Multiversing with Harems

Summary: Crack-Fic with a serious undertone first and foremost. Naruto Uzumaki has a pairing per story in all of fanfiction-net. What if the daughters of those pairings decided to convince the Canon Naruto to marry their Canon mother's counterparts? Not to be taken seriously. 'Gender-bending' implied with the characters. Light-Hearted.

Chapter One

Naruto Uzumaki, age sixteen, was walking through Konohagakure no Sato with a bright smile on his face. The sun was high in the sky, the birds chirped, and he had brought home Sasuke and ended the shinobi war. Everything was fine and peace had finally descended on the shinobi world. As he walked towards Ichiraku ramen, blond twin-tails caught his attention.

More than just blond twin-tails, it was the heartwarming and soul melting gaze of a cute eight years old girl with whisker marks, staring with her bright blue eyes around and looking lost. She was probably already on the verge of crying, and just to add to her 'Kawai-ness' she even held a stuffed fox within her arms.

He just couldn't resist.

He smiled brightly as he jumped closer to her.

"Are you lost 'ttebayo?"

The next instant, the girl turned around and smiled brightly. He always had that effect on kids: he was the hero of the shinobi war, the defeater of Pain, the bringer of peace in the world…


The girl's father...



The blond missile had already pounced on him however, tightly grabbing a hold of his chest and snuggling against it as if her life depended on it.

"Daddy I found you!" the girl brightly exclaimed, her eyes shining and her smile blinding.

"Ehm, ahah…are you…sure?" he chuckled nervously. The girl did hold some sort of resemblance to his old perverted Henge, but he was sure one of his clones would have warned him…if he ever actually remembered one of them being able to get pregnant.

Not that he had tried.

It…it was just not done.

How much of a narcissist one had to be to do something like that?

"Where's mommy?" the girl asked, "Did you two fight again?"

"I don't think—" but he was cut short as a heavy stone hit him on the back of the head, sending him sprawling on the ground.

"Hentai!" A female and raucous voice exclaimed, pointing at him. "Let go of my sister, you perverted pedophile!"

He flinched as he placed his left hand over the bump that was slowly inflaming and forming on the back of his head. As he turned around to say something to the girl he stopped dead short.

There was a raven haired beauty, with a tall and feminine frame and a Konohagakure forehead protector. Sporting a one-tomoe sharingan and a pair of whisker marks, the figure was some sort of mish-mash of both his and…and Sasuke's features. He suddenly felt dirty within. He didn't know why, but the sheer image was enough to make him die inside, completely and utterly without any chance of survival of whatever.

The girl looked at him for a moment before suddenly deactivating her sharingan, to reveal blue eyes. The gaze went down immediately, as with a flustered and embarrassed tone she began to speak.

"Ah…I'm…I'm sorry, Otou-sama. It won't…It won't happen again."


The civilian crowd of Konoha didn't even stop to look at what was going on. They were used to Sakura actually hitting him once a day, so it was to no surprise that even the call of 'pedophile' got little more than a casual glance in his direction.

"Onee-sama! She's sorry dad, really: don't punish her." A squeaky voice remarked from his side. He froze on the spot, he didn't want to turn, because if he did and he saw what he believed he was seeing, he didn't guarantee for his sanity.

He turned in the end and looked.

There was an extremely red, extremely embarrassed, extremely tiny and precocious girl with purple hair and blue eyes, wearing a fishnet shirt and an extremely short skirt that she seemed to be pushing down as much as possible to cover herself. She had whisker marks on her face, albeit there were light scars on them, as if somebody had meticulously tried to grate them away.

She too was sporting a forehead protector of Konohagakure, but this one appeared to have been badly treated.

The last voice he heard came from up above, leaned against the walls of the nearby building. He sighed in relief; the tell-tale silver shine of the hair could only belong to Kakashi-sensei. The man would know what to do. The next moment, the silver-haired shinobi, whom the glare of the sun had prevented him from seeing in full, fell down behind him and wrapped its arms around his neck.

He froze once more.

A sultry, clearly female, voice whispered to his ears.

"Dad, I missed you so much…" And the twin flesh mounds that seemed to rival Tsunade's that pressed against his back? Those too were too much to handle.

His brain decided there and then, as the pig-tailed blond-haired child pouted and whined about being held a bit too tightly, that a shutdown was imminent and needed.

Not only that, but that he would never —ever— look at Kakashi-sensei or Sasuke ever again.

In any way.

Or form.

Or type.

Author's notes

This crack-fic came to me in a moment of 'mind walking around and smoking stuff'.

We have canon Naruto.

He suddenly ends up on the receiving end of his daughters from other universes…universes where things are different and where the 'males' are somehow 'females'. I personally shudder. Naruto shudders too.

This isn't to be taken seriously. The number of words per chapter will probably be a dead give-away.

This also warns my fair readers that a more serious Naruto story is cooking in the oven. The one coming isn't OC at all, but that's as much as I'm going to say for the moment.

Take 'this' story light-heartedly, but with a pinch of salt. Remember who is writing.