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Warning: This part contains a lemon!

"Hey, Ruby. Why don't you sleep in my bed for tonight? I'll probably feel lonely in such a big bed." Gold said.

Ruby turned on his heels, having his reprimand ready, but it was shot right back in his throat when he saw that Gold had already stripped himself from his clothing but his boxers, sitting on the window-still. He had even laid the pieces of cloth neatly on a chair next to the bed. At least, neatly in Gold's standards. It was still a mess in Ruby's eyes.

"I... I... No! I will not!" Ruby hissed and turned his back at Gold, trying to hide another shade of red that had spread across his cute face.

"Aw, come on! Sleeping alone in such a big bed? That'll be cold." Gold nagged. "No, Gold! I'm going back to my own room!" Ruby said and marched with steady passes to the door.

"You'll leave me no choice then."

Ruby's body stiffened. Gold's voice suddenly sounded so dark.

The smaller feline turned around to face Gold. The former stray's eyes shone a dangerous bright yellow in the dark room. He licked his lips off hungrily. His tail swayed excitedly around. He jumped off the window-still and walked up to Ruby.

Gold placed an arm above Ruby, staring down lustfully at the trembling cat under him.

"Gold... you're scaring me. Please, stop this." Ruby begged, hugging himself. "You're so cruel, Ruby. First you make me as horny as hell and then you intend to walk away without doing anything? That's really mean of you, my cute, little doll." Gold said.

Ruby's eyes looked at the door knob. He just had to turn it and run as fast as he could to Steven.

Gold grabbed Ruby's chin, forcing the other to look at him.

"You weren't thinking of running away, were you?" Gold asked. "Gold, this isn't funny anymore. Please stop this." Ruby pleaded. He tried to push the bigger cat away but Gold grabbed one of Ruby's wrists, bringing his face closer to the other.

"I want you. I want you so badly right now that I can't control myself anymore." Gold growled deep from his throat. "I want to tear those annoying clothing from your body and claim you all for myself." He said in a husky voice.

Ruby was really starting to be afraid of Gold now. This was a side of Gold he never thought he would have it. He really looked like a wild, untamable beast, ready to devour him completely.

Ruby yanked his held wrist towards him and bit down hard in Gold's hand. A taste of iron filled his mouth as some of Gold's reddish blood seeped into his mouth.

Gold hissed in pain and pulled his arm back, holding his bleeding hand against his chest with his other hand while doubled over.

Ruby quickly turned the knob and ran out off Gold's room, hurrying over to his own. But Gold was close behind him. From the moment Ruby wanted to close the door to his bedroom, the former stray burst in, making that Ruby fell on his back.

Gold wasn't pleased that Ruby actually had hurt him and he showed his fangs and claws in response to that, while the blood seeped off of his wounded hand onto the carpet. Ruby scooted back, looking with fear in Gold's furious yellow eyes.

The bigger cat dashed towards Ruby, who screamed in terror when seeing a similar scene playing in front of his eyes he once experienced with Red. He ducked into a ball position, bringing his arms to his face and clamping his white cap tightly.

It was then Gold realized what he was doing. He stopped right on time, before he could actually do any harm to Ruby.

He saw how the smaller feline trembled underneath him like a scared kitten. His blooded hand was dooming above Ruby's face, ready to shred it apart. Some blood drops fell on the other's hand. Ruby raised his arm a little, peering through to Gold. The other feline saw only fear in Ruby's scarlet orbs.

Gold moved his hand away and backed off till he hit the door with his back. He slid down to the ground.

What have I been doing? He asked himself. Did I really tried to harm Ruby?

Gold was completely devastated. He had never expected he would show such a violent side to Ruby. He didn't even knew he would be that violent.

Gold stared at his blooded hand. Ruby's puncture wounds were visible.

Well, he had every damn good reason to bite me this hard. Just because I couldn't control myself...

He clenched his fist. Tears started to roll down his cheeks.

"I'm sorry, Ruby. I'm so sorry!" Gold sobbed. "I didn't meant to scare you like that!"

A warm hand took his wounded one followed by something wet. When Gold opened his eyes, he saw how Ruby was licking the blood of his wound away.

"R-Ruby, what're you..." Scarlet orbs flashed up, meeting Gold's amber ones. While still holding Gold's wounded hand in his, Ruby cupped the other cat's cheek with his other hand and kissed his salty tears away.

How can he still be so gentle after what I tried to do to him? Gold asked himself.

"Have you calmed down a little?" Ruby asked. Gold replied with a small nod. "Good." Ruby crawled on top of Gold's lap and rested his head against the other's chest. Gold was stunned.

"If you want, you may sleep in my bed tonight." Ruby murmured, just audible enough for Gold to understand him. "N-No, that's quite alright, Ruby." He said. "You're so stubborn." Ruby said. "First you want to and now you don't now I offer it. Choose what you want already." He murmured against Gold's chest.

"But, after what I almost did to you..." Ruby aimed his scarlet eyes in the air, giving Gold a piercing look. "Listen! I allow you to sleep in my bed. But only for this night. Got it?" He asked with an angry pout.

"Only this night?" Gold asked. Ruby nodded. The bigger cat sighed deep. He really didn't want to miss this opportunity. It was a once in a life time chance.

"Alright then. You leave me no other choice." He said. "You don't either." Ruby retorted back as he stood up from Gold's lap. His eyes slid back at the bigger feline's wounded hand.

"Does your hand still hurt?" Ruby asked. Gold looked at it. "It's throbbing just a little bit." He had to admit.

Ruby stepped to his walk-in closet and rummaged through the shelves. He came back with a first aid kit he kept there. He kneeled back down next to Gold. "What're you doing?" Gold asked as Ruby opened the first aid kit. "Isn't that obvious? I'm going to treat your wound." The graceful feline said, taking out some disinfectant and some cotton wools.

"This is going to sting a little." He said as he poured some of the disinfectant on the cotton wool. "Hey, I'm used to a lot, you know. I can handle it." Gold said. "Sure you can." Ruby said and started to disinfect the wound.

Gold's ears and tail shot up. "OUCH! That really stings! It hurts more than you can bite!" He whined. "Told you it would sting." Ruby said monotonous. "Why did you had to bite so hard?" Gold asked, trying to fight back some tears that suddenly jumped up in the corners of his eyes. "Because you were scaring me." Gold's ears drooped down and his tail fell motionless next to him.

"I'm sorry I scared you..." He said, looking away guilty. Ruby laid Gold's patched up hand against his cheek. "I shouldn't have bitten you so hard in the first place." He said, giving Gold a warm smile.

Gold leaned in to kiss Ruby. He was surprised when the smaller one did the same as their lips met each other. Gold nibbled gently on Ruby's lower lip. A small moan escaped from the smaller cat's mouth. Gold slid his tongue inside of Ruby's mouth, tangling the other in a heated French kiss.

Ruby crawled back on Gold's lap, rubbing his groan against the other's already growing bulge. Gold moaned in delight, pulling Ruby in another French kiss. He slipped his hand under the other's shirt, rubbing one of his nipples.

Ruby gasped as he broke the kiss, mewling as he felt Gold's fingers toying with his nipple. He pressed his body closer to Gold's, breathing heavily in his neck. Feeling Ruby's hot breath on him, Gold got even more excited and moved one hand behind the smaller feline, sliding it down his pants.

Ruby tensed his body when he suddenly felt a finger intruding his behind. "G-Gold! Wh-What're you doing?!" He asked, looking back at what Gold was doing to him. "Opening you up of course. Am I going too fast?" He asked, pressing his finger deeper inside of Ruby's tight behind.

Ruby tensed up again, digging his claws in Gold's shoulder while trying to suppress a moan. "You have too much testosterone running through that body of yours!" He complained while hitting his head back.

Gold laughed. "Well, I have to agree with that. But that's because you're so incredibly sexy." He smirked at Ruby's red face. "I'm not... I'm not sexy!" Ruby disagreed. A loud moan escaped his lips.

"Oh, no? Then what are you?" Gold asked smirking. "I'm elegaaaaaant!" Ruby moaned loudly as he felt a second finger intruding his behind.

"What was that? I didn't quite catch that." Gold said, moving his fingers back in and out. "I... I told... you. I'm... I'm, ngh! I'm..."

"You're what, Ruby? You can say it."

What pleasure Ruby felt right now. Gold's touch was electrifying him, making him moan in pure delight. He wanted more. So much more than just being touched.

"I'm so horny!" Ruby moaned out, hitting his head back.

That was music to Gold's ears.

"Well then. Better do something about that." He said and picked Ruby up, dropping him on his soft bed.

Gold unbuttoned Ruby's pants and pulled the zipper down. Gold's hand went down in his pants, rubbing the smaller one's arousal.

Ruby mewled in pure delight, spreading his legs further apart so Gold had better access to his sweet spots.

"You're quite eager now, aren't you?" Gold asked, enjoying how Ruby mewled and squirmed underneath him. The smaller feline replied on that by pulling up his shirt, exposing his chest. Gold growled in approval.

Ruby wanted that annoying piece of cloth, that was imprisoning his erection, off his legs and bucked up his hips violently against Gold's hand, hoping the bigger cat would get the hint.

Yet, Gold loved to tease and decided to torment his little lover a bit longer. He started to lick Ruby's nipples, biting and tugging at them occasionally.

Ruby whined in disapproval. He wanted to release himself from his restrains. It was getting too painful for him.

"My, my. You're really eager now. I told you, you were lying to yourself." Gold said smirking. "Like it's so easy to admit." Ruby retorted back. "Admit what?" Gold asked. He wanted to hear Ruby saying the words he longed to hear from him.

"Isn't it obvious?"

"What's so obvious?"

"You know what I mean!"

"Hmm, I'm afraid I don't."

"Stop messing around with me!"

"You're so cute when you're all flustered up like that, Ruby."

"ARGH! I like you, okay?!"

Finally Ruby said those words. And it felt like a load fell off his shoulders. Gold smirked wider.

"How much do you like me?" He asked. "A lot..." Ruby replied, looking away with a reddish look on his face. "How much is 'a lot'?" Gold asked. "Are you messing around with me? This isn't funny, Gold!" Ruby exclaimed, getting angry because Gold was prolonging things. "But I just wanted to know what you think 'a lot' is." The bigger cat pouted.

Something snapped inside of Ruby and did something even Gold didn't saw coming. He grabbed Gold's shoulders and turned him around, reversing the roles. The former stray was so stunned that he couldn't react on time when Ruby crushed his lips on his, sliding his tongue inside his mouth.

Strangely, Gold liked this assertive side of Ruby and followed the smaller one's lead quickly, wrapping his arms around the Ruby's slim waist.

Ruby planted one leg between Gold's and pressed his knee against the bigger cat's groan, making that Gold moaned loudly in the kiss. The graceful feline was really firing him up right now, but Gold was curious how far Ruby would actually go or... how far he could go with Ruby.

I'm not the only one who's running high on testosterone. Gold thought amused.

Ruby broke the kiss and threw Gold's new shirt open, exposing his well-toned chest. Gold was curious what Ruby would do next.

The graceful feline started to place small kisses on Gold's chest while one hand traveled down to the bigger one's crotch.

Gold's eyes opened wide as he felt the bulge in his pants getting even bigger and more painful on top of that.

"Okay, that's it! I can't hold it anymore!" He exclaimed and turned Ruby back around. He swiftly pulled Ruby's pants from his slender legs and threw it on the floor, followed by the white cap and the black shirt the smaller one was wearing.

Ruby, who found himself in quite a heat, mirrored Gold's moves and soon the two were again entangled in a heated French kiss, rubbing their erections against each other.

Gold started to rub Ruby's member while sucking a weak spot in the smaller one's neck. Ruby moaned, burying one hand in Gold's black locks while adjusting his neck so the former stray could reach that special spot better.

"Ruby... I'm going to make you feel so good now, you'll only beg for more." Gold said smirking. The scarlet eyed feline mewled. "Do what you want!" He exclaimed. Gold smirked against Ruby's smooth skin.

"Don't mind if I do."

He moved a hand behind Ruby and pressed a finger inside. The smaller cat arched his back while moaning.

"You're really tight in there, aren't you?" Gold asked amused. "O-Of course! I-I never had... anyone else... before! Ngh!" Ruby hit his head back into the soft pillow. "Oh, I feel so honored I'll be the first one ramming myself into that tight ass of yours." Gold chuckled. "Ahh... I had expected this... a little more... romantic. Ahh!"

"Pfff. Romance isn't my thing." Gold said with a sheepish smile. "It wouldn't be... bad... if you... were." Ruby tried to suppress another moan, like he was saying "I'm not moaning till you're a bit more romantic!"

"Do whatever you want, my little kitten, but I'm going to begin the big work now."

Gold flipped Ruby on his stomach, lifting up his hips.

"G-Gold, please... be gentle..." Ruby almost pleaded. It was going to be his first time with another male cat after all.

"Alright. Have it your way."

Gold teased Ruby by rubbing his tip against his entrance before pounding himself completely in. The smaller cat screamed in pain.

"You said you would be gentle!" Ruby exclaimed, tears forming in the corners of his eyes. "This is my gentle." Gold replied, snapping his hips back and pounding right back in. "Ahh! Gold! You ass!"

Ruby dug his claws in his pillow, tearing the fabric apart while he was desperately trying to adjust himself to Gold's size. But that wasn't easy since the bigger feline was thrusting inside of him with an incredible speed that made him feel horrid and pleased at the same time.

"Hmm, Ruby. You're so deliciously tight." Gold growled seductively while taking up the speed. "And you're all mine. All mine!"

Ruby threw his head back when Gold hit his prostate, moaning loudly. "Yes, that's it. Moan loudly. Beg for more!" Gold said, his mind completely drugged. He dug his claws in Ruby's hips, making the other cat yelp.

Ruby realized that he was really starting to like having sex with Gold, and moved his hips along with the bigger cat's trusts, begging for more, moaning out Gold's name.

It didn't took long before Ruby came, his seed spilling over the silky sheets of his bed. Gold came inside of Ruby shortly afterwards, filling up the little feline.

He collapsed on top of Ruby, breathing heavily in his ear.

"I... told you... I would... make you... feel good." He panted. "There was no... romance... at all... idiot!" Ruby retorted a bit angrily. "I told you... romance... isn't... my thing." The graceful feline pouted.

Gold rolled off of Ruby, sending shivers down the little one's spine when he pulled himself out. He took Ruby in his arms, hugging him tightly.

"But I'll promise to work on it." He then said, stroking the elegant cat's silky hair. "You better. Or else this was also your last time." Ruby threatened. Gold couldn't help but to chuckle.

"You're such a tsundere, Ruby. So adorable, so cute and so mine." Ruby laughed. "You still have to share me with our master, you fool." He said. "Ah, right... Oh well. Can't be helped." Gold shrugged while he nuzzled his nose in Ruby's soft locks.

"Let us sleep now, shall we?" Gold suggested. Ruby yawned, nudging closer to the former stray. "Yeah..." He closed his heavy eyelids and drifted off in a deep sleep.

Gold woke up when he heard birds singing. It was still early in the morning, but small strokes of light already peered through the closed curtains of Ruby's room. He still had the little one in his arms. The graceful feline was still fast asleep. Gold smiled upon the sight of a sleeping Ruby. He looked even more adorable than when he was awake.

Yet, he distanced himself from Ruby, and stepped out of bed, walking to a mirror that stood in the room.

He still had the collar around his neck and looked at his own reflection. He could barely recognized himself with that leather strap around his neck.

Ruby groaned behind him.

"Gold? Why are you up so early?" He asked, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. "Ah, I uhh... I need to go to the bathroom." He said. "Oh, okay." Ruby turned on his side, his back facing Gold. "Pull on some pants..."

Gold laughed uneasy. "Sure, I'll do that." He said. But Ruby didn't heard that as he already fell asleep again.

Gold sighed deep as he pulled his clothes back on, facing the mirror again once finished. He unbuckled the collar around his neck, feeling immediately free again now that leather strap wasn't around his neck anymore.

He walked over to Ruby's bed, pressing the collar in the little one's hand, clasping it shut.

"I'm sorry, Ruby. But a life like this isn't made for me." He whispered. Ruby's ear twitched, but didn't woke up. Gold gave the smaller cat a kiss on his forehead.

He walked over to the window and opened it, jumping into the morning sky. Reclaiming his freedom as a stray cat.

When Ruby woke up an hour or two later, he rubbed his eyes. It was then he noticed he was holding on to something. He shocked when seeing Gold's collar laying in his hand.

"What is the meaning of this? Gold!" He called. But when he looked up, he noticed that his window was open. Ruby's mouth fell open.

He shot out of bed, almost tore his curtains off and stared at the horizon. He started to tremble in rage.

"That ass! First he does all these things to me and then he runs off just like that?!" He hissed angrily and threw the collar he still had in his hand outside the window.

"Leaving me like this, who do you think you are?!" He yelled out and turned his back, his small posture was trembling all over.

"But... I'll be waiting..."


"I'm back."

"GYA! Don't come near me! Go away!"

"Aw, how cute. Tsundere, tsundere!"


"Stoooop! Well, pull your clothes on, we're going on a trip to the outside world!"

"Have a good trip and never come again."

"I know you want to be with me."


"Stop iiiiiiit!"

~The End~

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