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Shock Value.

Chapter 1

No one's POV

Sikowitz took a long sip of his coconut and cleared his throat. "OK children, in the 2nd half of class today, we are going to have an exercise in quick improvisation."

The class collectively groaned.

"Oh Come on" Sikowitz said, as he walked across the room where he picked up a black derby hat that was turned up.

"I want each one of you to take a slip out of this hat, but don't look at it. On each slip is the name of an emotion. You will each get up on stage, look at what ever emotion you have and you will then have 15 seconds to do something or tell us something that will elicit that emotion. The one who does the best will win…" Sikowitz let the word hang in the air, peaking the classes' interest.

After a moment, "Nothing but my undying admiration. I do have 2 rules. First, this is a school so keep it PG rated so no nudity and no violence. Second, if you tell a story or make a statement you will have to tell the truth. That makes it more difficult. No making things up."

"Sounds fun." Said Tori sounding very perky.

Jade across the room rolled her eyes. "You would find it fun Vega."

Beck who was sitting next to Jade, simply shrugged.

"Ok pass this hat around and each of you take one slip. AND DON'T LOOK AT IT UNTIL I TELL YOU!" he said.

The hat was passed around and everyone had their slip.

"Good, we're ready to get started. Cat you are up first." Said Sikowtiz as he pulled out a stopwatch. "Look at your slip, say what it is and then you will have 20 seconds."

Cat giggled and walked up on stage to face the audience. She opened her slip and frowned.

"I have sadness" she said sounding disappointed.

"Ok Cat Go." Said Sikowitz as he clicked the timer.

Cat stood there for a few seconds, as if trying to think. Sikowtiz look at his stopwatch and then to Cat. "10 seconds cat" He said.

"Um…my cat accidentally got run over last year by my brother when he drove the car. He tried to tape it back together but it stayed dead." She said her face drooping.

Other than a few soft "Awws" from the audience, the room was quiet. Jade rolled her eyes.

"I'm sorry Cat" Said a sad looking Tori, her being the only exception.

'Thank you Cat. You may sit down. Didn't quite grab me." Sikowitz said. "Ok Andre, you're up next.

Andre confidently walked up to the stage and opened his slip of paper.

"Disgust" He said.

Sikowtz clicked the watch. "Ok Andre go."

"Yeah Andre" Said Tori, cheering him on.

After a moment, Andre's face twisted. "I walked into the bathroom last week and accidentally I saw my grandma naked. It..It..was terrible, I couldn't eat anything for 3 days. The varicose veins were enough to..they ran all over. They actually pulsed…it was.." Andre seemed unable to go further, getting upset.

"Ewww…said the class, a bit louder than the response to Cat's story.

"Sit down Andre. That was OK, I wasn't quite disgusted but it certainly conjured up an image I care not imagine. Ok Beck It's your turn."

Beck smiled at his girlfriend Jade, and walked up to the front of the class. She smiled back at him and settled back in her seat.

"Happiness/Joy" he said.

"Ok Beck, Go."

"When Jade smiles at me. I love it, if feel happy. It's the warmest feeling in the world." He said at Jade who narrowed her eyes, looking slightly annoyed.

The room stayed silent except for Tori who said "Very good Beck."

"Nice Beck, but when Jade smiles at others, it usually strikes fear in peoples heart's" Sikowtiz said, earning him a glare from Jade which he paid no attention to. "Speaking of the Devil, Jade you're up"

"Jade sprung out of her chair and confidently walked to the stage.

"You can do it Jade." Said Tori, in a sing song tone of voice which the Goth ignored.

Jade looked at hers and smiled.

"Terror" She said with a smirk.

"OK, Jade Go." Sikowitz said as she backed up slightly.

Jade started to yell and pulled out a pair of scissors from her boot, which she waved at the audience.. "ANYONE WHO DOESN'T SCREAM IN TERROR WILL GET A NICE VISIT FROM ME AND MR. SCISSSORS SOMETIME TONIGHT. GOT IT!" Jade let her threat hang in the air for a moment, than yelled. BOO!"

The entire class, including Sikowtiz, suddenly screamed in terror.

After composing himself, Sikowtiz said. . "Very good Jade, nice use of a threat to garner your audience's reaction."

Jade walked back to her seat, a smirk on her face. "It wasn't a threat, it was a promise."

Sikowtiz paused for a moment then said. "OK Tori, your next."

Tori smiled and walked up on stage.

"This aught to be good" Said Jade sarcastically.

"Jade please be quiet." Sikowtiz said.

Tori opened her paper and read it, as her face scrunched.

"Shock" The Latina announced.

"Like little Miss perfect, could shock anyone." Jade said with a chuckle.

"Jade." Sikowtiz said, warning her to be quiet.

Tori glanced at Jade. "That's ok Mr. Sikowtiz, you can start the watch."

"OK then, Tori Go"

Tori turned to Jade, as she quickly walked to her purse. "You don't think I can shock anyone. You especially/"

"HELL NO!" Jade said with slight contempt.

Tori pulled out her lipstick and quickly put some on.

"!0 seconds Tori" Sikowitz announced..

Tori put the lipstick down, clenched her fists briefly and released them.

Jade leaned back in her chair, as a smug look ran across her face.

Tori made and odd smile. "OK, you want shocked Jade?"

"Bring it on Vega." Jade said, as she leaned back putting her hands behind her head.

"Careful what you wish for Jade." Tori said with a tone of voice, that had just a slight bit of nervousness to it.

With five seconds left, Tori walked up to Jade. Tori quickly her hands on the back of Goth's neck, pulled her forward and kissed Jade on the lips.

"Jade" Tori said after the brief kiss. "I think you're the most beautiful woman in the world. I'm a Lesbian and am completely in head over heels in love with you. I know you have a boyfriend and you hate me, but I just had to kiss you."

Tori turned to Beck. "Sorry Beck, Aren't her lips so soft and wonderful?"

All a stunned Beck could do, was nod in agreement.

Tori backed off several steps, looking oddly relived. There was a look of utter shock frozen on Jade's face. Her mouth hung open in the shape of an O. Her eyes, opened wide as they could be. Beck meanwhile looked just as surprised and a bit uncomfortable.

In fact, after Tori finished speaking there was about 5 seconds of shocked silence in the room. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

Sikowtiz stood there, with his hand on his chin the entire time. "Tori, Congratulations, you win. Excellent use of coming out, to shock everyone. Knowing Jade, I would also advise you to run."

Tori quickly nodded, grabbed her bag and fled the room.

The next voice heard it the room was Rex Powers. "Was it good for you Jade?"

Jade abruptly jumped out of her chair and exploded, letting out a blood curdling scream heard through half the school.

Rex had just started to sing "Tori and Jade sitting in a tree" when Jade rushed over and tore off his head. A second later, Rex's head impacted the wall, shattering into a hundred pieces.

"REX!" Robbie quickly screamed.

"Sikowtiz's eyes bugged out. "On second thought, everyone run, class dismissed." He said, as he was already half way out the window.

A moment later Jade found herself in an empty classroom. She was just standing there, shaking. Everyone, Beck included, had quickly deserted the classroom. As Tori promised, Jade was most thoroughly shocked.

I thought of this during lunch and quickly punched it out. A one shot for now but I may expand it if there is sufficient interest. No beating around the bush, Tori just confesses her love to Jade in front of everyone. Beck included.