Coming For To Carry Me Home


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"Oh, come on." The Red-headed girl pleaded as she jogged to keep up with her best friend who was marching on ahead of her. Their limbs were suddenly too long for their bodies, their ties were short and their skirts shorter. Their hair was pulled into strange styles that they thought reflected the latest fashions but somehow came off all wrong. Their awkwardness was written all over them: in ever smear of make-up, each strand of hair.

"No, Amelia. I'm not-"

"It's Amy." She snapped quickly, cutting her friend off.

"Sorry, Amy." Mels repeated sarcastically as she rolled her eyes. "But your 'cool' new name is not going to make me change my mind. I'm going home and that's the end of it."

"Please, Mels." Amy almost whispered as she stopped in the middle of the pavement.

"I don't want to!" Mels shouted in return as she turned back to face her friend, her only confident for so long, and breathed hard: trying not to be mad at her. "And I don't understand why you would want to either. They are all horrible bitches and the idea of voluntarily being in the same room as them-"

"But they invited me, Mels! They actually invited me to a sleepover and this is the one chance we've got of being part of the popular group-"

"No." Mels said flatly. "It's the one chance you've got. They don't want me, they didn't invite me. And I wouldn't want them to. I don't need their approval."

"But I need you. You're my best friend. I can't do this on my own… Please?" Amy asked quietly, desperately, in a voice so unlike her usual brash tones that it made Mels sigh sadly.

This was her best friend, her Amelia, her mother who had yet to give birth. She knew her more than she knew herself- was certain of her goodness, of her undeniable kind-heartedness. And then suddenly there was this new force, this Amy who wanted to fit in, who cared what people thought, who was too grown-up for their stories and their games and Mels had no idea what to do with her. But as she stared at her, trying to find some common ground, she knew she couldn't leave her, couldn't just walk away and make her go to this party on her own because she was still her best friend, still her mum- even if she didn't understand her right then.

"Fine." Mels sighed heavily. "Fine. But if…. No, when this turns out disastrously, it is completely on you."

"You are the best friend ever!" Amy squealed as she hugged Mels tightly before dragging her forwards.

Mels scowled. She scowled when they were walking to the party. She scowled when the most popular girl in the year opened the door, looked them up and down, turned to Amy and said 'oh, you brought that with you'. She scowled when everyone got given drinks and a snack apart from her. She scowled when they all paired up to paint each other's nails and she somehow got left alone. She scowled until Amy kicked her and told her to smile, at which point she painted on a smile so fixed it hurt.

"Oooh I've got the new issue of J17!" One of the girls announced, hours after they had arrived. Hours that had felts like years to the extent that Mels was now secretly planning inventive ways maim each of the horrid, vapid girls.

"Yay." Mels mumbled under her breath, her sarcasm missed on her peers. No one was paying her any attention anyways.

"So who wants to do the quiz in it first?" The girl gushed. She was blonde, kind of chubby, giggled too much. She wasn't particularly spiteful but just so caught up in her own world, her popularity and all that came with it, that it made her detestable to Mels.

"Oooh, me please!" Amy giggled and Mels almost scowled at her before she remembered that she wasn't doing the scowling thing anymore, because she was being Little Miss Happy, Little Miss Normal. For Amy. For her best friend who was giggling about a magazine.

"Okay then. So this is 'how to find out if your crush loves you back.'" The blonde girl explained. More giggling. Mels involuntarily rolled her eyes.

"My what? I don't even have one!" Amy laughed, trying not to blush.

"Of course you do. Tell us!" Another girl piped up.

"No, I really don't." Amy tried to laugh but she looked away at the floor, acutely aware of all the faces now staring at her.

"There must be someone, spill." Yet another voice chimed in.

"There's not… There's no…" Amy began to stutter.

"Why won't you tell us Amy?" The most popular girl, the one whose party it was, cut across her. All the other girls fell silent to listen. "Why are you lying to us when we just want to be your friends?"

"She said there's no one." Mels raised her voice and finally everyone looked at her. She could have told them all, told them the secret her and Amy rarely spoke about: how she felt about a certain boy. She could have spilled her best friend's closest secret and been immediately welcomed into the folds of the giggling girls. All would have been forgiven and they would have laughed together as Amy blushed and stammered. But she would never do that, would never betray her best friend: no matter the reward and no matter the cost.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realise we were asking you. What business is it of yours anyway?" The girl snapped, glaring at Mels.

"She's my best friend." Mels replied through gritted teeth while Amy stared at the floor.

"You fancy her more like!" The girl laughed cruelly. "You're such a weirdo, bet you're a lesbo too!"

"Well that is wrong on so many levels." Mels muttered under her breath before she continued. "So just because I'm a "weirdo" that automatically makes me gay does it?"

"Oh my God, she's not even denying it!" The girl shrieked in outrage. "Someone get her out of here now I'm not having her staring at me when I get changed!" Mels rolled her eyes at the stupidity of fourteen-year-old girls, at the stupidity of humanity itself.

"Fine. We're going anyway. We don't want to stay at your stupid party do we, Amy?" Mels turned to walk away and there was a moment, a moment that felt like a lifetime, where she looked down at her friend sat cross-legged on the floor and she had no idea what she was going to do. Mels held her breath and bit on the inside of her mouth to keep from screaming. She hoped this wasn't the moment when she lost her mother forever. It was too soon, there was so much she still wanted to do.

"Course we don't. This party stinks." Amy grinned and held her hand out to Mels who pulled her up. And then they were side by side, walking away arm in arm with shouts of "bloody dykes" following behind them. They laughed.

"Well, I hate to say I told you so…" Mels grinned as she looked across at her best friend, wondering how she ever doubted her. This was all she knew: this was all there ever would be. Her mother by her side, ignoring the rest of the world.

"Oh, shut it." Amy grimaced. "Admittedly it was not one of my better plans. Can we leave it at that?"

"Of Course." Mels laughed. "What shall we do now then? The night it young..."

"Go to the park and throw rocks at things?" Amy suggested.

"Now that sounds like a good plan."

The wandered towards the park they knew so well, laughing at the stupidity of the other girls and deciding that they really didn't need any other friends ever. Not when they had each other.

"Oh my God! There you are!" A voice rang out as soon as they stepped through the park gates and they both jumped before locating the source of the voice. "I've been worried sick!"

"What are you even doing here, Rory?" Amy asked in confusion as they walked forward to meet him.

"Well you sent me this and I've been waiting here for nearly an hour and I thought something awful had happened!" He continued in panic, waving a piece of paper around.

"Sent you what? I didn't send anything." Amy said in confusion as she snatched the piece of paper away. "Oh God, look. Mels is that-"

"Yeah, it is." Mel grinned as she looked down at the piece of paper which had the words 'the park. Come as soon as you can x' scrawled on it. There was only one person who could have written that.

"It's what? I don't understand." Rory whined.

"Looks like we've got friends after all." Amy grinned at Mels.

"I know: all these men interested in us. Whatever would the girls say?" Mels laughed.

"Who? What girls?" Rory piped up again.

"Yeah, shame we're a pair of lesbians isn't it?" Amy spluttered as she gave in to the laughter that bubbled inside her. The ridiculousness of the situation, of the whole night, suddenly becoming apparent to them both.

"You're what now?" Rory's eyes widened.

"Oh shut up Rory." Mels gasped through her laughter. "We'll explain it later."

"You will?" Rory asked hopefully.

"Yeah, one day." Amy grinned and she looked over at Mels as they both dissolved into hysterics once again.

Mels tried to hold herself up as she watched Rory sighing and shaking his head: out of the loop as ever. Then there was her mother, her friend, by her side as usual: sharing a private joke. And the man missing from the equation- the one who was still looking out for her, still watching over her. What else did she need? They were strange and a bit broken and not in any way normal but they were her friends, her family.

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