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The last of poker

I didn't know if there had ever been a moment in my life where I had been more nervous than the day before the poker tournament. It wasn't just the fact that a lot depended on it: South Park's good name and the respect of my friends but also the notion that both Kenny and I had been working so hard towards it. It felt like some joined science project of the two of us. If that science project had made us fall in love, that is.

I had asked him to come over the night before the tournament, hoping to find some distraction in his company or his jokes. He was welcomed very warmly by my mother, and of course incredibly awkward by my father.

Kenny had different things in mind about distracting me from my stress however. As soon as we had said goodnight to my parents he had locked the door behind us and had pushed me onto the bed. I thought that I might be too stressed out for sex but that thought was quickly pushed aside as Kenny's lips fell onto mine.

He would have nothing to do with my initial reluctance. Quickly he rid us off our clothes before kissing me all over. I let all stress flee my mind as I felt his warm lips on my chest and stomach and moved even lower. I bit my lips to keep quiet as he sucked me off. My parents walking in on us at a moment like this was not something that was on my to-do list at all.

But it proved difficult to stay quite. If it was at all possible he had gotten even better at it. I was panting harshly as he caressed my thighs and sucked on me. I was about to come when he moved up to straddle me and kissed me messily, swallowing my desperate moans. One of his hands left me and I heard, more than saw, how he grabbed for the lube and spread some on his fingers.
I backed up, wanting to change positions so that I maybe could spread my legs, but that wasn't what Kenny had in mind. He pushed me down with one of his hands and with the other he reached behind himself.

"Fuck, Ken." I breathed out as I realized what he was doing. I could only watch how he was fingering himself. I couldn't even properly see it, but I knew he was doing it. He was moaning softly and I saw the muscles of his back flex and stretch. I stroke his sides, my eyes fixed on the scene in front of me.

"Want to take over?" He breathed down at me.

"Oh God, yes." I mumbled, grabbing the lube and spreading it messily over my fingers before reaching around him to press them inside. He was warm and tight and it made me whimper in need. Him sucking me off already made me on the verge of coming and I was not sure if I could handle doing that to him.

Kenny leaned over me, kissing my neck and breathing heavily against my skin as he moved back onto my fingers.

"More." He moaned in my ear. I swallowed heavily and pressed a new finger inside. My other hand came up to caress his wild hair. I searched inside him and I knew I had found when I was looking for when he jerked against me.

"Right there, oh right there." I pressed against that spot again and again and Kenny whimpered in my arms. He trembled and moaned and it turned me on even more. Suddenly he tugged my hand away.

"Condoms." He demanded hoarsely.

"Yes, okay." I noticed my voice was shaking. Nerves, excitement, desperation. I grabbed for the condoms, putting one on quickly and smearing more lube on it. Kenny leaned over me, kissing me hungrily.

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"About what?" He laughed breathlessly. "That I want to wreck myself on your cock? Totally." And with that he grabbed me and lowered himself down onto me.

I nearly bit through my lip as I felt him around me. Damn, so tight and hot. I saw his expression change to a confusing mixture of pleasure and pain. I remembered quite well how much it could hurt. With shaking hands I caressed his hips and sides.

"Are you okay?" I whispered as he stilled.

"Yes, I think." He breathed, looking down at me with a slight smile. "You're just a lot bigger than my fingers."

I laughed out shakily. "Okay, good." He smiled some more and shifted. I whimpered at the sensation, grasping his hips tightly. A choked off sound escaped my lips. Damn, that felt good.

We moved slowly, clumsily at first, but he got bolder with every new move of his lips. I had to close my eyes often, the mere sight of Kenny naked and straddling me was nearly too much to handle. He was blushing down to his chest, hair wild and biting his lips hard. I guided him up and down over me, one of my hands stroking his erection at random intervals. As I swiped my fingers over him again I could feel him tighten around him.

"Don't." I moaned. It was getting more and more difficult to keep quite. The thought of my parents walking in the only thing that kept me from moaning out loud.

"What? This?" He whispered in a throaty voice as he did it again.

"Yes!" I said through gritted teeth.

"Why? I want to see you fall apart." I already was. I was moaning under my breath and I knew I must be amazingly red by then. And I was amazed at how he was still so much in control of himself. He grabbed the headboard above me and moved down harder.

"Oh, God." I moaned.

"Come on, Stan." He moaned back, moving down again. I grabbed his hips, bringing him down harder and he practically growled above me. I turned my head and bit my pillow to keep from groaning out. He moved down again and the sight of him grinding down onto me was too much. With a muffled groan I came inside him. He rode me until I was completely spent, making me gasp and pant in the aftershocks. He smiled down at me as I tried to get my breath back.

"Want me to blow you?" I whispered up at him.

"Yes." He seemed very excited about the idea and he climbed off of me. He lasted about a minute, coming down my throat as I sucked on him hard and fast. We cuddled up afterwards, even though we were both very sweaty and sticky.

"God, I totally understand gays now." Kenny grinned at me. "It hurts but damn it feels good."

"I hope I didn't hurt you too much." I whispered back, frowning slightly.

"Don't worry about it." He kissed my cheek. "Besides if anything has to cause me pain it might as well be your big, fat dick." I blushed at his crudeness.

"Sounds lovely to me."

"Hm, you look tired and you need your sleep for tomorrow."

"Yeah, sorry." I mumbled, moving my hand through his hair.

"Go to sleep, babe." And I did, slipping into peaceful dreams quickly.


Breakfast the next day was awkward to say the least. Shelley shot me death glares all throughout eating breakfast, indicating that, in spite of my efforts, she had heard us have sex. My father, of course, rambled on about how much he liked gays and kept knocking over stuff. My mom just rolled her eyes and was sweet. Kenny was his polite and cheery self, even responding to my dad's ridiculous questions such as:

"I'm thinking about redecorating the garage, maybe the two of you can help with that?"


"Do you like 'Will and Grace' or do you think it is too stereotypical?" All in all I was glad that we could leave. We spent the rest of the day just gaming a bit or hanging out in the park. Kenny tried to persuade me once more to have outdoor sex and we would have, if it weren't for the fact that we ran into Craig with Red, the two of them obviously on a date. Kenny walked with an odd limp from time to time and every time I looked at him as he walked funnily he grinned at me and winked. I smiled back and blushed.

At dinner I hardly ate and by the time we drove to the poker tournament I was already sick with nerves. It was just the two of us. Kyle had said he had 'an errand to run' and would come later. I didn't know what Clyde thought of of being called that way but I didn't question or complain, just having Kenny there was enough.

"Come on, babe. You can do this." Kenny whispered as I turned off the car on the parking lot in front of the building.

"I know! I just, I don't want to disappoint you, you know?" I whispered back, grabbing his hand. He squeezed back, looking at me with a slight grin.

"Disappoint me? Don't even think about it! Besides, it may even be better! Then we can have hot and steamy sex to compensate for you losing."

I laughed, tugging him towards me for a quick kiss.

"Is sex your answer to everything?" I said, as we unbuckled and got out.

"That depends on the question." He said, closing the door. "Oh no wait, it doesn't." He grinned.
Together we walked towards the building. It was a big casino bar type of thing: fancy looking but even from outside I could that the red carpets were a bit old and dusty. I could already see a lot of cars and bikes that were obviously of the other poker players: Token's expensive sedan, Cartman's rusty old thing, Clyde's and Kyle's bikes that were thrown against some gate.
Inside we were directed towards an area at the back of the building. Already some of my friends were sitting there, along with more people from the 'parks': The bulky, stupid lot from North Park, the intelligent little guys from West Park and us: not really anything more everything in between.

Token waived me over and I sat down next to him.

"Good you're here. Jason is in the bathroom so when he comes back we can start."

"What, already?" Clyde called nervously from across me. He had another hickey on his collarbone. I smiled when I saw it.

"Yes, scared about that, fat boy?" Some guy from North Park called. It was ironic how he was three times the size of Clyde. I knew he was baiting him. But Clyde knew that too, apparently.

"Why don't you shut your mouth, you fat tub of lard!"

"Gentlemen, please." Our dealer had arrived, standing near the table. "Are we all here?"

We all nodded.

"Good, then let's begin." The rules were explained to us once more, but I barely listened. My eyes drifted over the slight audience and saw how Kenny and Kyle were sitting side by side and grinning and waving at me. I knew Kyle was more waving at Clyde, who was already blushing and smiling softly. I turned my eyes towards the table in front of me again.

I tried to remain calm and confident as the cards were being dealt. I knew all the trick, all the tactics, knew my weak sides and my good sides. Now it was just all up to bringing that into practice.

I took a peak at my cards: 8 and a jack, both hearts. Not too bad. Around me, the other players did the same. Clyde nearly dropped his cards while he did so and the guys from West Park, tried to put on tremendous poker faces. I would have to try and see through them.

I grinned. This would be fun.

The guys from West Park, though they looked like skinny nerds were very adapt poker players. They knew how to keep their poker faces, were very quite in general and managed to work Jason out of the game quite soon. The North Park lot were very stereotypical, they hardly looked at their cards but instead, tried to get a rise out of us.

And they succeeded.

As one man, they had turned on Cartman. He had been oddly quite throughout the whole game. But once, his eyes had flickered up to the audience where Kyle was just whispering something into Kenny's ear. Who caught my eye and winked.
The North Park guys weren't stupid. They knew immediately what Cartman's look had meant and started to take advantage of it immediately.

"The red head distracting you, fattie?" One of them grumbled, sipping from his iced-tea. Cartman ignored him.

"Must be hard to have a crush on one of your friends." Another one tried. Cartman gripped his cigar tightly. Token shot me a warning glare. We were both holding our breaths, Cartman was like a slow, slumbering volcano.

"I do see what you like about him though." The first one said. "He looks like he's very good in taking it up the ass." It was said in a soft voice that somehow, managed to carry across the table quite easily. Both Clyde and Cartman blushed at that. Cartman was throwing in more and more chips, getting bolder with his anger. I decided to fold. The cards on the table were all clubs and it was impossible for me to get a good combination. Token folded as well. Cartman and Clyde kept playing however.

I could see that Cartman was white with rage, shooting angry looks at his cards. Clyde shifted uneasily but didn't say anything. They had to show their cards and the boys from North Park grinned in victory: Cartman had absolutely nothing. Their cards were very bad as well. The West Park guys had just watched on in silence, not bothering to make people angry but enjoying the handy work the others had done. There cards were by far the best.

I sighed in defeat when I realized we had lost that round. What was more: Cartman was out of chips already. We had lost one of our most competent poker players.

Until Clyde put his cards down onto the table.

"Full house." He said softly. Wait, what? When had Clyde became so good at this?

I saw nearly every guy at the table exchange surprised looks: Clyde's nerves had been an act. Cartman sighed and stood up. His whole stance and appearance radiated defeat.

"Congratulations, Clyde." He growled, turning away from the table. "You win."

And I knew he wasn't talking about poker anymore.

New cards were dealt as Cartman joined the others in the audience. I was more confident now. I had managed to see through a few of the guys from North Park: the worse their cards got, the more they started trash talking. The guys from West Park were harder to read: they were silent, didn't take any bait from the others and just played very cautiously. I'd need to lure them out, but I didn't know how.

But, like Wendy had once told me, the things you don't like in others are often the things you don't like in yourself. You could recognize yourself in others. And I had the feeling that the guys that had been baiting Cartman, could be baited in the same way.

Trash talking.

Should I try it? My eyes swept over the bulky guys in front of me. If it could take one of them out, then why not?

"So you like red heads, huh?" I said to the guy that had talked about fucking Kyle in the ass. "I wonder what your boyfriend thinks about that?"

A card was put onto the table. Two of a kind for me already.

"Pah!" The guy said. "I'm not gay! Besides what does your boyfriend think about that?"

Token folded, as well as the three guys from West Park.

"He doesn't mind." I said, stroking my chin. "As long as I invite them over for threesomes he's okay with it." Token and Clyde looked at me in shock. They knew I was a bad liar and now they were thinking: has he suddenly gotten good at lying or is he speaking the truth?

A new card is dealt on the table: a jack, worthless to me.

"So your a fag as well, aren't yah?" Angrily, he tossed another chip onto the table. I could see the guys from West Park exchange looks. The other North Park guys all folded: it was just the two of us left now.

Another card was dealt on the table: three of a kind.

"Takes one to know one." I said, sipping my coke. The last card was drawn: four of a kind for me.

"Well, maybe, but at least I don't get my ass kicked at poker." He put his cards down. He had two aces. His team mates wooped.

"Seems to me like you do." And I tossed my cards onto the table.

"Nice!" Clyde exclaimed.

"Let's take a short break." The dealer said. We all got up from the table. And a good thing too: I had a feeling I was about to get attacked anyway.

"Dude!" Kyle said as I joined him and Kenny. "You are really good at this! I didn't know that!"

"Thanks man." I grinned, catching Kenny's eyes with mine. "But did you see Clyde? He was really good as well."

"Yeah, he was." Kyle sighed, and his eyes shifted to Clyde, who was talking to Token. "Bathroom." Kyle muttered, and walked off.

Kenny walked up to me and hugged me, squeezing me to him.

"You. Were. Awesome!" He said slowly. "I'm so proud of you!" I grinned at him.

"Thanks, man. All because of you."

"Aw, aren't you cute!" he exclaimed, ruffling my hair. "I'll get you something to drink."

"Great! I have to go to the bathroom real quick." I walked away from the room, thinking about the game. I was now fourth of the nine that were left, not bad at all. It was great to play like this! It was a weird thing though: trash talking. I walked into the bathroom.

But it was quite another thing to walk in on your best friend making out with Clyde. But it seemed as if they hadn't even noticed me come in. Kyle was quite dominant, pressing the brunette against one of the sinks and cupping his face in his hands. Clyde, in turn, seemed to be enjoying that very much and submitted to it willingly. Suddenly, I got quite a clear image of what their sex life would be like. It was not an image I liked seeing in my mind's eye.

I could only do one thing: I cleared my throat loudly.

They jumped apart so hastily that Kyle nearly knocked his head against the hand dryer attached to the wall.

"Oh, uhm." Clyde said, grinning like a happy maniac with lips red from kissing.

"Clyde, dude! What are you doin-." Typical Kyle, trying to talk himself out of it.

"Cut it out man, I know you're dating Clyde."

"What! I would never do that!" Kyle tried.

"You wouldn't?" Clyde smirked with a crooked grin. "Liar."

"Erm." Kyle seemed really uncomfortable.

"It's okay, man. I knew. I found out a few weeks ago." I said, putting my hand on his shoulder.

"Really? How?"

"Well, maybe he caught the two of you somewhere public, since neither one of you are very good at keeping this a secret." Came Craig's stoic voice from one of the stalls.

"Oh my God! Craig!" Clyde appeared quite shocked as Craig stepped out of one of them, walking past him to wash his hands. It looked as if he was ignoring him, but I knew he wasn't really. When it came to his friends, Craig was a real softie.

"How long have you been in there?" Clyde demanded.

"That's not important." Craig said, fixing his hair in the mirror. I caught Kyle's eye, who looked kind of worried, so I sent him a reassuring smile. He grinned in response.

"What matters is that the two of you need to be more careful. I'm sick of finding the two of you making out by the locker rooms, in the park, on my couch..." Both Clyde and Kyle turned amazingly red.

"But then again." Craig continued. "Marsh needs to be a bit more careful as well." He fixed me with a dead glare in the mirror.

"Later bitches." He concluded before stalking out. Craig could be such an amazing drama queen that he rivaled Kyle in that aspect. Sometimes I wondered about him.

"Craig!" Clyde called, stumbling after him and slamming into the trashcan on his way out. "Craig, wait up!"

Kyle and I were left alone. He scratched the back of his neck and made a weird noise in the back of his throat.

"So." He tried.


"You knew?" He tried.

"I only just found out recently."

"Aha, okay."

Some silence.

"But you know I don't mind, right?" I added. I could see he was kind of freaked out about it.

"You don't?" He said with a relieved sigh. "Oh, Stan!" And he rushed forward to hug me.

"Dude!" I said weakly, but I patted him on the back nonetheless. "Really, it's okay."

"Stan, they want you ba-." Kenny stopped talking when he saw the two of us hugging in the bathroom. His bewildered blue eyes went from me to Kyle. A shock ran through me. He must think that I had just told Kyle perhaps.

"Oh, hey Kenny." Kyle said, moving away from me. He grinned, unsure.

"What's going on here? Did Stan tell you about-." I tried to shake my head and warn Kenny off, but I didn't need to.

"I'm gay!" Kyle interrupted, smiling brightly.

"What? Really?"

"Yes! And I'm dating Clyde!" He added, eyes shining with happiness.

"You should have told me!" Kenny said, moving closer. "Then Stan and I would have invited you over for a foursome!" He slapped my ass. I glared, Kyle laughed.

"So, you're cool with it?"

"Of course, dude!"

"Great! Oh man, I've gotta tell Clyde!"

And he ran off. I turned to Kenny and shook my head.

"A foursome? Really?"

"Aw, don't you like redheads and chubby brunettes?" He slung his arm around my shoulder and I pressed a quick kiss against his cheek.

"No, I prefer blonds." I murmured in his ear.

"Well, good. Because I'm not dying my hair for you." He kissed me back quickly. "Come on, they are starting again and they are wondering where you are."

In my hurry to get back I even forgot to go to the toilet. But all that was pushed aside as the cards were once again dealt and the game continued.

The guys from North Park were getting really on edge and started to try and lure the West Parkians out. But they didn't succeed. They were silent mostly and just played on. Their fierceness started to have its effect on the North Park guys and they started to play worse and worse. Soon, after a fantastic win by Clyde, there was only one left. Who was miserable and silent mostly. Whenever he did speak he tried to outwit us, but we ignored him mostly.

Only one guy from West Park had been forced to leave, the other three were like a silent wall in front of us. The silence was worse perhaps. Clyde couldn't handle it and started to get genuinely clumsy and careless. He went all in, and only had one king. Needless to say he was smashed by the other team, who had a straight.

Now, it was just Token and myself. I could tell he was nervous, but trying to hide it. I was too. We had to win, or we lost the game.

I had concentrated on finding out their tells. But it was difficult. One of them sometimes whistles a little tune, but that could easily be to put me off guard, the other one was silent throughout and the last one sometimes tapped his finger against his cards.

He did it again, when a 9 was dealt. I made a happy face, pretending to have a good hand with that card, though I didn't. I saw the silent guy looking at me steadily. The last card was dealt and we had to put our cards onto the table. The tapper had nothing.

I knew I had him then.

The next round was tense. I nearly started to sweat in nerves. It was too much! Token folded. As did the whistler. Now it was me against the tapper and the silent one.

I couldn't read the silent one at all. But I didn't have to. For this round I put my trust in my cards, I had a good hand and was well on my way to a full house.

The last card was dealt: no full house for me. Damn. I was anxious. The silent one raised. His teammate looked at his cards, seemingly in doubt. If he were to follow he would have to nearly go all in. I held my breath. It all depended on him. My cards were good, but not that good. He followed, pushing all his chips towards the center of the table. I looked in doubt at my chips. I would have very few left if I did the same.

But then.

He tapped his cards.

I pushed the fishes across the table, praying to all the Gods I had seen his tell correctly. And I had. He had nothing and a wailing sound escaped his mouth. He was out of chips and had to leave the table. I put my cards down and so did the silent one. I had won! Oh dear, that felt really good. He nodded at me in congratulations as the dealer grabbed our cards again.

I could hear Kenny and Kyle cheering from the audience. Cartman sat sulking next to them.

The next round was even more tense. Token went all in and I could tell he was desperate to win. The tapper joined in, but I had already folded in the first round. The silent one just looked at his cards and then went all in as well. Sweet Lord. All of them all in. Only one of them would win, and I would have to play against him.

Token put his cards down first: 3 of a kind. Not bad.

The tapper put his cards down with a groan: ace high. He lost.

Everybody turned to the silent one. He didn't smile, didn't smirk but just put his cards down onto the table. I already knew what I was about to see there. And certainly: he had won.

Token and the tapper got up from the table. Token clapped me on the back and leaned in to whisper in my ear:

"Good luck."

"Thanks." I murmured back.

Once again the cards were dealt and there was complete silence around us. Just the two of us left. It all come down to me now: to win and defend our honor: a big responsibility.

I faked a happy expression as I looked at my cards, but I didn't even have to. Two aces, always good! The other one didn't as much as look at me but kept looking at his cards. But he raised, tripling his pile of chips on the table. I followed. The first card was dealt on the table: a nine.

He raised again. I hesitated, he was too eager. It was clear he wanted to draw me out.

"Come on, Stan!" Kenny shouted from the audience, cupping his hands around his mouth. I grinned at Kenny but the dealer was less charmed with his.

"Please be silent or you'll be asked to leave." He said in a clear voice. I looked back at my cards. Two aces. To hell with it. I followed, putting my chips on the table.

Another card was dealt: a king. The silent boy caught my eye, then his eyes moved back to the audience, to Kenny, and then back to me. He smiled.

I blushed a furious red: he was onto me! And he was trying to draw me out! I ignored him for the time being, focusing on my cards.

This time I raised. He followed without thinking apparently. The last cards were dealt and it didn't look good for me: The only thing I had were the two aces in my hand. I went all in.

The audience gasped but the silent boy was less impressed. He joined me.

"Okay, gentlemen, let's see your cards." I put mine down, holding my breath.

"Well played." It was the first time the silent boy spoke. He put down his cards. "But I win."

All tension and stress seeped out of my body. I had lost. The West Park guys rushed back in to congratulate him on his winning. We stood up and shook hands. He smiled at me and I smiled back. No, losing from this guy wasn't bad. He was a good player, better than the rest of us. It was okay. The tapper came up to him and hugged him. Tentatively the silent boy hugged back, seemingly uncomfortable with the hug. But I understood why, he had known Kenny wasn't just a guy in the audience and this wasn't just a teammate. At least not to him.

I turned towards the audience that was going wild.

"What a game! Dude!" Token said.

"WE BEAT YOU, YOU SUCKERS!" Cartman yelled towards the North Park guys. I left the gaming area and Kyle and Kenny walked up to me and Kyle pulled me in for a hug.

"Congratulations dude, you were really, really good!" We grinned at each other, both happy.

"It's a shame you didn't win, but at least you came in second! That is awesome!"

Then I turned to Kenny, his grin may have been the widest of them all. His wild blonde hair looking more inviting than ever and blue eyes sparkling. I threw my arms around his shoulder, pulling him in closer.

"I never would have been so good if it weren't for you." His hands landed on my hips.

He murmured back. "For you: anything." I leaned in and kissed him on the mouth. And not a small kiss either. I pressed my lips to his eagerly, fully enjoying their softness. Kenny loved it when I initiated things and he used it to his full advantage, sliding his mouth over mine and deepening the kiss. My hands tangled in his wild, blonde hair and his hands slid down to grab my ass. I heard some whistling behind me and then some guys cat-calling and clapping. We broke our kiss.

My eyes met Kyle's who was still standing next to us. A bewildered expression on his face.

Kenny wiped his mouth with a lot of dramatic flourish. "Oops."

"Oh, God." Kyle croaked. "A blonde girl with whorish tendencies."

"Well, that's not very nice." Kenny frowned.

"So you weren't joking about that foursome." Kyle managed in a small voice.

"I wasn't." Kenny said. "But Stan doesn't want to."

Kyle looked at me and for the first time in our lives I couldn't read him at all.

"You said I would like this girl friend of yours." My stomach dropped.

"Ah, yes because I thought that-."

"Well, you're wrong." Kyle said in a tight voice. "Because I love him. C'mere dude!" He yelled, grabbing Kenny and hugging him.

"The two of you must be so hot together." Kyle said with a laugh.

"Definitely." Kenny said grinning. "You should join us sometimes."

"Kenny!" I slapped his head.

"Well, well." I heard behind me. I turned around: Cartman, Craig and Token were all looking at us.

"So it's finally over, all these stupid secrets?" Craig dead panned.

"Oh my God! Is everybody gay here?!" Cartman yelled.

"Seems that way." Craig stated. "There's only me and Token left now who are straight."

"Damn you Craig! I'm not gay!"

Token laughed and walked up to us.

"I knew Kenny teaching you poker would cause weird things to happen." He grinned. "They have a roof garden, let's go up there." And that was that, seemingly. Token led the way as we moved up the stairs. Meanwhile Kyle was demanding every damn detail about how Kenny and I got together. The roof garden was truly splendid, giving us a fantastic view of the surrounding mountains and the town spread out under us.

"But how about you two?" I said, indicating to Clyde, who was talking to Craig.

"Ah yes." Kyle grinned a bit. "I figured he was gay a long time ago but that he was too stubborn to see it. But when he started dating Wendy I knew I had to do something about it. So I did."

"Oh, I bet you did." Kenny grinned, making a very vivid blowjob movement with his hands. The other poker players were joining us on the roof as well, I recognized the silent boy and nodded at him. He nodded back.

Kenny saw me looking at him.

"He was good, wasn't he?"

"Yes, he was clearly the best poker player there. He deserved to win." The three of us watched as the tapper walked up to the silent boy, offering him a drink. A small smile spread across his face.

"Do you see what I'm seeing?" Kyle said, unsure. "No never mind."

"You mean his little companian?" Kenny said.

"What?" I said bewildered. "You mean companion?"

"No, I meant companian. A companion you see as something more, like halfway between a friend and a lover."

"I'm pretty sure you're making this word up." Kyle mumbled.

"No I'm not." Kenny said, throwing an arm around me. "It's just like Stan here, he was my buddy, my friend, my companion. But just a little different after a while and then later he became my boyfriend." His face broke into a grin and I knew what was coming next:

"Who I fucked senseless anytime I-."

"I'm going to see Clyde." Kyle interrupted. Kenny and I laughed. I leaned against Kenny, enjoying his warmth his love and not minding in the slightest that I had come second in the tournament. As a matter of fact, I was rather proud of it. I watched our shadows, stretched out before us. We looked good together.

"You were really awesome." He whispered in my ear. "Still are, as a matter of fact."

"Thanks." I kissed him, love overflowing me and I knew he felt the same. "So are you."

And we kissed again, the sun setting gloriously behind us.


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