Multiversing with Harems

Chapter Seventeen

"We're screwed," Naruto remarked calmly, as he looked at his reflection in the mirror. "It's the chapter. THE. Chapter."

"Huh?" his reflection mock-mirrored. "What's up with it?"

"Over seventy possible pairings, with gender-bending implied too. What else? What could possibly be worse?"

"Well, you know they were screaming about assaulting other universes."

"Yeah but…I mean, wouldn't it get old and stale?"

"You're right I suppose. But they're screaming for it!"

"And what? Should we just go down without a fight!?"

"No! You're right! We haven't become mad and ended up talking to ourselves only because we don't want to face the Harsh Truth! In the midst of the Shinobi world, we are our own—"

Naruto was about to complete that sentence, when a fist slammed him to the side of the small hiding hole he had carved for himself. "Don't do that imbecile! They want other universes, not other versions of the same Naruto!"

"Ouch," in front of him, a female clone of himself stood with her hands crossed over her chest and a huff of displeasure. "Let me guess…Naruko, right?"

"Yes father," she nodded with a smile.

"And you can't do that!" she added hastily. "Otherwise we'd be double…no, triple times screwed per one thousand! You can't bring variations of the same universe to life! Please, don't!"

"What's the worst that could happen?" he remarked.


"YOH!" another Naruko barged in, holding a strange golden symbol for dollar on its plentiful chest. "We've got to get some dough pops! We're going to the disco tonight!"

"Excuse me," a polite student-dressed Naruko appeared from another corner, "but father wants to study with me, and help me make Professor Kakashi proud of my marks on the upcoming tests."

"NO!" a sword-chainsaw wielding Naruko barged in, clad in a heavy Space Marine armor. "We have to slaughter the Xenos today!"

"Wait a moment!" A wand-wielding Naruko appeared with black robes covering her luscious curves. "Father's going to teach me the Wingardium Leviosa!"

"Help me daddy," a small voice whispered next to him. He turned just in time to watch as a fairy-sized Naruko was trying to escape from the grip of another equally small sized Naruko. "We've got to reach the Island that Isn't and help Peter Pan!"

"NO! Daddy has to grind levels in Alfheim!"

"Wait right there you lot!" another Naruko joined in on the carnage. This one was wearing a tight latex-looking black suit with a white spider etched on the front. "He's saving crime with me!"

"Saving crime?" a cape-wielding Naruko materialized, wearing gauntlets and what-not. "He's helping Bat-Girl, who clearly isn't his wonderful daughter, fight crime in Gotham!"

"Ehi now! He belongs to the Teen Titans!" a red haired Naruko appeared. "He fights with us against the evil—"

"No he's—"

"Listen here—"

"And that's why no multiversions of the same thing can exist father," the Vanilla Naruko remarked as she was hastily bringing Naruto away from the devolving chaos.

"So…no crossing over?" he replied calmly.

"Well…why should we? We should build on what we have, right?" and just as she said that, a voice cracked out sharply.


Vanilla-Naruko dodged with her father the black flames coming from Sasuko, who was standing in a battle-ready position. "Let my father go you sick freak!"

"So speaks the incestuous wannabe?" Naruko remarked.

"Shannaro!" Nakura slammed her right fist on the ground, tearing apart and creating a cloud of dust. "Father's mine!"

"Ah, so it's the combo of the daughters-who-want-to-fuck their father!"

"That's boring!" Naruka exclaimed. "I'd first do XXX and then XXX and finally X (if the author censors you once, twice and thrice, do not insist!) and the author is just a XXX and a XXX and a wonderful person!"

Nakura looked at Sasuko. "I hate the author."

"I hate him too," Sasuko replied. "He didn't suffer my Genjutsu to get me together with father through words."

"Author, I love you!" Naruto exclaimed to the sky. "Now give me an exit chance!"

A cloud of smoke fell on the battling girls, as Naruto hastily made his escape on a passing by flying instrument.

"Ah! See! Than…wait a minute." The land of the sky's flying plane drove him up into the air, too far up for him to avoid suffering damage, even if he ended up conjuring Gamabunta.

He landed a few seconds after on the hard concrete of the land of the sky, just as…

A slime-thing of jet-onyx color slowly slithered its way towards him and 'hugged' him. "Naibi missed you, father!" Namaru exclaimed as she landed deftly next to him. "You had yet to meet her, right?"

"Goo-girl?" Naruto muttered. "Wait. Naibi? It can't mean…"

"Yeah, the Reibi was…"

He shuddered as he felt the Naibi move through his clothes, the cold slimy sensation on his skin made him yelp in surprise and jump up startled.

"No touching!" he yelled out loud.

"Oh-oh! Father has arrived," a voice. A voice that could only belong to another person.


He didn't even stay to watch what the girl looked like.

He just ran and jumped out into the white sky.

It was only as he began his free fall that he realized one really important thing.

He was without a parachute.

But it didn't matter.





Author's notes

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