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Hey guys! First thing I want to mention is that Carrot-Bunny owns this idea. She did it for Avatar. And Cimfan did this for Percy Jackson. So I wanted to do this for TMI and ID. And btw I used to be dragonpurplepearl.

Disclaimer: Cassandra Clare owns TMI and ID. Carrot-Bunny owns this idea, and CimFan did this idea. All rules are explained in the chapter.

The whole auditorium is filled, wall to wall with people dressed to the best. For some, that's the poofy, sparkly, lacy dresses dresses with the slits up the sides, or the tuxedos and bowties. For others, it's a pair of jeans with no holes and a shirt with no slogan.

The 'people' aren't exactly people. Sure, there are some mortals with the Sight, but the majority of the audience are Shadowhunters and Downworlders.

Hundreds of seats line the floor. A balcony with only one hundred seats looms over the ground level.

The floor was carpeted, not red because that's the colour to call enchantment down. It's a deep purple, which matches the cushy chairs that has a purple back and seat, while the rest is a gold colour.

The black walls curve, making the room a circle. Flecks of gold paint flicker as lights bounce off the walls

Where most of the even takes place is the stage. It's floor is black, with swirls of silver. A big banner hangs down that says, The TMI and ID Choice Awards 2013 with an angelic rune behind it.

The seats are mostly filled; there are some stragglers outside the theatre by the consession, debating whether they should stick to their diet and just order a Diet Coke, or get the regular Coca Cola and a large popcorn.

A monotonous voice fills the entire building. "The show starts in one minutes. If you are not in your seats the harpies will eat you."

There's a bit of whispering in the background, then the voice corrects itself. "Sorry, wrong fandom. If you are not in your seats you will simply be locked out."

No one sticks to their diet and with a Coca Cola and a large popcorn in hand, they rush to their seats just in time to hear...

"Hello readers, and welcome to the first ever TMI and ID awards! Hosting the show is Magnus Bane and Tessa Grey!" A female voice says joyfully from the speakers.

The four hundred people sitting in the auditorium quiet down. The hall is occupied by Shadowhunters, Downworlders, and a few mundanes with the Sight.

The song, "When the Darkness Comes" plays as a very sparkly man dressed in leather pants and dress shirt, an odd combination, walks out first. Following him is a girl who looks about twenty and dressed in a blue, floor length dress.

"Hello hello! I'm Magnus Bane, High Warlock of Brooklyn." Says the man. His spiky, glittery hair catches the lights as he moves, blinding someone in the back.

"I am Tessa Grey, and we will be hosting this show." Tessa says. "The rules are simple. We have a category and some choices. You, the wonderful readers of fanfiction, leave a review saying which of the choices you want to win."

"You can only leave one choice. One." Magnus says.

"Here to present the first category is...Clary Fray and Jace Herondale!"

A strikingly hot, golden haired boy walks onto the stage with a pretty, red headed girl. The boy is in a simple tux, and the girl in a short gold dress.

"I'm Jace." The boy smirks at the crowd. Twenty audience members faint at the sight. "And it's Lightwood, not Herondale."

"And I'm Clary." No one faints, fortunately. "The first category is..."

"Favourite Couple from the Mortal Instruments! Your choices are..."

The female voice from before speaks up. "Clace, Clary and Jace. Sizzy, Simon and Isabelle. Malec, Magnus and Alec. Maia and Jordan who we don't have a couple name for-"

"Jaia!" Someone calls.

"Jaia, Jordan and Maia."

"You have until Saturday to vote, have fun!" Clary waves at the crowd as she and Jace walk off stage.

Favourite TMI Couple

1. Clace
2. Sizzy
3. Malec
4. Jaia