When Beckett and Castle entered the board room they see piles of folders arranged in neat stacks. The was a post it note in front of each stack, which Mille sensed was necessary due to the amount of information she arranged.

"I have all the patient records for Doctor Fraley for the last ten years, all the cases since he started the practice. I have then arranged by the type of surgery. I also have this, which are the surgeries that were challenged due to the results not matching the expected result. I knew you would ask specifically for those.

This smaller stack is concerning active cases of malpractice Doctor Fraley is facing…or I guess I should say was facing."

"This will be very helpful Millie," Castle offered.

"My DVR is chock full of the detective shows. You know CSI, NCIS, Law and Order, the kind of shows where they always ask for this sort of thing. I know how busy you guys are and I wanted to do my part to speed things along. To be honest I do not know how long this practice can survive without Doctor Fraley. He was the peacemaker."

"Doctor McDermott and Doctor Granger do not get along?" Beckett asked, sensing something worth knowing.

"I'll say. McDermott did not want to hire her. She got a bad rap when that expose aired on the news three years ago. If she and Doctor Fraley had not been friends she wouldn't be working here."

"What was in the expose?" Castle asks.

"The practice she worked for previously charged for work not performed. Doctor Granger was cleared of any wrongdoing, but McDermott was still adamant that she should not be added. Doctor Fraley was grumbling about it last Friday."

"Was there a history of conflict between McDermott and Doctor Fraley?" Castle queried.

"You mean physical? No. Not in the office," Mille nodded her head.

"What about outside the office?" Beckett followed up.

"They had a standing date at the York Racquet Center. I think they worked out a lot of their differences there."

"Well, we will need to take all of this back with us," Beckett said, standing.

"I'll box it up," Millie says.

Riding back to the precinct Castle begins to brainstorm what they know.

"So highly paid doctor of a successful plastic surgery practice goes to the park in a tuxedo and winds up with two in the chest. Why was he in the park in a tuxedo?"

Beckett glances in the mirror at the boxes of files filling her back seat. She wonders how long it will take for them to shuffle all these papers and even if there is anything worth seeing.

"Beckett," Castle says. "Did you hear what I said?"

"Yes. Why was he in the park?"

"What did Javier and Kevin find?" Castle said referring to the detectives who answered to Kate.

"Very little, nothing that seemed to belong to the Doctor. No information that would explain why he was there. The man's car was not even nearby."

"Who would walk in the park wearing a tuxedo and a five hundred dollar pair of Hanan and Son shoes?" Castle asked.

"Whoever murdered him may have drawn him into the park," Beckett postulated.

"But how?" Castle asked.

"Maybe all this paperwork will tell us," Kate said eyeing the mound of collated files accupying the backseat of her car.

A half hour later they were in the squad room poring over the files. Esposito and Ryan had their own boxes and studied the files of Doctor Fraley's former patients.

"Man I always thought it would be glamorous to be a plastic surgeon, but some of these people are just plain ugly," Ryan announced. He turned a picture from his latest file back and forth as if he though a different angle might help.

"I can remember my brother's first Playboy," Esposito chuckled. "It was the one that had Shannon Tweed as the centerfold."

"Shannon Tweed. Why does that name sound familiar?" Ryan asked.

"She is with Gene Simmons now," Castle answered.

"There is no way she had her work down with his bunch," Esposito declared. "I don't think these clowns are worth their weight in Ritz crackers. I cannot see a whole lot of improvement with most of these. The enhancements they did are not that impressive."

"How come you got the good box?" Ryan groused.

"Hey bro I can trade," Esposito offered.

"How about we see if we can find something to help on the case," Beckett said looking over the file she held.

"Sorry Boss," Ryan said.

"You know we may look through all of this and find no one especially suspicious," Castle said. "We should talk to the wife; see if she knows why the good doctor was in the park."

"We cannot do that," Beckett answered, keeping her eyes on the new file she just opened.


"She returns from a seven day cruise to Alaska in the morning. We can talk to her then."

"Well then, I suppose our evening is going to be filled with the remaining records of the work of Facing a Better You," castle said holding up a bruised 'after' portrait of a woman his mother's age who had received an eyelid lift.