Coming For To Carry Me Home


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"Well, really, this is just unacceptable Melanie-"

"Melody." She corrected quickly as she crossed her arms tighter across her chest and sat back in the uncomfortable chair to stare at the man in front of her.

Over a year she'd been at this school. Seventeen times she'd been sent to the headmaster's office. And he still couldn't get her name right.

"Yes, yes. Melody. So would you like to explain what on earth possessed you to attack Todd Grimshaw in such a violent manner? Welll… Would you?" He folded his arms and raised one eyebrow as he stood there, towering over the small girl, and waited for a response.

Mels shrugged. She watched as he began to pace again and his mouth began to move. Threatening her, no doubt, discussing the fact that they had been here before and that she just didn't learn, that you couldn't just do things like that but she didn't care. Yes, she'd bitten the stupid boy and yes she'd kicked him in the balls and yes he deserved it and yes she'd do it again. Because he was laughing at her. Just like everyone did. Everyone in this stupid school, this stupid place. Everyone except Amelia but Amelia didn't count because everyone laughed at her too. He'd called her stupid and ugly. He'd said that she never washed and that she smelled. He'd said she had no parents and everyone hated her. And she'd wanted to cry but she didn't cry any more so she fought him and he lost so more fool him.

But she wasn't going to tell that to the headmaster because he wouldn't understand because he was stupid just like everyone else around here. She was stuck in a school being taught by stupid teachers who didn't know anything about the world, who hadn't been through half of what she had been through and yet still she was supposed to just sit there and nod and accept what they said and conform to their stupid rules about how to behave and what to say. She knew everything, there was so much knowledge running around in her head, and yet here she was being forced to act like some regular stupid kid in a school full of other stupid kids and equally stupid teachers. It was a wonder she hadn't hit them all.

"…If this carries on I will be forced to call your parents in Melanie. Do you understand me?" She tuned back in as he spoke his final, and predictable, sentence.

"Yes. Sorry. Won't do it again." She said curtly, her lips draw tight because whatever she may want to say to this idiot of a man she would never be able to because he knew he weakness. She could never let him, never permit him to find out. If he called and they weren't there or he went round and nobody was home that would be it. One false move and it was goodbye to the one good thing she had going: her relationship with her mum.

"Then you are dismissed." He waved his hand half-heartedly and she stood up, smiled falsely and left as quickly as physically possible. Before she got herself into any more trouble.

"Mels!" The call came from outside the door as soon as she opened it and Mels rolled her eyes.

"Not now, Amelia!" She shouted as she stomped away. As soon as she reached the bottom of the corridor and burst through the doors her legs changed from a stomp to a run and she ran and she ran until she didn't know where she was going any more.

She ran away from Amelia. Kind, sweet, troubled Amelia who was her only friend in the world and also happened to be her mother. She was teased too, an outcast like Mels. Maybe that was why they had the strong bond they did. And Amelia was strange, she was different. She wasn't stupid in the way everyone else was. But even Amelia with her imaginary raggedy Doctor and her lost parents could never understand. The nightmares. The monsters. The growing up beside your mother. The ability to defy death and become a new person. No. There was no way to casually drop that into conversation.

As Mels ran she found she was heading towards the local park. She normally avoided the place because she didn't want to mingle with any of the children from school but now, she supposed, with them all safely locked away in class rooms, would be the perfect time to go. She pushed open the creaky metal gates and looked down at her skin on her arm. Sweat beads were forming just below where her shirt sleeve was rolled up, the hairs moved gently in the wind. Inside her chest she could feel her heart beating, hear the ragged breath she was drawing.

"What are you?" She whispered to herself. "Are you even real?"

She didn't know. No one at school wanted to know her, that was for sure. They taunted her. Called her ugly. Made fun of her hair. Questioned her lack of family, lack of friends. And there was no one else to turn to, no one else to ask. Heavily she sat down on one of the swings and kicked angrily at the sand beneath her feet. Then she saw it, just as she had seen it before, a piece of paper taped to the metal frame of the swing. She bit down hard on her lip: terrified of what it might say.

True beauty is on the inside.

p.s. boys are stupid and you are cool.

She spluttered. She fought back a chuckle. Cool. That was one word she would have never used to describe herself. And yet here it was. As plain as the nose on your face. Proof that someone out there had chosen the angriest, loneliest, most messed up nine-year-old on the planet and wanted to be their friend. Proof that maybe, no matter what she was, she wasn't all bad.

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