graceful Ruby sleeping on the window-still of his room.

Gold was curious how such a cute, little cat lived and from that day on, he visited Ruby every single day...

Gold landed in Ruby's bedroom with a loud thud, waking up the other cat who was holding his nap in his king-size canopy bed.

"You again?! Would you stop coming here? You're really starting to creep me out!" Ruby exclaimed when seeing Gold standing in his bedroom. The amber eyed cat smirked. "No can do, no can do. I love this fancy place way too much." He said. "Then go find an owner for yourself." Ruby said with crossed arms. "And giving up my freedom? No way!" Gold uttered.

Ruby swung his slender legs across the edge of his bed, draping one leg over the other elegantly. "Seriously. I have no idea how you can live such a life." He said. "It's because we cats only have one life and not nine like most people think we have. Life is an adventure you have to enjoy it while you still can. It's all about having fun!" An mischievous glint appeared in Gold's eyes. "So how about I tear that collar off and come with me?"

He pushed Ruby down the bed, pulling at the red, diamond collar. "Stop it! Don't come near me! That isn't my collar but my shirt!" Ruby struggled against Gold. "Aw, come on. Don't be shy. We're gonna have lots of fun together. I'll introduce you to some great friends of mine." The other cat said smirking. "Don't want to!" Ruby slapped Gold across his face.

The amber eyed cat was a bit bewildered because of that. "That... was quite the strong slap." He said, rubbing his red cheek. "Get off of me already!" Ruby pushed Gold away. He rolled off the bed and landed on the ground with a loud bang.


Ruby smoothened his clothing, pulled his white cap further over his head and took a deep breath to compose himself.

"By the way, why do you always wear that white cap?" Gold asked, realizing he never saw Ruby without any headgear on his head. The scarlet eyed cat huffed. "None of your business. Now get out before I call the police!" He pointed at the window.

"Whoa! Stop! Not the police! They'll send me to a shelter!" Gold exclaimed, the color of his face drained away. "Although... If I'm being kept by you, then..."


"Whoa! Stooooop!"

"Why are you so afraid of being kept anyway? It's like you said, we only have one life and that's why I'm being kept. I get everything I want. Delicious food, a soft bed to sleep in, someone who cuddles me when I feel lonely, a protective owner. Why should I trade all of that? Just to become filthy and running and fighting for my life? I don't get it. Besides, do you know what this kind of brand collar has cost?" Ruby shook his head.

"You just don't understand the meaning of freedom." Gold said. "And you don't understand what it means to have a collar around your neck!" Ruby retorted.

Gold sighed deep. "Okay, I get it, I get it. I'll be going now." He said and jumped out off the window, on a tree branch. "Goodbye and never come again!" Ruby closed his window and the curtains.

"You know, that tsundere side of yours is quite cute!" Gold said, knowing Ruby heard that last remark and jumped down the tree.

Ruby had his arms crossed angrily. "Really, who does that guy think he is?" He asked himself. He looked at the clock on his wall. "Oh, it's time for my shower." He said and went downstairs to the bathroom.

Gold sat hunched under the window of Ruby's bathroom. An evil grin was plastered on his face. "Hehehe. This is going to be fun!" He said to himself.

He knew when Ruby would take a shower and today he would treat the cute kitten on one of his pranks. Opening the window was no problem for a stealing cat like Gold and he was back inside the mansion quicker than he left it.

He chuckled evilly when he turned the warm water knob to cold. Like most cats, Ruby hated it to take a shower, but since he was a graceful cat, he took a shower every day. Ruby sure would be surprised when the cold water would hit him. Gold couldn't wait to see that!

He quickly left the bathroom, sitting hunched under the window again, waiting till his cute victim would enter the room.

Ruby entered the bathroom with a bunch of towels in his arms. He noticed the window was open. "Ah... Master left the window open again." He complained and walked over to close it, not noticing Gold sitting under it.

Carefully, Gold peeked inside. Ruby stood with his back at him and pulled the white cap off his head, revealing his silky black hair. Afterwards, he pulled his shirt over his head, exposing his bare back.

Compared to Gold, Ruby was really thin and didn't had much muscles. But strangely, Gold thought that suited him better.

Ruby removed his pants and boxer's from his legs. His black, puffy tail swayed up and down in a slow movement.

Gold purred, his smirk getting wider.

He looks really cute... nude that is.

Ruby stepped into the shower. "Here it comes!"


Ruby shot back out of the shower, covering his head with both arms while screeching. "That's cold! Who turned that knob?!" He asked, jumping around.

Gold was having the time of his life. He roared out in laughter from the moment he heard Ruby screaming. His only mistake was to slam with his fists on the window while laughing.

Ruby looked at Gold's direction. When the other feline looked at Ruby, his laughing stopped. The scarlet eyed cat's front was even more perfect than his back. Gold felt his cheeks heating up, but also Ruby's face got a color brighter. One hand covered a part of his forehead as he grabbed a towel with his other free hand to hide his private part.

He started screaming again.


From both sides of the mansion, a horde of policemen ran towards Gold. "Where do they all come from?!" He asked himself as he started running away. He ran towards the fence that surrounded the mansion and jumped over it.

The policemen yelled and growled at Gold from the other side of the iron fence. "Tch. They sound like a horde of barking dogs." Gold said disgusted and ran away, going to the place he called home.

When he entered an abandoned warehouse, Gold plumped down on a heap of sheets, sighing loud. "Sounds someone had a rough day." Gold looked up, his face brightening up.

"Red! You're back!" He said cheery, running up to the older cat. "Yeah and I've got a surprise for you." Red threw a brown bag at Gold. From the scent of it, he immediately knew what was inside it.

"Hamburgers! You've got hamburgers?! How did you get those?" Gold asked, jumping up and down like a little kitten that just received milk. Red grinned wide. "You're talking to your teach here. Of course it's easy for me to nick some hamburgers." He said proud. "I've expected nothing less from you, Red." Gold said, sticking his hand in the bag and stuffing the hamburger in his mouth.

"Delicious!" Gold stamped the ground excitedly. It was a long time ago since he had eaten something decent.

He looked up at the sky through a broken window. The moon was already high in the air.

"I wonder what Ruby eats every evening. I dare to bet he doesn't even know how a hamburger tastes like. Let alone looks like. But still..." His mind drifted off to the moment he saw Ruby completely nude in the bathroom.

He sure is pretty. Those feminine eyes, that slender body, especially his tsundere side. Ahh! He's so cute when he blushes!

Gold smiled sheepish when thinking of Ruby. Red noticed that and snatched the hamburger out off Gold's hands.

"Hey, give that back, Red!" Gold exclaimed angry. "You snooze you lose. That's how life goes." The older cat said shrugging.

Gold started to hiss and bared his fangs at Red. "Oh? Showing your fangs, are we?" The other cat said, slightly amused. "Give me back that hamburger, Red!" Gold hissed. The other feline jumped on some crates and sat down on them. "Not after you told me what you were thinking about."

Gold gawked at Red, not knowing what to say. "Umm... you see... I, uh..." He grabbed his tail, fidgeting awkwardly with it. Red started to smirk. "Do you like someone?" He asked. Gold looked up surprised. "Wh-What? Wh-Where did you get that stupid idea from?" He asked. "Don't try to hide it, Gold. You're face is beam red and you're fidgeting with your tail. C'mon, spit it out. Who is it? Is she cute?" Red asked curious, laying down on his side.

"Ahh, well..." Gold looked away.

I can't tell Red that it's actually a guy. He'll go check on Ruby for sure. And Ruby is such a fragile looking cat that Red defiantly will try something bad.

"Y-Yeah! She's super cute and makes me want to protect her and... stuff." Gold laughed uneasy. "Hmm? So, you've found yourself a pet cat?"

Gold looked wide eyed at Red. His blood red eyes shone dangerously in the moon light. "Wh-Why do you think that?" Gold asked. "Because, all the wild cats that live around here, whether they're male or female, they all know how to defend their territory. All female cats don't need any protection, you know that better than I do. So it has to be a pet cat, no?" Red said.

"Y-Yeah... s-so?" Gold looked away nervously. "Interesting. I think I'll go check that little pet cat out." Red said smirking and threw the hamburger he had in his hands back at Gold. "Where does that little cutie of yours live anyway?" He asked, turning his back at Gold, ready to jump back off the crates.

"What are you going to do to him?" Gold asked worried. "Him?" Gold started to panic and propped the hamburger in his mouth, making him look like an oversized chipmunk. Red turned his head to look at the younger cat. "What do you mean 'him'?"

Gold swallowed the hamburger in its whole and grinned uneasy. "Him? Did I say him? You must have misheard me. It's defiantly a her." He said, nodding firmly.

Red raised an eyebrow. "If you say so. Now, where does that cutie of yours live?" He asked. "And let you steal my prey? Not a chance, Red. Now, if you would excuse me, I'm going to sleep." Gold said and crawled back under his sheets, hiding himself completely.

He heard Red leaving the building. When Gold was sure the other feline wasn't in the neighborhood anymore, he sat back up and sighed deep.

Who knows what Red might do to Ruby when he finds him? He isn't really fond of pet cats, especially males. So, Red may never find out I like Ruby.

He started to laugh.

"Ruby is soooo adorable! Such a tsundere. He makes me want to hug him flat." He rolled on his back, giggling like mad. "I wonder what will happen tomorrow." He said to himself. "Ahh! I'm so excited about that, that I can't sleep!" Gold turned back on his stomach. "I can't wait!"