Multiversing with Harems

Chapter Eleven.

He slowly opened the door of his apartment, readying himself to leave, when a thick smell of smoke reached his nose. He blinked as he saw a raven haired girl, the hair short and spiky, looking at him with a cigarette in her mouth. She seemed to be wearing a long sleeved black shirt, with a Jounin vest. Her Kyuubi-induced whiskers were coupled with bright blue eyes.

"Yo pops," she began calmly. "I'm Nasuma."

"Smoke is bad for your health," he quipped in. The next instant, his left hand shot up to dodge an incoming soccer ball, that apparently came at him with quite the bit of speed.

"Hey dad! Want to play!?" a blond haired girl that strongly resembled Ino, albeit with a more tomboyish appearance, spoke from the side of the floor. "I'm Narino by the way!"

He took a deep breath. Naruto could do this. If there was one thing Narama had done, it was to open his eyes. He just had to accept them as his daughters, trying at least not to run away when he heard their names and deduced who they were the daughters of. He bounced the ball with his right foot and then his left one, before kicking it gently back.

"All right!" he exclaimed, before turning to Nasuma. "Want to play too?"

"Please," Nasuma remarked rolling her eyes. "I'm a Jounin, not a brat."

Naruto swiftly grabbed the cigarette from the girl's mouth. "And I'm your father: no smoking!"

Nasuma's eyebrow twitched before she moved her hand to her breast-pocket. She tapped it slightly once, twice, and then turned a murderous stare to where her father was heading off with Narino.

"Give me my cigarettes back!" she screamed as she dashed behind him.

"Catch us if you can, Jounin-girl!" Naruto laughed out loud as he grabbed Narino by the waist and began to run through Konoha, the other young daughter screaming in delight as they passed through the population.

They stopped near an empty training ground, where a river was lazily running its course. On a nearby hill, a deer was apparently enjoying its nap. It took Naruto a moment while narrowing his eyes to realize it wasn't a deer, but a girl in a deer pajama.

"That's Nakamaru," Narino muttered. "She's sleeping as always."

"Where's…" Naruto's words were cut off, when the stream near them suddenly exploded to reveal a blue armored girl stepping through. She had silver-grey hair and three red gashes per side on her face, rather than whisker marks. Her armor seemed to increase the size of her breasts, as they were apparently the only thing the blue plates didn't cover. The symbol of the Senju clan stood proudly on her shoulder-guards, and her eyes were the clearest of blue colors.

Naruto actually stared at the girl for a moment, lost in thought.

Could it be Naku? No, Haku never had plate-mail.

The figure looked sort of familiar, but he had never seen it before.

He blinked for a moment, before looking quietly to the Hokage Mountain.

Then he looked back at the figure.

Then back at the mountain.

Then back at the woman who was now unsheathing the Raijin from her sides.

"My only regret in the world," the girl spoke calmly. "Is that I have a pervert as a father." Her speech was old fashioned, but as she a single one-hand symbol, water dragons sprouted from behind her to charge at him.


Naruto dodged, his mind starting to overload. He would hold his ground however. This time he wouldn't run. There was just…well, he was sincerely scared but…he could manage this, most definitively.

"Stop honorable sister!" another voice rose as a set of giant trees appeared to block the water dragons. Clad in red plated armor, a dark haired girl with a similar armor position as the other appeared. Her eyes were blue too, and instead of the red marks she held the whisker ones normally. She also seemed to sport a sword on her back. "I will not let you lay a hand on our esteemed father, for I am Nashirama!"

Naruto could feel his stomach churning out his breakfast quickly. He could feel the vomit rise to his throat, but he held it there, menacing to explode outside but still holding it.

He could resist the urge to run.

He could do it. They were his daughters and he was sure he could come to love them as—

A mane of red hair caught his gaze, as a girl extremely similar to Nashina barged on the confrontation. "Stop!" she screamed, "I am Nato and I say we can all get along! Do not let power bring forth…"

Wait, wasn't Mito the name of his Uzumaki grandmother?

IT was enough.

He barfed as his throat screamed; apparently generating some sort of propulsion system he wasn't aware of.

The 'barf'-jutsu flung him away from the confrontation, covering in vomit the 'contestants' as he launched himself through the air and out of reach.

Nato slowly brought her hand to her hair.

She removed a half-digested noodle and let it drop on the ground.

She turned to look at where her father had gone and then, calmly palming one of her hair-sticks, she said.


And Naruto, meanwhile, was starting to think that maybe he could transfer over to the land of Spring.

Nobody would look for him there, right?

Author's notes

Tobirama. Hashirama. Mito.

Terrible Three.

Plus the Nasuma and the two already seen girls of before…

Even a father's love has limits.