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"This isn't going to lead me anywhere." I spat throwing the think manila folder across the room, All it would tell me is the day I was born and the hospital I was born in. No information on my parents. All anyone knew about me was that I was left one the doorstep of the New York Children's orphanage eighteen years ago a note pinned to me. With the name Isabella Swan on it on the date September 13th

"Crap." I glanced up at the clock hanging on the off white walls I only had ten minutes to get to work. I hastily picked up the papers scattered over my floor and stuffed them into the folder sliding it on the table and running into my room, I threw on my uniform for the Rosebud and hoped my new boss wasn't a hard ass. Because if he was I was screwed. Pulling my hair into a ponytail I grabbed my purse and ran out the door. Thankfully the Rosebud was only a few blocks from my Apartment and I ran in with a few minutes to spare.

"Whoa there little missy slow down." I heard a booming laugh behind me and looked up to see a giant bear of a man laughing at me.

"Mr. Cullen." I stood up trying to catch my breath, "sorry I was running late."

"Don't sweat it lets get you punched in ok." He led me to the back and helped me set up handing me an apron and an order pad. "I'm going to be behind the bar if you need anything." He smiled before he walked away. I nodded and looked around the bar."

"Hi." I looked up to see a perky brunette standing in front of me. "I'm Jessica but everyone calls me Jess. You'll have section three." She pointed to a section of tables and I noticed a two people slip into one of my booths.

"Well it looks like I have customers then." I made sure I had everything I needed before heading towards the couple. My stomach was aflutter with butterflies as I approached them.

"Hello Welcome to Rosebud can I get you anything?" I fidgeted nervously with my pen He was looking at me in a way I've never seen anyone look at me. Finally I couldn't take it anymore.

"Sir, Sir Can I get your order please." Finally he seemed to snap out of whatever dream land he had been living in for the last few minutes.

"Right a root beer please." I wrote down his order and turned to the girl across from him.

"And for you?"

"Coke." The girl smiled as I wrote down her order.

"Great I'm be back to take your orders in a minuet." I walked away and quickly filled their drink orders ignoring the wink Jessica threw my way.

I sat the glasses down in front of them and fished my pen and pad out of the front of my apron. . "Have you figured out what you'd like to eat?"

"I'll have the steak Medium well and a baked potato loaded." The girl said putting her menu on the table I quickly wrote that down having my doubts that she would actually eat all of that.

"And for you sir." My eyes wondered over to the bronze haired man.

"I'll have the same thing as my sister only just butter on my potato please."

"Ok. I'll have that out for you soon." So she was his sister I subconsciously filed that away as I headed back to the kitchen to give the cook their order. I then went to fill orders for my other tables. As I was cleaning up one of the tables I realized my order was up so I hurried and grabbed the plates stuffing my tip from the other table in my pocket. I grabbed the plates and hurried to the tables.

I sat the plates down and then I noticed Mr. Cullen sitting with them I froze. "Oh Mr. Cullen."

"Its fine Bella, This is my brother and sister" His brother and his sister oh dear.

"It's nice to meet you." I nodded before I ran walked away.

Jessica was laughing in the corner as I rushed into the kitchen. "So you met the Cullen Siblings."

"Yes." I nodded before leaving the kitchen with the order for my next table and picking up the tip from a table that had just left on my way back.

Just as I was passing the Cullen table I noticed Alice was trying to wave me down "Excuse me."

"Yes?" Bella asked as she neared our table.

"Can I get another fork, this" She jabbed her finger at Emmett. "Oaf used mine." I tried not to laugh and at the same time I felt jealous that this set of siblings seemed to be so close. It was moments like this that I felt so alone so empty.

I turned around and grabbed the fork and hurried back to the table handing it over and taking the dirty one. "Here you are." Bella handed the fork. I nodded and went back to the kitchen. I got so busy that I didn't even notice when the Cullen siblings left until I went to clean up the table. I smiled as I pocketed the tip and bussed the table. When it was time to clock out I waved to Emmett who smiled at me from behind the bar. I walked out into the cool September air.

I pulled my hair out of the ponytail letting the strands fall down around me. I shook it out let it fall around my shoulders. I walked slowly back to my apartment I let myself in. I collapsed on my couch looking at the folder once again. I huffed and grabbed it flipping through it again. Nothing new nothing that would help me find my family.

I'd lived from foster home to foster home for some reason never being adopted, and here I was eighteen on my own totally and completely I had been lucky enough to get a scolership but school could only take me so far when I was alone in the world. I felt a tear slip down my face as I put the folder on the couch and pulled my knees to my chest burying my head in them and letting the tears fall. Eighteen and no hope.

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