"Push Jaque! You have to push!" A voice shouted over the screams of the woman clearly in pain, "You have to push now."

Jaquelyn, Luna, you must push. I know you are tired, but you are almost there. Fane, her mate, spoke through their bond. It had a calming effect on Jaque as the pain of childbirth rolled through her body. Her best friend's, Sally and Jen, were right there with her, holding her hand. Her pack's healer, Rachel, was the one yelling at her to push. This new pup was to be the new heir, and princess, to the Romanian pack. Jen had told Jaque all about being a mother, since her daughter was about three years old now. They had all talked about their children being best friends, and Sally's child wasn't far behind Jaque's.

Another scream of agony rocked through Jaque's room as Fane held her head in his lap. He stroked her hair, whispering words to her that Jaque could not hear herself. But she knew she had to push, her daughter was almost here.

"That's it Jaque! I can see her head. One more big push!" At Rachel's words, Jaque pushed to get the baby out, and as soon as she heard the cries and screams of her daughter, Jaque fell back against her mate's chest, breathing and sweating hard. Fane grinned with pure pride and joy, a tear slipping from his eye as he cut the cord and placed the baby girl in his wife's arms. The baby girl had dark auburn hair – a mix of the bright red hair of her mother, and dark hair of her father – and as she opened her eyes, the new life exposed eyes that were an intense teal – another mix of emerald green and sapphire blue eyes from her parents.

As Jaque stared down at the child in her arms, tears of joy fell from her eyes as she stroked the baby's face, "Welcome to the world Artemis," Jaque held her daughter close as Fane grinned ear to ear.

"How fitting. You named your daughter after a Moon Goddess," Jen grinned at her friend. As they gave their warmest wishes to their friend, they had to unfortunately go back to their pack – the Serbian Pack, but not before Jen introduced her daughter to her new friend. Decebel, Alpha to the Serbian Pack and mate to Jennifer Adams, came and congratulated Fane and Jaque, followed by Costin, Beta to Decebel and mate to Sally Morgan.

After they said their goodbyes, Jaque rocked her daughter to sleep, with Fane lying next to them, his smile never waving, "Artemis… I absolutely love her name, My Luna," he spoke softly to his mate, his Alpha, "I just hope the pack loves her just as much, and protects her," Jaque stated as she rocked the baby. That was when Fane's smile faltered a little, "What's going to happen when she finds her mate?" Before he could turn all protective father before their baby was even an hour old, Jaque turned her striking green eyes to her mate, "You will accept him because she will not only make him whole, but he will make her whole as well."

"And that would be why you are Alpha Female of the largest Gray Wolf pack," Fane grinned and kissed Artemis on the forehead first before kissing Jaque, "You need some sleep, love, why don't you let me watch her for a bit?" Nodding reluctantly, Jaque handed the baby girl over and laid back in her bed. Rachel made sure the bed was cleaned up so that she could rest as soon as she wanted.

I love you Fane. Thank you for giving the most amazing gift in the world. Jaque spoke softly through their bond. Fane smiled and kissed her gently before Jaquelyn fell into a deep sleep. No one would know how special Artemis was until she phased for the first time.