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Shock value

Chapter 20 – Surprise

No one's pov.

Jade was in the hospital for another week. She missed her final exams, but with Tori's help was able to make them up while in the hospital. Jade got out just in time for Christmas. Much to Jade's dismay, her room looked like the a Christmas wonderland. Bright multi colored Christmas lights ran all over the room. Pictures of Santa's, snow men and other cheery Christmas things were all over the room.

There was even a small Christmas tree with presents under it, sitting in the corner. It was decorated with strings of popcorn and ordainments. A banner across the top of the room read..

"Welcome back and Merry Christmas Jade."

Jade stood in the doorway, crutch under one arm, her head still bandaged, her other wrist bandaged up and a rather annoyed look on her face.

"You do realize Tori, that I hate Christmas." Jade said as she hobbled into the room.

Tori walked into the room behind Jade and put her arms out to show off the decorations. "I was just so happy, you my ever so beautiful, sexy and wonderful girlfriend. I wanted it to be a surprise."

Jade sat down on the bed and put her crutch to the side. "Well, first I think we've had enough with surprises. Between the unexpected kiss, pregnancies and injuries I think we've both had enough. Second you're buttering me up, just keep doing that regardless. And third of course, I hate Christmas. Thank you please take it away."

Tori sat in a chair and started to pout. "You hate it."

Jade sat there trying to keep the expression on her face but the side of her mouth quivered. "Don't you dare give me the Vega pout." Jade quickly snapped. "You know perfectly well, I have not defense against the Vega pout. I'm just not going to look." Jade then laid back on the bed and starred at the ceiling.

"Perfect, I can't see your pout anymore. Go ahead Vega, pout away. I don't want this shit."

"Fine then" Tori said quickly. "I'll just start by taking these nice presents and taking them back."

"Don't be like that, I'll take your presents. I'm not a total grinch. I just don't like all the decorations." Jade said as she sat up.

Tori put her finger on her chin and pretended to think. "Hmmm… Let me see, she wants the gifts but no Christmas cheer." All of a sudden her expression turned serious and somewhat disappointed. "The thing is Jade, that I put a lot of work into this. I know you don't hate it half as much as you're letting on but you still can't just be honest with me. We have to play this game where I pout and you finally admit you like it. The games are fine and I like playing them but sometimes I just want your answer and not the pretend one. What kind of relationship will we have if you can't even be straight with me."

Tori at this point walked out of the room leaving Jade all alone. She was stunned by Tori's unexpected outburst and suddenly felt stupid. She got on her crutch and hobbled downstairs.

"She looked around for several minutes and eventually found Tori, sitting in a chair by the side of the pool. The Latina was starring into the water, a morose expression on her face. As Jade got closer the noticed Tori was crying. Jade sat in the chair next to Tori.

"Look at me, I'm supposed to take care of you and in the first 5 minutes, I fly off the handle, I make you hobble downstairs and I start to cry. I'm sorry. I need to not take things so personally."

Tori choked back a sob and wiped a tear. "The thing is Jade, you and I are really different and I'm scared that we won't make it. I do things without thinking some times. I get really emotional about stupid things. I should have just played the game and not gotten so upset. Just let you pretend you hated it."

Jade sighed. "I'm sorry Tori, but I actually do hate it."

A loud sob instantly came from Tori as she began to cry even louder. "I don't even know you well enough to be a decent girlfriend. I'm sorry."

"Uggg" Jade said with annoyance. "Stop that right now Tori." Jade then put her hand on Tori's chin and turned the Latina's head to face her.

"OK, first of all you're a great girlfriend and I happen to love you. Now we are different people that is for sure. There will always be things that we won't see eye to eye on. Now I may occasionally hate things you do or say, I will always love you. I know I'll do things that you can't stand from time to time. Since I was hospitalized you've been my strength. I was devastated both physically and mentally, without you I never would have made it as far as I have. I still need your help and love to recover. Actually I need you're love to survive cause as cheesy as it sounds. I'd die without it."

Tori slowly began to smile and wiped the tears from her eyes. "You love me that much?"

Jade kissed Tori on the cheek. "If it pleases you to hear it, so much it fucking hurts when you're not near me. Tell you what in the spirit of compromise, we'll keep the tree and some of the decorations but loose the rest."

Tori threw her arms around Jade. "I'm going to love you forever Jade."

Several months later.

It was the very last day of school and for Jade, Tori, Andre, Cat and Robbie their last day of high school entirely. Beck pleaded guilty to numerous charges including felony assault, trespassing and drug possession. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Tori was wearing cute blue outfit with matching jacket on this last day of school and had a dreamy look in her eyes as she walked up to school for the last time. After today, her whole life was going to change.

"Vega!" A familiar voice boomed out from behind her.

Tori turned to see Jade, looking rather nice in a black and purple outfit, coming up to her from behind. She didn't look very happy however.

"Hi Jade!" Tori said putting her arms out for a hug.

Jade stopped short of the hug and pointed her finger in Tori's face. "What gives Vega? You told me yesterday that you had to study for a final exam and turn in a project. You're full of shit Vega, I saw you getting into Cat's car at the multiplex mall. You had at least one shopping bag in your hand. I wanted to take you out. Why in the hell did you ditch me for Cat of all people. You lied to me."

"Hey, I heard that!" Cat protested from several feet away.

Tori's eyes widened for a moment as if surprised for a second, but then smiled as she gave Jade a kiss. "You're beautiful today Jade." Then Tori walked off, leaving a fuming Jade in the parking lot.

"You didn't answer my question Vega!" Jade spit out. "Don't you dare walk away from me." Tori waived and kept walking acting very aloof. "You come back here Vega!"

Jade growled as Tori just walked away without answering her question. The fact that she didn't even act guilty or sorry, made Jade even more angry.

The entire morning Jade, still very angry, avoided Tori entirely. She hated being lied to, and she knew she was lied to. Deep down she was afraid Tori was getting tired of her.

Finally it came time for Sikowitz's class. Jade came storming in and plopped her self down to Tori, giving the Latina a disapproving stare as she did. Tori acted unimpressed and gave a half smile.

"I still want an answer Vega!" Jade snapped as Sikowitz started to lecture.

He mostly talked about how proud he was of his students and gave lots of advice on how to make your career really go far. One choice piece of advice was "Treat everyone nice. Because that production assistant you get fired for getting the wrong temperature coffee might be tommorrow's director."

Near the end of class he stopped and said. "Ok People, one final round of Alphabet Improv. Since Jade has been glaring angrily at Tori all period, she and Vega can be our victims."

Tori walked up on stage followed by very unhappy looking Jade.

"Sikowitz nodded to Tori with a smile, unseen to Jade. Ok, Jade, you start with D. Now go."

Jade turned to Tori. "Deception" she said with a glare that burned holes through Tori's skull.

"Everything will be clear" Tori said with her chin raised. A rather confident look on her face.

"Forget it Vega"

"Gee Whiz Jade, calm down." Tori said, putting her hand on Jade's shoulder causing the angry Goth to step back.

Jade was not amused by Tori's carefree attitude.

"How am I supposed to Trust you Tori?" Jade said as she began to turn red.

Tori tilted her head and looked up at the ceiling. "I'm sure I'll think of something eventually."

"Joke, is our relationship a Joke to you?"

"Kangaroo's are funny looking."

Jade's temper was nearing breaking point.

"Leave me alone if you're not going to be straight with me." Jade growled.

In one swift and practiced motion, Tori pulled a small box from her pocket, dropped to one knee and opened the box to reveal a sparkling diamond ring.

"Marry me then." Tori said with a huge smile. "I first told you I loved you in this room and now I want to ask you to spend your life with me here. It only seemed fitting. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt you are the one. For the record, I was at the mall last night picking up your ring. Cat helped me pick it out. Will you marry me Jade?"

Two things happened at this very moment. The first thing was that everyone in the room moved their chairs back at least a foot. Just in case Jade had an insane freak out like she did the day Tori declared her love for her. But much like last time, Jade was in absolute shock.

Jade's heart leapt as a lump quickly formed in her throat. She looked at the ring and then to Tori's brown eyes. The warm loving gaze that they bathed her in, made Jade feel wonderful.

"OH MY GOD!" Jade said, unable to think.

"Sikowitz smiled. "Normally I'd say your out for skipping a letter but we don't want you saying an N word anyway. Not in this situation. I would strongly advise you to say a Y word."

Jade's heart started to race, as she continued to stare into Tori's eyes. Never in her life had she been made happier.

"I love you" Tori quietly mouthed.

Tears of happiness began to flow from Jade's eyes. "YES! Tori Yes, I love you!" Jade blurted out, not able to keep the answer in anymore. "Now put that ring on my finger and kiss me before I change my mind."

The class cheered as Tori got up and put the ring on Jade's finger. Then as the Goth requested, Tori gave Jade a kiss.

"You and you're dam surprises Vega." Jade said with a smirk.

"Do you want me to stop?" Tori said with a playful smile.

Jade pulled Tori into a night embrace and starred Tori in the eyes. Jade looked forward to looking into those beautiful brown eyes for years to come.


A nice happy ending and it sort of ended just like it started. With Tori giving Jade a huge shock.

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