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Chapter one-Christine's POV

I didn't want to open my eyes. If I opened my eyes I couldn't pretend it was a dream. If I opened my eyes, I would realise it was not a nightmare, but real life. If I opened my eyes they would hurt me again. Oh where was my Papa? I hurt all over, but I wouldn't open my eyes, my back was throbbing, the ground beneath me, was cold, hard and wet. I just wanted to be in my bed, in my warm bed, with my Papa beside me, reading me to sleep. I was so cold. My dress was soaked to the skin, shaking all over. I hurt so much. There was a sudden jolt, my body rolling over through the wet, but still I kept my eyes closed. The movement beneath me stopped. Then the voices began again, they made me tremble and shake, made me want to be sick. I couldn't understand them, it was a strange fast tongue, I had never heard it before. It was harsh and cold. Just like the voices I imagined the bad characters from the story books would have. The voices continued, then I felt a presence, a large, menacing presence.

'Do you speak English?' The voice was ugly and bellowing, making the English language sound like poison. I covered my ears, pulling my knees to my chin, my eyes clamped shut. If I opened my eyes I would see a monster. I didn't want to answer. I didn't know much English, my native language was French, but I knew some.

'I said do you speak English?' The voice roared now, I shook, the steps came towards me now, I felt the floor beneath me be weighed down slightly, but the monsters great presence. I scrambled backward, my eyes still clamped shut, I needed to get away. Oh where was Papa? I felt my back hit something cold. I spun, my heart thumping, I reached my hand forward slightly, feeling what was around me what was trapping me. My fingers touched something cold, as I panicked I had to get away. I had to. My eyes were still closed. I didn't want to see. No, I never wanted to look again. I never wanted to see the darkness; I didn't want to see what was happening. Then I felt my hair be grabbed, I screamed, thrashing out wildly as I was dragged through the wet floor. I reached blindly for the bars.

'Little bitch answer me!' I was shook by rough hands. I needed to get away. I sobbed and screamed, I ached all over, the rough hands lifting me up off the floor. I twisted and screamed again, as the nails dug into my arms making me scream out loud.

'Where is my Papa?' I sobbed, why had Papa not saved me? Where was he? What was this man going to do to me, his hands held me so tightly I was sobbing. I wanted Papa to save me, for him to come and save me from the darkness, to stop this pain. I felt the hands get tighter on me.

'Papa!' I screamed he had to save me. He had to! I would die otherwise. I could see his face through my clamped shut eyes, my Papa's warm navy eyes, and his big happy smile. I wanted to reach it; I wanted to be in his arms, his safe warm arms. I felt a quick movement, then I screamed as I realised my face was stuck by a large hand I fell to the floor, the wet floor. Oh it was horrible, so horrible.

'Papa! Papa, please, save me!' I screamed. Where was my Papa? Why wasn't he here. Why wasn't he saving me! I was grabbed again, my feet dangling, I kicked them wildly desperately trying to kick or hit something.

'Listen here! Now listen. You are our property now. Your Papa, is no more. He is gone. You will belong to the Shah of Persia. You will be his. His little prize. He wanted a little girl, a pretty white girl. Well now he's got one.' I was flung back to the floor, where I sobbed wildly; I heard the metal slam and the turning of a key. I was trapped and locked in now. I still didn't open my eyes. No, I couldn't. I was so cold now, I pulled my knees to my chin, my teeth were chattering, my tears stung my cheeks. I had never felt this before. I was so alone, so confused and so scared. Where was I going? What was Persia? Where was Papa? I didn't understand what was going to happen. But I was so scared, as I huddled in the corner, crying with my eyes shut, rocking myself against the cold as I sobbed for my Papa.

My mind went onto a blackness, little stars danced in front of my eyes, like pretty little candle lights. I always loved the stars, Papa used to take me to the paddock and we would lay in the long grass and gaze at the little silver faces that looked back at us. But that had all changed now, all around me was noise, chaos, banging of metal, scratching of wood and the barking of dogs. They were all sharp, wretched noises, mean and cruel, making me cover my ears and sob. I breathed in deeply as I lay, my back feeling as though it had been stamped on, my eyes were still clamped shut. This was a dream, yes all a nightmare, and Papa would be with me soon. I felt my tummy go funny at the thought of Papa, I needed him so much. I would see him soon I was sure, he would save me, I would be laying here with my eyes shut and then Id feel his big, strong arms around me, then I'd be safe. He would tell off the nasty, cruel men and we would go back to our home, our beautiful home. I sighed, my tummy growled uncomfortably, I was so hungry. The movement of the barred room I was in made me want to vomit, it was like being aboard a ship, but not only that it was the smell, oh gosh, it was so awful. It was a hot smell, of urine, meat, blood, sweat and tin, Oh I wished to be sick every time I breathed in, every time I took a gasping breath the disgustingness would pour down my nose like a filthy liquid. I rolled over slightly, I was shivering, my knees pulled to my chest, the straw beneath me was soaked, and smelt awfully, but it was warm I nestled into it as much as I could, trying to get away from the freezing cold.

I didnt understand, why was this nightmare lasting so long? Why hadn't I woken up yet? I pinched my arm, until I winced and tears fell down my stinging face, but still I didn't wake. I turned over and sobbed into my arms, I hurt everywhere. I had never hurt so bad before, my lip felt like it was going to burst and my nose was throbbing. I just wanted my nice warm bed and Papa's story's. I stopped crying at the thought of Papa's stories. He would sit beside my bed every night and tell me my favourite story, even though I was fifteen, I would still beg him to tell it to me and tuck me into bed. It was the story of the angel of music, the angel that only visited very talented and very good musicians and singers, he would guide them, he would teach them and make them the very best, and help them sound like an angel. Papa promised me that one day the angel of music would visit me, that he would help me. This would always make me smile, I wished every night since I was about seven years old for the angel to come to me, to teach me to sing. But he hadn't come. I still prayed, as Papa said he must have been a very busy angel, so I didn't mind. I must of drifted into another dream because suddenly I wasn't in the dirty straw anymore but flying in the stars with my Papa, as we searched for the angel of music. It was beautiful. But then I felt a sharp pain, it made me cry out as the side of my face was hit with something sharp, I kept my eyes shut, my heart racing as I scrambled away from where the object came from, but as I moved I was hit again and again in the face with tiny little objects, they hurt so much, like little knives. I sobbed and threw myself to the floor, covering my face, but the pain now moved to my back. I heard laughter all around me as I screamed and cried into my arms.

'Please stop!' I begged whoever it was doing this, I was pelted again with the sharpness, I sobbed even louder. Oh surely now Papa would save me, and make this end. The laughter got louder.

'Oh it talks too!' Said a boys voice. 'Never seen one like 'er before. Watch her squirm if you hit her.' His voice was disgusting, so dirty and cruel; it reminded me of the floor I was lying on. The laughter got louder. Then it all stopped. There was a crack of a whip, and all the laughing stopped, I heard footsteps run away. My heart gave a leap, perhaps it was Papa! Perhaps he had come to save me.

'Papa?' I cried, not opening my eyes, I sat up slightly as I heard the bars open. 'Papa?'

The cage moved suddenly, and there was a crack with the whip, though it didn't touch me, I whimpered.

'It is not your Papa!' The voice was of the first man who came to me, this voice made me cry, it was like a punishment of its own. It was as if my ears were being ripped at, so mean and bellowing. 'Now we are going to Persia. There the Shah will want too...inspect you. Now, he's paying me a pretty penny for you. So you need to clean up. They tell me you won't open your eyes.' I was shaking all over, but I dared not move. If I moved the voice would kill me, it was coiled like a snake, ready to strike. I shook my head, my eyes clamping shut further. He wouldn't open them!

'No! No I won't open them.' I whimpered, he cursed, and I scrambled back as I felt him move towards me, my back hit the bars, and I realised the cage was surrounded now, voices filled the air around me, they sounded panicked, some laughed, others jeered. I turned my head frantically, the voices all around me, confusing me; I didn't know what to do! Which voice did I listen to? None of them sounded kind, or peaceful, or wanting to help me. I covered my ears, praying for Papa. But then the next moment I felt a freezing cold piece of metal shoved against my cheek, and my arms be ripped from my sides. The metal pressed further into my cheek, I screamed and thrashed, but couldn't move, the angry voices started laughing again now.

'Open your eyes, or I will cut them out.' The voice bellowed, I moved my face away.

'No!' I screamed again, the blade cutting deeper into my cheek.

I couldn't open my eyes, if I did it wouldn't be a night mare it would be real! It couldn't be real! No! It couldn't. The blade went deeper into my cheek, I screamed again, as the voice bellowed and the laughing got louder. Where, oh where was Papa?

'Open them, or I will cut them out!' The voice bellowed into my face, the blade moved from my cheek and hover over my eyes, I could feel its coolness, as I thrashed away. Papa would com, surely he would. The people around the cage, began to chant, I couldn't understand, I didn't want to understand what they were jeering, where had they come from. I didn't know. Oh Papa, why hadn't he saved me? Why hadn't I woken up yet? Why? Why? Why?

'That's it!' The chanting was louder now like a wild fire hot and consuming, as the man bellowed into my face, I scrambled away, my back hitting the bars, and his large hand grabbing my hair and dragging me forward. I screamed.

'Last chance open them now or I'll cut them out.' I screamed and panted, tears rolling from my closed eyes. Why hadn't Papa saved me? I didn't understand, why I wasn't waking up. My heart was racing, I didn't want to open my eyes, but I knew I had to. I felt the blade come close now, the rough hands wrap around my neck and squeezed tight. I didn't want to do this, no. I didn't want to open them, it was all a dream! A bad dream! The hands got tighter around my neck, my head was throbbing and I could no longer breathe. Then I felt the blade run around my eye, just enough pressure to make me wince, Papa hadn't come he hadn't saved me. My heart was racing, the feeling in my body was like a weight, I couldn't lift it off, everything hurt, everything was dark and heavy. I pulled my eyes open slightly, and felt the pressure of the blade be removed. I screamed and my eyes flew open, as I jumped back. A hundred pairs of eyes looked at me, all glaring, looking through the bars. It was a giant cage, I was like a caged animal. I looked down, the floor was covered in mud and the straw so dirty it wasn't yellow. I scrambled back, my legs shaking; my arms were scratched and bruised t a pint where my skin was almost unrecognisable. My knees were sliced open, I gasped, and backed away, hitting the bar, I spun around and saw the eyes looking up at me, the people around the cage all looked the same small, black hair, brown eyes and olive skinned. I began to sob, why was I here? Where was here. I backed up until I hit something big. I spun and there was the hugest and most revolting man I had ever seen, his hair was to his shoulders and greasy, his teeth yellow and missing, his eyes, oh his eyes were yellow too, the whites of them blood shot, his stomach expense was huge, and in his fat hands he held a long whip. I screamed, this had to be a nightmare! He was a vision of terror! I went to scramble away, but hit the bars, the people watching laughed.

'Let me go!' I screamed up at the man that loomed over me now, he shook his greasy hair.

'Look, shut up, you are my responsibility until tonight. Then your the Shah's. Persia will be your new home, scream at him all you like. But do it again to me and Ill knock your teeth in. Understood.' He said softly, but each word held so much venom, a fresh wave of tears fell down my abused and bloody cheeks. I drew my knees to my chin, and began to rock.

'Who-who is Shah?' I whimpered, I wanted to know, who was this person, who owned me now? I didn't understand, I belonged to no one. I was not a horse, I belonged to Papa.

'He is your new master. He is the king of Persia.' The man snapped, swishing the ship making me trembles, most of the faces had left the bars now, but I shook, I didn't want to be alone with him.

'P-Persia?' I whimpered, what was this place? I had never heard of it. I felt my arm be pulled up roughly, my feet didn't even touch the floor as I was dragged to the front of the cage. The man pointed with a finger out the cage, I gasped and realised were on top of a hill of some sort, it looked down onto a sandy climate, rows and rows of square orangey coloured houses, rows upon rows as far as I could see, the back drop was tall and vicious looking mountains, they looked so strange behind the sandy, yellow and orange face. The area was so large, it looked never ending, like a labyrinth beneath the dawn.

'That is your new home.' The man beside me said with a sickening smile on his face. My heart was racing so fast, my breath coming out in giant sobs, making my ribs ache. The way he seemed to satisfied by this made me vomit down my hands, I fell to my knees. It was all too much, the laughing, the stench, the pain, the fear.

'They call it the city of pain. The Shah is the ruler, he likes to be entertained and you are his new toy. Get ready little girl, your time is now.' The man snarled with a laugh, then left.

I was on my knees shaking, my eyes shut again now, blocking out the thoughts. My heart was racing, I clutched my knees to my chest, my sobs hurting me now, my ribs bursting. Sick down my chin. What was going to happen to me? I didn't understand, this place sounded awful. It sounded like a living hell, it looked awful, and sounded awful. I trembled at the thought who was this new master, what was I to do? I didn't want to be in chains, I didn't want to be controlled. I began to panic, I had to get away. I needed to leave here. I needed to get away. There was a rumble from the heavens, the heavy grey dawn opening itself, and the rain poured, I huddled myself closer into my body. I closed my eyes tightly, shivering against the rain, the bitter rain and now howling wind. I shuffled to the bars, and was certain I heard a voice among the wind and rain. I jumped up, I knew that voice.

'Papa?' I screamed, nearly being blown back off my feet by the savage wind. The rain smacking my bleeding cheeks stinging and smudge, the voice was there, just there, I could almost touch it. I followed it, as it called me, I don't know what he was saying, but I was sure it was Papa. I called for him again and again, until my throat hurt, the rain blinding me, as I reached for his voice. The wind whipped me, I ran and hit the bars, I forgot they were there. M heart raced as my Papa's voice could no longer be heard. I screamed after it, begging him not to leave me. But the wind died down and so did his voice.

I collapsed on the floor, pain shooting through me, I was so cold and wet, my face stung, as it bled. I was so confused, why was I here? Where was Papa? I didn't understand, and when I tried to remember it made my head ache. I sobbed into the floor, too exhausted to shed tears, I simply trembled in fear, realising that this was not a nightmare, or a dream, but this was real life. I wasn't going to wake up and be in my warm bed. I choked on my tears, this was it now. I was stuck in a nightmare, but I would never wake up.

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