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When the threesome arrived back home, drenched in orange juice, Steven suggested the two cats would take a bath while he would go to his quarters to take a quick shower and gather some fresh clothes for Ruby and Gold.

Ruby wasn't pleased at all. He was looking forward on taking a bath with his master, not this perverted stray cat.

"I really regret I've asked you to come live with us." Ruby said with crossed arms, tapping with his finger on his arm angrily. "Oh, come on, Ruby. I can't help it that that thing suddenly started to spit juice all over us." Gold said, pulling his wet shirt over his head.

"I told you more than once to not touch that machine! You only had to listen and this would never had happened." Ruby hissed at Gold. "Don't be so stingy, Ruby. It's not like you'll die from it." Gold retorted back, pulling down his pants.

"Don't strip yourself of your clothing so casually!" Ruby screeched out with a beam red face. "What? Are you embarrassed?" Gold asked. Ruby turned his back at the other cat.

"Don't you have any shame at all?" He asked. His heart was beating wildly. Just thinking about Gold standing nude in his bathroom made him go insane. The former stray was really well build.

"Sure I have. But you need to get nude too." Gold said and pulled up Ruby's shirt. "Hey! What are you doing?!" Ruby asked shocked, trying to pull down his shirt. "Stripping you of those annoying clothing, of course." Gold said smirking. "I can do that myself!" Gold blinked with his eyes. "Oh, really? Why don't you show me then?"

He let go of the smaller feline and took a few steps backwards. Ruby turned his head towards Gold, who was waiting for Ruby to start taking his clothes off. His heart was beating really fast by now.

The graceful feline swallowed but eventually began with taking off his gloves followed by the white cap he always wore to conceal his scar, placing them on a clothing rack.

His hands were shaking when he reached out to his shirt. Gold couldn't restrain himself anymore.

"Let me do it!" He exclaimed, walking over to Ruby. "Wh-What?! N-No! I can do this myself." Ruby said, backing away from the bigger cat. He looked away embarrassed. "Too late." Gold replied grinning.

He pushed Ruby down the cold floor, pulling his shirt over his head. The graceful feline's chest got exposed by the sudden cold and Ruby couldn't help but to shiver a little.

"Oh? Are you cold?" Gold asked. "Should I warm you up a bit?" Ruby looked stunned at Gold, who had an amused grin around his lips. "Wh-What...?" Gold putted a finger on Ruby's tender lips. "Like I said: I'll warm you up a bit."

Gold started to place small licks on Ruby's neck. "Gold! S-Stop!" The smaller feline placed his hands on Gold's bare shoulders, trying to push the other off, but the bigger cat was heavier than Ruby anticipated and so Gold didn't budged at all.

The licks turned into small bites. Ruby gasped when Gold found a sweet spot of his. Gold noticed that and decided to treat that special spot a little more by sucking on it gently followed by his hand traveling across Ruby's chest.

Ruby strengthened his grip around Gold's shoulders. "Gold... enough... please..." He panted, his face looking bright red. "Hmm? You want me to please another spot?" Gold asked, smiling teasingly at Ruby. "N-No! Th-That's not what I... Ngh!"

Ruby squinted his eyes shut when he felt Gold's tongue teasing one of his nipples. "G-Gold. You're going... too far! Ahh!" Ruby moaned, hitting his head back as Gold bit down his sensitive nipple.

"Going too far? But your body is reacting a whole lot different than you say." Gold blinked wondered with his eyes. "Why are you lying to yourself? You like what I'm doing to you, aren't you?" He asked. "S-Stop joking!" Ruby exclaimed. "But I'm not joking." Gold brought his lips closer to Ruby's ear. "I honestly love you, Ruby." He purred, going with one hand to unzip the smaller cats pants.

"G-Gold, you... you have to... stop. If Master sees this..."

"But we're supposed to be naked."

"Not like this!"

Gold pulled Ruby's pants from his legs, making that the elegant cat squealed a little. The former stray admired the cute cat that laid underneath him. Ruby was so thin, almost feminine looking. His ivory skin felt so smooth under his fingers that it made him tingle of excitement. And he was already getting hard.

"Ruby, you're so beautiful. Absolutely stunning." Gold whispered and nuzzled with his nose in the nape of the other's neck, inhaling his scent.

He started to place kisses down Ruby's collarbone, and went further down to his abdomen, gently kissing the patch that covered Ruby's wound on his waist.

"Red did such a horrible thing to you, didn't he?" He asked. "But, don't worry. I'll take good care of you." Gold smiled at Ruby. The cute feline turned his beam red head away, closing his eyes. "Do whatever you want!" He exclaimed. "Then, if you don't mind..."

Gold pushed Ruby's legs apart. The smaller cat looked shocked at the bigger one. "What... what are you...!" He gasped as Gold started to kiss his inner thigh, going further down. "N-No, Gold! This... this is too far! I'm... I'm not ready yet!" Ruby exclaimed.

But Gold didn't listen and kissed further down Ruby's thigh, reaching closer to his manhood.

"Gold! Stop!"

Just in time, Gold's ear picked up the sound of a turning knob. He shot up, pulling Ruby from the ground with him. He quickly grabbed a towel, wrapped it around Ruby's waist and stood behind the smaller feline, hiding his already erected member behind Ruby's back.

When the door opened, everything seemed like nothing was going on.

"Oh? You two aren't in bath yet?" Steven asked surprised. "Ah, no. I'm sorry, Master." Ruby said excusing. "That's alright, Ruby. I guess you're curious about things, right, Gold?" Steven asked the other feline. "Yeah! I never been in a bathroom before." He said grinning.

You're such a liar... Ruby thought.

Ruby narrowed his eyes as he looked at Gold. Steven at the other hand smiled. "I found some clothes you can wear. I hope they fit. I'm going to place them here, okay?" He asked. "Sure. Thanks... Master." Gold said rather awkwardly. He was a stray since birth so calling someone his 'Master' was giving him an weird feeling. "Don't mention it. I lay your clothes here, okay, Ruby?" The smaller feline nodded. "And after you two are finished, I'll fix your collars." Steven said. "Okay!" Ruby replied cheery. "S-Sure..."

Gold scratched his neck. He'll be wearing a collar soon.

"Are you two going to be fine from here on out?" Steven asked. "Yeah! We will. Don't worry." Gold said grinning. He wanted to be alone with Ruby as soon as possible. "Okay then. I'll be in the salon, so if you two are ready, you know where to find me." Steven said and left the bathroom.

"Right. Where were we?" Gold asked and wanted to grab Ruby, but bumped against the other's hand.

"We're going in bath now." Ruby said and opened the hot water knob and let the water fill the tub.

Gold stared down at it. "I don't really like water..." He said. "Me either but we're both filthy and need a good cleansing." Ruby said and unwrapped the towel from his waist, stepping in the hot water. He hissed when he sat down the tub.

"Well? What are you waiting for? This tub is big enough for the two of us." Ruby said. Gold swallowed. "Okay..."

He stepped into the tub, the hairs on his head and tail sprang up when he came in contact with the hot water.

"Ack! This is hot!" He complained. "Sit down already. You'll get used to it." Ruby said, looking away from Gold.

Gold let himself slid down the tub slowly.

"I can't believe you take a bath every day." He said, hugging his knees. "I only take a bath once a week. I take showers most of the other times. You have to know that since you spy on me." Ruby said, looking at Gold with penetrating eyes, making the other feel very uncomfortable.

"Oh, yeah... I almost forgot about that..." Gold looked away with a nervous smile. Ruby growled annoyed. "Honestly..."

He grabbed a sponge and started to scrub the dirt from his body. Gold looked fascinated how Ruby cleaned himself.

"What are you staring at? Get yourself clean already." Ruby said, irritated Gold just sat there and watched him clean himself. "Ehh, what?" Gold looked around him bewildered. Ruby sighed deep.

"Come here. I'll do it for you." He said and waded himself to Gold. "Turn around so I can do your back." Ruby said. "Ah, sure..." Gold turned, feeling rather nervous.

Soon, he felt Ruby's smooth fingers on his shoulder while the other hand scrubbed his back. Gold's entire body started to tingle under the other's touch. It was almost mesmerizing.

Wow... Ruby really has a gentle touch...

"Geez, when was the last time you took a bath?" Ruby's sudden irritated voice asked. "Uhh..."

"Never mind. I don't want to know anymore."

Gold laughed.

"You know, those hands of yours can really work some magic, Ruby." He said. "Don't try to flatter me." Ruby said. "But you love it when people flatter you. You're such an attention kitten." Gold said smiling. "I don't need your attention." Ruby said.

Gold turned his head at Ruby, looking deeply into his scarlet eyes. That made the other feline blush a little.

"Oh, really?" Gold asked. He grabbed Ruby's head and pulled the smaller one into a kiss. Ruby strengthened his grip around Gold's shoulder and dropped the sponge into the water. The former stray forced Ruby's mouth open and slid his tongue inside.

Ruby tried to back away but Gold held him firmly by his head. He had no choice but to kiss the amber eyed feline back.

When Gold pulled back, both the cat's chests were heaving up and down.

"See? You like getting attention from me too." He said smirking. Ruby whipped his mouth with the back of his hand. "I don't need that kind of attention!" He hissed and stepped out of the bath.

"Hey, where are you going?" Gold asked. Ruby grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist. "I'm going to dry myself off and go to the salon where Master's waiting." He replied, grabbing another towel to dry himself off.


Gold got out as well, mimicking Ruby.

"Don't deny you didn't like it. If I can recall correctly, you once moaned when I kissed you the first time." He said smirking mischievous. Ruby blushed a deep red and threw the towel he had in his hand in Gold's face.

"I did not do such a thing!" He exclaimed. Gold took the towel from his face and used it to drain away any water left on his hair.

"Why are you denying you like me? I just know you do." He said.

Ruby pulled his clothes on, often tugging on them angrily.

"You almost ready? Master's waiting." Ruby said, heading towards the door. "Hey, wait up!" Gold hurried with his new clothes jogging after the other feline when he left the bathroom, heading towards the salon.

"Hey, Ruby! Not so fast. I still don't know my way around this place." Gold said, catching up to the scarlet eyed cat. "Now that surprises me. Bet you know how my room looks like." Ruby murmured. "That's the only room in this entire mansion I actually know." Gold retorted. "Plus the bathroom." Ruby added. "Well, yeah." Gold smiled sheepish.

"You're such a pervert!" Ruby hissed. "Hahaha! That's too much honor." Gold said laughing. Ruby growled as he stopped in front of a door. He inhaled deep and one of his brightest smiles appeared on his face. He opened the door.

"Master, we're ready." He said, claiming Steven's lap for himself as he laid down the couch. When Gold entered the room, he immediately noticed two fancy looking collars laying on the coffee table. His neck started to itch again.

"Okay then. Shall I put on your collar then?" Steven asked. Ruby nodded with a bright smile. "Yes, please. I can't stand walking around without my collar any second longer." He said, almost skipping to a large mirror standing in the salon.

Steven smiled, grabbing the light blue with rubies embedded collar from the coffee table.

Gold watched how his new owner strapped the expensive collar around Ruby's neck. The graceful feline checked his own image, turning around a couple of times before making an approving sound.

"Excellent." He said satisfied. "That's wonderful, Ruby. Now, Gold. It's your turn now." Steven said towards Gold. "Ah, right..."

Ruby made way for Gold, who looked at his own image rather nervously. Steven strapped a pure gold collar with a diamond embedded skull around his neck.

Gold felt like he was being chained, unable to escape and that made him feel even more nervous.

How can Ruby live like this?

Ruby made an surprised sound.

"That collar actually looks good on you." He said, grabbing the diamond embedded skull between his fingers. "Ah, really?" Gold asked. "Yeah. Master bought it for me because I liked the design, but eventually, it didn't suit me. So, I'm glad it still is of some use." Ruby said. "I agree. That's a really expensive collar you're wearing, Gold." Steven said.

Gold felt a little uneasy for wearing such a expensive collar. Knowing what he once was...

"Right. Let's get over the rules, shall we?" Ruby said and pushed Gold on the couch. "Ehh... how many rules do I have to remember?" He asked, scratching his cheek nervously. "Not so many and they're all really easy to remember." Ruby said with one finger up in the air.

"So, to begin with: You sleep in your own bed in your own room, you eat from your own plate and cup and you'll eat what they'll serve you, excluding Sundays. That's when you choose what you want to eat for that day. You'll take a shower every day, AFTER I had a shower and you at least take a bath once a week. You can go out if you want, but you'll return back home BEFORE nightfall. Master's lap is MY special spot so don't even think about trying to claim it for yourself! You don't use the furniture to sharpen your claws. Use a scratching pole instead. You don't disturb me when I'm holding my beauty sleep, when Master's brushing my tail and when I'm trying on new clothes and collars."

Ruby went on like that for approximately an hour or so, making Gold's head spin with all the rules he had to remember.

"You get all that?" Ruby ended, looking down at a very confused Gold. "Ehh, yeah. I guess so." He smiled up at Ruby nervously.

Steven petted Ruby's head. "You don't have to be so stern, Ruby. Surly you can drop some rules." He said. "Master, if you're going to stay so kind to him, he'll stay a delinquent." Ruby said. "But doesn't that mean I have to be a little bit more stern towards you too?" Steven asked. "But I'm not a delinquent." Ruby retorted. "Ah, ah, Ruby. Rules are rules." Steven touched the tip of the elegant cat's nose playfully. "I know, Master. I always keep myself to the rules." Ruby said.

Steven smiled at Ruby playfully. "Not always, now do you, Ruby?" The scarlet eyed cat huffed as he turned his head away. "I might bend them a little..." He had to admit.

Steven chuckled.

"Oh, look at the time. It's time to go to bed." Ruby said, looking at the clock. "Huh? But I'm not tired yet." Gold contradicted. "We're going to bed." Ruby said, shooting lightning at Gold with his eyes. "Okay!" Gold shot from the couch, following Ruby as he headed towards the door.

"Oh, Ruby. Aren't you forgetting something? One of my rules?" Steven asked, sitting back in the couch. Ruby turned back on his heels and crawled on his owner's lap, wrapping his arms around Steven's neck and gave him a peck on his cheek. "Good night, Master." He purred.

Gold's hair shot up.

I'm not supposed to do that, am I?!

Steven noticed Gold's panic. "Don't worry, Gold. This is a rule for Ruby only." He said. "Because he's so adorable." Ruby chuckled. "Okay, now. Off you go." Steven said.

Ruby walked out off the room, followed closely by Gold.

"You sure are close with your owner." Gold said as the two walked to their sleeping quarters. "Well, yeah. He took me in when I was still a kitten. So, I'm very grateful to him. Oh, and by the way, he's your master too now so please address him properly." Ruby said. Gold grunted. "I still have to get used to it. Be more considerate, Ruby." He almost pleaded. "Well, okay."

The two reached Gold's new room first. "Here's the room you'll be staying tonight. I have no idea what you used to sleep on before, but I bet you'll find the bed more than comfortable." Ruby said and swung the door open.

The room looked the same as Ruby's. A canopy king-size bed, a door that leaded to a spacious walk-in closet, a comfy window still for afternoon naps, a scratching pole in a corner of the room and a large mirror.

"You can always dress the room any way you like... as long as you keep it tidy." Ruby said. "Yeah. Sure..." Gold looked around. The room was quite big, but... it was nothing compared to sleeping out in the open with a star spangled sky above you. Sure, it was cold during the winter, but on warm summer days it was more than welcome.

"Oh, Ruby. I've forgotten to ask you something." Steven's voice sounded from the hallway. He soon showed up in Gold's new room.

"What is it, Master?" Ruby asked. "Have you given Gold a good night kiss already?"

This was probably the first time ever Ruby wanted to hit his owner. Gold, however, thanked his new master in his mind over and over again.

"N-No... I haven't..." The scarlet eyed cat admitted with a shade of red on his face. "Then you should give Gold a good night kiss. He is part of the family now." Steven said, almost smiling devilish.

Ruby looked uncomfortably at the floor, hitting his owner in the far corners of his mind. He shuffled closer to Gold, fidgeting with his fingers nervously. He slowly lifted his head, closing his eyes as he placed a small peck on Gold's cheek.

Gold's soul jumped out of his body, cheering.

Ruby kissed me! I can't believe this day had actually come! Thank you so much, Master! He cheered in his mind.

"That's a good boy. Good night, you two." Steven left with a satisfied smile.

Ruby was trembling, clenching his fists in his pants. Half of anger, half of disappointment. He never had imagined that Steven would ask him to do something like that. Oh, how he regretted it he asked Gold to come live with them. And he first was against the entire idea in the first place.

Why, why did I ask him to come live with us? Ruby asked himself as he sighed deep.

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