The next morning, Gold hurried to Ruby's place, not being able to wait any more longer to see the elegant cat.

The window was closed, like he figured it would be considering what happened yesterday.

He knocked it. Ruby appeared before it soon, rubbing one eye. He shocked once seeing Gold waving at him with a dumb grin plastered on his face. He opened the window, and before Gold knew it, he laid on the ground with Ruby's hands around his neck.

"You! I'm so going to kill you!" Ruby hissed. Gold laughed it away. "Ahh... that violent side is so cute." He said. Ruby jumped up.

"Get lost!" The scarlet eyed cat pointed at the open window. "But you let me in." Gold stated, blinking with his eyes. Ruby's cheeks turned a color brighter. "Th-That doesn't matter! Get out!"

Gold smirked wide. "Can it be that you're starting to like me?" He asked, wriggling closer to the other feline. "No!"

"How mean..."

"Really, how can you live with yourself? You wander streets, get dirty as you go, you have to steal your food to stay alive and you don't even care what people say about you! Really, you wouldn't even notice if you would get hit by..." Ruby blinked with his eyes. "Actually, that would be a good thing." He said. "Whaaaaat?!" Gold exclaimed shocked, knowing what the elegant feline meant.

He looked down at the ground, laying a hand on his head while he was thinking. He chuckled afterwards.

"That tsundere side of yours is so wonderful, you know that?" He asked, looking up at the other cat. "Shut it!" Ruby retorted angrily and turned his back at Gold. "You know, I think I really came to love you." The amber eyed cat wanted to hug Ruby from behind, but the fine feline ducked underneath Gold's arms and ran to the other side of his room.

"Hmm, you're quite blunt, but by the way you're acting now you won't turn my heart." He said. "So, if I change my way of acting, you will like me too?" Gold looked up at the ceiling while thinking. "But that means I have to change myself. I don't want that! No matter how much I like you, Ruby." Gold pouted sad.

Ruby pointed a thumb at his window, saying that Gold had to get out. The amber eyed cat pouted even harder, making Ruby to sigh irritated.

"You have no choice but to get out. I'm leaving tonight so you don't have a choice spending your days and nights alone." He said. "Whaaaat?! You're leaving?! Where to?!" Gold asked shocked. The scarlet eyed cat rolled with his eyes. "Come with me. I'll show you something." He left his room with Gold close behind him.

Ruby entered another room where glass showcases were all over the place. Ribbons, medals, trophies and all of those things decorated the room.

"What's all of this stuff?" Gold asked, pressing his nose against a showcase to take a better look at a purple ribbon. "Keep your hands off! You're making stains!" Ruby exclaimed and pulled the other feline away.

"And for your information, these are all my rewards for being the most beautiful and elegant cat of this entire nation AND the world." Ruby smiled proud. "Waaait... are you a show cat?" Gold asked baffled. "Of course I am! How could you not have noticed?" Ruby retorted offended. "Well, I had a hunch..." Gold said.

"So... you're leaving for such a show?" Gold asked. "That's right. So I'll be gone for a week." Ruby said. "A week?! But I can't miss you for that long!" Gold could almost cry. "I don't care about that. At least, when I'm there, I meet cats worth my attention." Ruby turned his head away from Gold, who looked shocked at the other feline. His lip started to quiver.

"Th-That's mean, Ruby..." He sobbed. "I know I'm not a show cat, but I'm not worthless!" Gold exclaimed and ran away crying loud.

"W-Wait! Who said anything about being worthless?!" Ruby ran after Gold, but the quick cat was already gone and nowhere to be found.

Something started to gnaw on Ruby, but he shook it off. "I need to stay focused!" He told himself and walked with light passes to his owner's office, where he would laid curled up on his lap while being petted by his owner. Thinking about such lovely treatment, Ruby felt a lot better.

Gold however, was walking on the streets with his tail and head down. Ruby's words had really hurt him. "I'm not worthless. I'm not..." He sighed sadly.

"You look glum." Gold looked up at Red, who laid with his stomach on a roof. "What happened?" The older feline asked. "I got rejected... badly..." Gold replied, his head hanging. "By your cutie I presume?" Red asked. The other cat only nodded.

Red sighed deep and sat up. "I told you to be careful around pet cats. They think they're all important because they don't have to do anything for their food and get pampered like human babies." He said. "But... but..."

I really like Ruby!

Red sighed again. "It doesn't matter how much you like a pet cat, they will always think we're standing below them just because they have a collar around their neck. But truth is, it is actually we that are standing above them. Because, we fight for our food and lives. They won't even keep up five seconds in our world." Red said smirking.

Guess the same can be said about us as well. We won't be able to stay locked up between four walls. At least, I can't...

"C'mon, let's get getting some food." Red said and started to walk away. "Okay..." Gold said, not really in the mood to eat.

Back at Ruby's, the graceful feline was ecstatic when his owner gave him a new brand collar and a new outfit for tomorrow's show.

"Master, this is so beautiful! That green collar matches perfectly with the new outfit. Oh, and how it sparkles! That's so wonderful!" He exclaimed, holding the collar in the sunlight. His owner, who went by the name of Steven Stone, laughed. "I do everything to make you happy, Ruby. You know that, don't you?" He asked. "I know, Master, and I'm really grateful for that. I'm so happy I can live here with such a protective and kind master as you. I must be one of the luckiest cats in the entire world!" Ruby said, hugging his owner tightly.

Steven laughed. "And I'm one of the luckiest owners in the world." He said, petting Ruby on his white cap.

"Anyway, Ruby, there's something I want to talk to you about." Steven said. "About what, Master?" Ruby asked, tilting his head a little to the side and looking a bit confused. "Let's sit down first." Steven said and sat down the creamy couch in the salon. Ruby sat down next to his owner, wondering why his master sounded so serious all of a sudden.

"You see, Ruby, the madam that takes care of stray cats in her shelter has asked me to sponsor a project of hers. The project's about when you adopt a stray cat, you get all the basic supplies you need to take care of a cat for free, that's why she needs a lot of money to buy those stuff. But, that also means that if I sponsor the project, I have to adopt a stray cat as well. I just wanted to know if you were alright with that." Steven explained.

A scene started to play in Ruby's head. He saw his master coming home with Gold, and then Gold chasing and stalking him the entire time. He would be tired of all the hiding, resulting that his show results would suffer under it AND he saw Gold laying on his master's lap. A spot that's only preserved for him.

"NOOOOOO! ABSOLUTELY NOT!" Ruby screeched out, shooting up from the couch.

Steven looked bewildered at the scarlet eyed feline. "Wh-What? Why not? I think that's a brilliant idea. Giving all the stray cats a comfortable home, that is."

Ruby stamped with his feet on the ground angrily. "It's a ridiculous idea! And I don't like it at all!" He roared out. "Ruby, calm down. Why don't you like the idea?" Steven asked, grabbing hold of the feline's small wrists.

"Because... because... stray cats stink. And they're rude, violent, uncivilized, think they're so much because they're not bound by a collar and... and... they're just so annoying!" Ruby exclaimed angrily.

"But that's why the madam tries to reintroduce those stray cats back into social life. Of course, there are hopeless cases, but she succeeded quite a lot of times." Steven said. "I. Don't. Want. It!" Ruby pulled himself away from his owner.

"Really, Master, why did you had to tell me that the day before a show? Like always, your timing is way off!" The graceful feline turned on his heels and marched out off the room, slamming the door shut on his way out.

Back in the abandoned warehouse, where the stray cat Red ruled over his territory and every cat in it, Gold laid on his blanket, with his knees pulled up to his chest. He still hadn't eaten even though his stomach was saying otherwise.

"Gold. What's the matter?" Red asked. "You haven't eaten at all and your stomach is making more noise than female cats being in their rutting." The older feline said.

"Leave me alone, Red. I'm just having a bad day." Gold replied. "A bad day? You sound more depressed to me." Red said. The amber eyed feline growled. "Please, Red. Leave me alone." Gold repeated again. "Okay, okay. I'll leave you be." Red said with both hands raised and turned his back at Gold.

"Red! Red! Reeeeeeeed!"

Gold sighed annoyed when hearing Black's voice booming through the warehouse.

The brown furred feline jumped down a hole in the roof, landing in front of Red.

"Red! It's terrible! A complete disaster! You have to help me or else we're all doomed!" Black said, trampling with his feet on the ground.

"Why don't you calm down first and then tell me what's the matter?" The older cat asked. "Well, yeah. Okay..." Black took a couple of deep breaths.

"Y'see, I was napping on the roof of the shelter just now, when I heard the madam talking to some rich guy. They were talking about some project that would turn us stray cats into ordinary pet cats!" Black exclaimed, starting to trample with his feet again.

Red pulled big eyes. Even Gold looked up.

"What?! They're planning what?! Making pet cats out of us?! Who do those humans think they are?!" Red exposed his fangs, hissing angrily.

"I know right? But the worst thing is: They've already caught Blue!" Black exclaimed. "What? They have Blue? How is that even possible?" Gold asked, Ruby was least of his concerns now.

"Red, we have to go and help her and the others. We can't just leave them and do nothing!" Gold said. "I know. We're going to help them now!" He said and left the warehouse by jumping up the roof. Gold and Black followed their leader.

"By the way, Black. Why were you sleeping on the shelter's roof?" Gold asked. "Because it's comfy there!"

The shelter were the madam would reintroduce cats to the social life, was quite a big place. There was a lot of open space. Lots of places with sun and shadow. A lot of places to discover.


Most of it were surrounded by closed fences. Once in, the stray cats couldn't get back out. And now there were three stray cats trying to get in and back out with their companions.

After checking the surrounding area, the threesome jumped on the roof and crept over it like the stealthy cats they were. Luckily for them, the window was open. They peered through but shocked back when seeing two humans standing right under it.

"Okay. Getting in seems to be harder than I had imagined." Red whispered. "Shh! I can't understand what they're saying." Gold hissed. "Why do you want to know that?" Black asked. "I heard them saying something about a project. Maybe it's the one you meant." Gold retorted back.

The tree cats turned their attention on the conversation.

"Oh, mister Stone, that's wonderful news! I'm so happy you agree!" The madam said. "Yes. I think it's an excellent idea. You'll help a lot of stray cats with finding a warm home. There is one problem though. My own cat doesn't really like the idea, so I prefer a cat that can keep up with his stubborn and jealous side. Maybe a patient one." The man said. "Oh, but that's no problem at all! In fact, I think I already have the perfect cat for that." The madam said, sounding really enthusiastic. "Come with me, I'll show you right away!"

The twosome left through a door in the back.

"Okay, let's hurry before that guy takes one of our friends away." Red said and sneaked in. They went through the same door as the two humans left in and ended up in a long hallway. They crept through as silently as possible.

"I'm getting claustrophobic between these four walls." Black said. "Shoosh! Or else you're the next cat that'll turn into a pet!" Red hissed. Black got a color paler.

Gold noticed a hole that leaded to a shaft.

"Guys, we can get in there." He said, pointing at the shaft. "Good eyes, Gold. Let's get going." Red jumped up, followed by the other two.

They crept through the small and narrow shaft until they came to a point where they could look down, into one of the dens where the stray cats lived. The madam and the man were inside that den as well.

"Hey, that's Blue!" Black exclaimed when seeing her. "Keep. It. Down!" Red hissed. Black hit a hand on his mouth.

"Here she is. Her name is Blue and she's quite the energetic young cat, but she's really patient. And of course, very friendly and social." The madam said with a smile.

The man kneeled down to Blue's eye height. "She looks cute too." He said with a smile. "Thank you sir, you look good too." Blue said with a purr, her white with brown spotted tail swayed up and down.

"What in the world is she doing? Does she wants to get adopted?" Red asked himself. "No, she wouldn't..." Gold looked worried.

"I'm really curious if you can be patient enough with the cat that already lives at my home. He's a little proud and stubborn and he actually was against the entire idea, but I guess that's because he's afraid that you'll replace him." The man said. "Oh, he shouldn't be worried. I can be very independent." Blue said.

The man smiled and stood back up. "She convinced me. I'll take her." He said.

"What?! He can't be serious!" Red exclaimed.

Blue smiled as well. "I'm really happy you have chosen me, sir. But, if you don't mind me asking, what is the name of your other cat?" She asked. "Ruby. His name is Ruby."


Gold's eyes widened.

So that's Ruby's owner...

Suddenly, he started to crawl over Black.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Black asked. "Just, let me through!" Gold said and crawled back out off the shaft and ran out of the shelter.

He had never ran so fast before in his life as he did now. He raced towards Ruby's house. Banging on the window, calling out to the graceful feline till he opened up the window.

"Gold? What are you doing here?" Ruby asked, actually surprised to see the other feline. Especially after how Gold had ran away earlier that day.

"You have to come with me. Your owner has chosen another cat!" Gold exclaimed panting. He was still tired of all the running.

Ruby backed away.

"You're lying! Master would never do something like that to me!" He exclaimed. "But I saw it myself! And I know the cat he bought. She's a flirty one and will no doubt try to palm in your master for herself." Gold said.

"Liar! You're saying something so I come with you!" Ruby said accusing. "No, Ruby, that's not true! I would never lie to you. I... I love you too much for that." Gold said. "Don't say that word! You don't even know what it means!" Ruby hissed. "But it's the truth! Why else would I come here every day to see you?" Gold asked, trying to convince the other feline of his feelings for him.

"Even if it is true. You think that changing lifestyles is that easy? You think I can turn my back at my master just like that?" Ruby asked. "No, but you'll get used to it really fast. Please, Ruby, come with me. I don't want to see you hurt." Gold held out his hand and looked pleadingly at the scarlet eyed cat.

Ruby looked at the held out hand for a while.

"No. I'm staying here. Even if my master has bought another cat. I will fight. I'm not going to give him up without a fight! You don't know how kind he has been to me!" He exclaimed. "I might not know that. But I do know that you shouldn't underestimate Blue. She might be a girl, but she's also a fighter. You don't stand a chance against her, Ruby." Gold said, refusing to pull his hand back.

"I don't care! Steven is my master and I won't give him up! Not for anyone!" Ruby stated, looking angrily at Gold.

Gold let his arm drop beside him.

"You leave me no other choice then." He said.

He grabbed a hold of Ruby's slim waist with one arm and crushed his lips on Ruby's. The graceful feline opened his eyes in shock. His entire body was paralyzed.

Gold nibbled on Ruby's lip, forcing the other feline to open up his mouth. When he did, Gold slid his tongue inside the other's mouth, kissing him forcefully. He grabbed Ruby's wrist with his other free hand, but he couldn't prevent the other hand from hitting his shoulder and digging his nails into his chest.

But Gold didn't gave in. In fact, when Ruby dug his nails into his chest, he deepened the kiss and forced Ruby to kiss him back.

When he was sure, Ruby lost himself in the moment, he let go of Ruby's wrist, which hung numb next to him. Gold went with his now free hand behind Ruby's neck, fidgeting with the feline's expensive brand collar.

But he got distracted when Ruby suddenly started to moan in the kiss. He lost himself too for a moment, but got to his positives fast and tore the collar from Ruby's neck.

The scarlet eyed cat gasped.

"What are you doing?! That collar's expensive!" He exclaimed, reaching out to it. Gold didn't reacted on that and hoisted Ruby over his shoulder. "Hey! What are you doing?! Put me back down!" Ruby screeched out.

Gold jumped out of the window, on the tree branch near Ruby's window and landed on the ground without a sound.

"Gold, put me down! Where are you taking me?" Ruby asked. "To some of my friends." The other feline replied and started running towards the giant iron fence that surrounded the mansion where Ruby lived.

"Have you lost your mind?! I don't want to meet your friends! Let me go!" Ruby demanded. But Gold didn't listen and jumped over the fence, running towards the abandoned warehouse.

When Ruby's owner, Steven, came back home, after barely escaping an attack of two stray cats who were after Blue, he was exhausted and wanted to see Ruby to ease his wariness away.

The stray cats had taken Blue away and escaped successfully together with some other stray cats that lived in the shelter. Steven needed to get that out off his system and Ruby would surely make him think about something else.

He entered the feline's room.

"Ruby, I'm home." He called, but there was no response. In fact, Ruby was nowhere to be found. "Ruby?" Steven called again and looked around the room. He immediately noticed that the window was open.

Well, that wasn't unusual for Ruby since he always took a nap with his window open when the weather was nice out, but Ruby NEVER let his window open when he wasn't in his room. And since that was the case, Steven began to worry.

He walked over to the window and looked down in the front yard. Maybe Ruby was outside? Now that would be very unusual. Ruby mostly spend his time indoors and hardly ever came out if it wasn't for a show.

Steven turned his back and suddenly noticed something sparkling on the floor, something he had missed earlier when he entered the room.

He shocked as he noticed it was Ruby's diamond collar. It looked like it was torn from his neck.

Panic overpowered Steven as he ran back to the window. "Ruby?! Ruby, where are you?!" He called, but there was no reaction. Only a dog that started to bark in the far distance.

"Where is he? He couldn't have ran away, could he? That's nothing for him. He's terrified of the outside world when I'm not with him. Oh, please, tell me that he's just walking around in the mansion!"

Steven searched through his entire house, asking his personnel to look for Ruby too. But in the end, no one found the scarlet eyed cat.

Steven fell on the couch, feeling dizzy of all the worry.

"Where is he? He can't be far, can he?"

He shot back up when realizing something.

The window was still open and Ruby wasn't found anywhere in the mansion. Only one possibility remained:

Ruby was catnapped.