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Note to readers: This is part three of my crossover fics that started with Wizards, Witches, Dragons and Spellcasters Oh My! And was continued in The Wedding, The Tournament and The New Teacher. If you haven't read the first two installment I highly suggest you do so that you aren't too lost in what is happening in the story. For all of those who have been read the other two thanks so much for checking out part three.

Chapter 1

Kaiba was working alone in his office typing away frantically on his keyboard. It had been three weeks since the attack on Hogwarts and he was glad to be back home in Domino City. The events of the last day at Hogwarts had caused the CEO to desperately want the war to end quickly. But for now he was content to try to enjoy his summer off.

He was just finishing up a report for the board of directors when his intercom beeped. "Mr. Kaiba," rang his secretary's voice.

Kaiba pushed the intercom button. "Yes, Miss Applegate."

"A Mr. Lupin is here to see you, he doesn't have an appointment but says it is urgent." Miss Applegate said.

"Send him in." Kaiba said before hitting a button to unlock his office door.

Remus entered the office. He was fidgeting his hands as he approached the CEO's desk. "Sorry to disturb you Mr. Kaiba, but I know how much you hate owls sent to you and wanted to give you this in person." Lupin reached into his pants pocket and pulled out an envelope. He then placed it on Kaiba's desk.

Kaiba looked at Remus then down at the envelope on his desk. "Mr. Lupin you seem worried," said Kaiba. He then picked up the letter. "Is this a letter of resignation?"

Remus shook his head. "No, just open it."

"Fine." The annoyed CEO growled. He opened the envelope and pulled out a piece of parchment.

The parchment was decorated with a red and gold trim. On the front was a picture of Tonks and Lupin on the front waving at everyone. Kaiba couldn't help but snicker when he saw the diamond ring on Tonk's left finger. The parchment also had very fancy writing above the picture.

It said:

You are cordially invited to witness the union of Remus Lupin to Nymphadora Tonks

The wedding is set for June 14th at 4pm.

It will be held at the home of Andromeda and Ted Tonks.

R.S.V.P. if you will make it.

Kaiba smirked at the wedding invitation before putting it into his desk drawer. "We'll be there. Krista was wondering why you put in for your vacation last week."

Remus glanced around Kaiba's office. "Where is Mrs. Kaiba?"

Kaiba rolled his eyes. "Annual stockholder's meeting for Industrial Illusions," explained the CEO. "She isn't going to be in a good mood when she gets back no one would be after a whole day in the presence of Pegasus. The guy is the most annoying man on the whole planet." Kaiba went back to typing on his computer while he continued his rant. "This year Pegasus insisted that all his stock holders attend otherwise there could be dire consequences. Krista usually finds a way to wiggle out of it. This year however she couldn't come up with a good reason not to attend. And also she needed to touch base with him on an ongoing project. The last two years we have only been corresponding over e-mails."

Remus could sense that the CEO was busy and decided it was time to exit. "Now that I've delivered your invitation, I'll let you get back to London to complete my work."

Kaiba looked up at Remus then gestured to the chair on the opposite side of the desk. "Mr. Lupin, why don't you have a seat. I need to discuss some things with you and since you are already here, it saves me a trip to London."

Remus nodded his head. "Of course Mr. Kaiba." Remus took a seat in the chair and asked. "Now what is it you wanted to discuss?"

"I just checked my interdepartmental e-mails and since you haven't responded to me yet," stated Kaiba. "I wanted to know if you have decided to accept the proposed transfer to Cairo?"

Lupin took a deep breath, he knew he should have expected the transfer to come up in conversation. "I have been thinking about it, and yes the prospect of working in the magical community to promote KC magically adapted electronics in Egypt without having to deal with the prejudice I endure England is appealing."

"But..." Kaiba started.

"I really don't want to have to uproot," said Remus. " England is both Dora's and my home and with Voldemort's Death Eaters attacking the school a few weeks ago things have gotten more complicated."

"I'm well aware of the attack on the school!" Kaiba hollered. "I was there remember? I even stabbed Greyback to death!"

"I meant no offence, Mr. Kaiba." Remus said.

"I took none." Kaiba replied.

"It's just with Shacklebolt guarding the Muggle Prime Minister, Dora has been pulling tons of overtime as an Auror. Moody seems to think he knows where they are all hiding, but they haven't found any yet." Lupin explained.

"And I need employees who are willing to do anything for the benefit of Kaiba Corp." The CEO stated. "I'm putting my reputation on the line by creating electronics that can be sold in any magical society. An electronics shop in Zobar's Bazaar would be profitable to my company. It would also help KC to dominate the market on magically adapted electronics. I paid a fortune for the equations and I intend to make a large return on my investment. Also Voldemort and his Death Eaters need to remain ignorant of the fact that you work for my company. A transfer for you is in everyone's best interest."

"I beg to differ the transfer is in your favor, but not everyone else's." Remus blurted out before he could stop himself.

Kaiba was thrown back by Remus' statement. "You sure have guts to talk to me like that. I've fired employees for less, but I'll be generous today and chop it up to pre wedding stress."

Lupin breathed a sigh of relief. He then asked. "If I decline to transfer are you going to fire me?"

Kaiba thought for a moment before answering truthfully. "No you are a good employee. I just have never had an employee not want a raise. I did make it clear your salary would double if you transfer didn't I?" Remus just nodded his head in response to Kaiba's inquiry. Kaiba then continued his lecture. He wasn't about to drop the subject of a transfer without a fight. "You also would have more creative control and not have me or Odion looking over your shoulder."

"If you aren't going to fire me, I would prefer to remain in England until the end of the war. I don't want to not be able to protect Dora when more battles arise. I also am not the type to remain on the sidelines." Lupin stated.

The CEO decided to try a more persuasive argument to try to convince Lupin of his plan. "When Voldemort takes over the ministry you will be hunted in England because you are a werewolf. You would be off Voldemort's radar if you transfer to Egypt."

"I'm aware of that, but I can't run away from a fight." Lupin said. "I just can't in good conscience let those I care about go into battle and not fight next to them."

Knowing it was pointless to try to force the transfer, Kaiba decided he needed an alternative. "Well, Mr. Lupin, you certainly live up to the Gryffindor reputation." The CEO sneered. "Tell you what can we compromise, I need someone to overlook the set up at Zobar's Bazaar until I can hire a competent Egyptian Magician to run the department. Would you be willing to do that? You would also need to train whomever I hire and are free to return to your office in London once things are set up. I also will require you to do all your work from home or wherever you have to go into hiding once Voldemort takes over the ministry."

Lupin nodded his head to symbolize that he would be willing to train an employee. "You really think Voldemort will take over the Ministry don't you?"

"Only an idiot would believe otherwise and I am no idiot." Kaiba said arrogantly. "And I believe it will happen sooner than later. Particularly if the Minister continues to waist his days locked in his office, doing only Ra knows what. All I know is he isn't fucking his secretary and he isn't planning any strategies to take out the enemy."

Lupin raised his eyebrow at the CEO. "You are more informed on happenings within the Ministry than The Daily Prophet, you must have an inside man."

"What makes you think I'm not just being logical?" Kaiba asked.

"You are too well informed to not have a mole among the Ministry." Lupin replied.

"Perhaps, or perhaps my wife who is an expert in divination saw it." Kaiba said as he crossed his arms over his chest. "Now I'll see you and Tonks in two days. And Mr. Lupin I do expect you to be back to work in two weeks."

Taking the hint it was time to leave Lupin rose to his feet. "I'll meet you in Egypt to set up a shop at Zobar's Bazaar."

"That works for me, Good day Mr. Lupin." Kiaba said.

"Good day Mr. Kaiba." Lupin stated.

Lupin left the office as Seto went back to working on his computer. He still had several things to take care of before launching a techonogy branch in Egypt. He was working steadly for a couple of hours inwardly wishing Krista was there. Work always seemed to be more pleasent when she was in the office working with him.

Kaiba was heavily buried in his work when his phone rang. He pressed the speaker phone button and said. "This is Kaiba."

"I would certainly hope so, since I am calling your direct office line." Krista said.

Kaiba smiled when he heard his wife's voice. "Imzadi, how is the meeting going?"

"Finally it is fucking over!" Krista yelled. "But you need to set up a video conference call to my laptop."

"Why you usually have no problem with negations, particularly with Pegasus." The CEO inquired.

"Yeah well this time he is using a little blackmail in conjunction with playing to my pride and vanity." Krista replied.

"What do you mean?" Kaiba asked.

"The toon loving freak somehow stole my access key to the jet!" Krista hollered causing her voice to echo throughout Kaiba's office. "As you already know, I flew the jet because other than Pegasus, I'm the only one here with magical abilities. And he said he won't let me leave until I duel him. I know I could just Shadow Portal away when no one is around, but then that would leave your Blue Eyes White Jet here on his little fantasy island. So I was hoping you would watch me kick his toon loving ass so that I can get the hell off this damn island."

Kaiba snickered when he was hit with a brilliant thought. "Do me a favor not only kick his ass, but see if he'll put up a wager on the outcome."

"What do you want?" Krista asked.

"To make him never torment me with those Ra damn cartoons again." Kaiba demanded.

Krista laughed. "I already tried that one lover. And he said he will only stop tormenting you when one of you enters the afterlife."

Kaiba groaned. "The guy drives me up the wall with his idiotic games! Why the hell does he even want to duel you?"

"I don't know." Krista replied.

"His idiotic toon deck doesn't stand a chance in hell against your deck!" Kaiba commented.

"I know that and you know that, but for some reason Pegasus is oblivious to that." Krista stated.

"He isn't being impersonated again is he?" Kaiba asked.

"No I verified his identity already by asking him what monster is the ace of the Black Dragon's deck. He watched the torment last summer so he knew who and what I was talking about." Krista replied.

"Good one, since no Death Eaters have ever actually scene your cousin duel. Let alone know his dueling name or what an ace is." Kaiba said.

"So will you watch me kick Pegasus' toon loving ass to Timbuktu?" Krista asked.

"With pleasure." The CEO replied. "Oh and before I forget keep Saturday open."

"Planning on playing hooky and not getting out of bed?" Krista asked seductively.

"Your cousin Tonks is getting married to Lupin." Kaiba replied.

Krista let out a girly squeal before saying. "I knew they were the perfect couple. Oh now what should I get them as a wedding gift. What do you give a couple who never defied the taboo that is actually a stupid cover-up? Oh wait I know what to get them. It'll be perfect."

Seto pushed a few keys on his keyboard in order to set up a video feed to Krista laptop. When his connection was successful he found himself staring at Krista. It appeared she and Pegasus were standing outside next to the edge of the water. "You're coming in clear." He said.

Pegasus hearing Kaiba's voice, walked over to the laptop that Krista had put on the table. He looked at the video of Kaiba before saying. "Oh good, Kaiba boy is watching. This is going to be fun."

Kaiba pinched the bridge of his nose. "Pegasus why did force Krista into this duel by taking her key. You know I should press charges of grand theft!"

"Calm yourself Kaiba boy, I only took her key to keep her from saying no. I'll give it back when the duel is over." He then lifted his left arm to show Kaiba his new accessory. "Why I did it should be obvious, Kaiba boy. I want to test the prototype design for the duel disks you designed for Project DA. Mine arrived yesterday. I must say I like the slicker rounder shape of these ones. I think the ones you created for Battle City are too pointy."

"I'm shocked you aren't going to duel on that oversized outdated joke of yours." Kaiba stated sarcastically.

Krista and Pegasus pulled out their decks and started to shuffle their cards. "Seto I know we discussed adding the personality subroutines to the disks that will be mandatory at the academy. But does Pegasus' prototype have them."

"Hell no, you think I wanted to see interactions between Pegasus and his toons? However I think this duel will be not only fun to watch you kick his ass, but now I can see how compatible the two different projection systems work when paired off against each other. In case there are any glitches then I can work to fix that problem."

Deciding to honor some of the more ancient traditions of the game, Krista held her cards out to Pegasus. "Do you want to cut my deck?"

"It is good as is." Pegasus stated. He then start to shake his index finger at Krista. "But no using magic to see the future to know what I'll play."

Krista's temper snapped and she began yelling. "Unlike you Pegasus I wouldn't abuse my powers to cheat in a duel!"

"That was a long time ago Krista girl and I learned my lesson as it cost me the Millennium Eye." Pegasus held out his deck. "Cut?"

Krista shook her head. "Just load it, I have a feeling that I've got the advantage since I've used a duel disk for four years and this is the first time you have ever dueled with one. I hope you read over the owner's manual before challenging me."

"Of course I did Krista girl." Pegasus said.

"Let's Duel!" Krista and Pegasus said in unison as they loaded their decks and drew their starting hands.

"I'm going to start this duel off." Pegasus said.

"Go right ahead Pegasus. You know that your toons don't stand a chance against my spellcasters!" Krista taunted.

"You know so little about my wonderful toons Krista girl." Pegasus said while placing a card on his duel disk. "I'll summon the only monster I can out of my hand right now and that is my Toon Alligator (1600 DFS). Since this wonderful toon is actually categorized as a reptile monster and not a toon monster I don't need my trump in play to summon him. Isn't that just wonderful. Oh and I'll place him in defense mode."

Krista half groaned, half snickered at Pegasus. His arm was slightingly shaking under the weight of his disk as he tried to play his next card. "I now will set a couple of cards face down on the field and I'll call it a turn."

Krista drew her first card. "I'm going to start my turn by activating the first special ability of my Ice Master which allows me to special summon her from my hand with a sacrifice of two water attribute monsters. And since you created the game and the card, you know the sacrifice can come from my hand and not the field." Krista flipped two cards around in her hand. "Therefore I sacrifice my sea witch and my crystal seer to special summon my Ice Master (2500 ATK) in attack mode."

A whirlwind of holographic snow appeared on Krista side of the field. Once the snow vanished Ice Master was standing there with her scepter raised above her head. Kaiba smirked it seemed the two types of disks were very compatible when paired off. Which meant when he could begin mass production on the new disk and business was going to be good for him.

"Now I can still normal summon so I'll summon my Magician Kuriboh (300 ATK) in attack mode." After Krista's fur ball took to the field she thrust her arm forward and hollered. "Ice Master, attack the Toon Alligator with your freezing scepter blast."

Ice Master pointed her scepter at Pegasus' monster. "With pleasure my mistress."

Pegasus' alligator instantly became incased in an iceberg. It then exploded spraying shards of ice every direction. "Since your monster was in defense mode you lose no life points. However you are now wide open for a direct attack." Krista sneered. "Magician Kuriboh, attack that overdressed prima donna directly."

Kuriboh charged forward pressing his scepter into Pegasus' chest. Pegasus' life point dropped to 3700. "I shall now place two cards facedown and end my turn." Krista stated.

Pegasus dramatically placed his hand to his forehead. "Dear me two monsters on your side of the field and none on mine, whatever will I do?" Pegasus drew his next card. After scanning his hand, he flipped a card over and said. "I guess I should first activate the magic card Fissure which destroys your monster on the side of the field with the lowest attack points. Also you can't activate Magician Kuriboh's special ability because it only activates when he is destroyed in battle not when destroyed by a card's effect."

"I know that! I also know I don't take any battle damage." Krista yelled as Kuriboh exploded in a blast of red smoke.

"Now I'll just summon my Thousand Eyes Idol (0 DFS) in defense mode and activate his special ability as long as he is on the field all your monsters are frozen in their place and can't attack me." Pegasus explained.

"Did you honestly think I didn't already know his special ability. I happen to know every spellcaster in the game or did you forget that I have a strong connection to spellcasters." Krista taunted.

"I will now end my turn." Pegasus concluded with a dramatic sigh.

"Big mistake Pegasus!" Krista taunted while drawing a card. She flipped her card over in her hand. "I activate Pot of Greed and get two more cards." When she saw the cards she drew she knew what she needed to do. "Your idol may be able to stop my monsters' attacks but it can't stop their special effects therefore I'm going to start my turn by activating the special ability of my Ice Master to incase your stupid idol in ice causing it to be unable to move out of the mode he was set in."

A stream of water poured out of the tip of Ice Master's Scepter hitting Pegasus' idol instantly incasing it in Ice. "Now I sacrifice my Ice Master to summon my Dark Magician Girl (2000 ATK) in attack mode."

Pegasus' jaw dropped. "You just scarified an eight star monster for a six!" He exclaimed as he watched Ice Master leave the field and was replaced by the Dark Magician Girl. He then noticed his monster was gone too. "Oh I forgot that when Ice Master is scarified all the monsters incased in ice are destroyed. Oh whatever am I going to do?"

"How about shutting up so I can attack you." Krista yelled.

Pegasus hit a button on his disk. "I could do that but I think I'd rather activate my facedown card Snatch Seal."

"Fuck!" Krista yelled as she watched her monster move to Pegasus side of the field.

"I'm pleased you know this card Krista girl. Yes now I get to take control of your monster in exchange you get 1000 life points each of your standby phases. Too bad yours already past this turn." Pegasus taunted.

"I have no other choice but to set a card facedown and end my turn." Krista stated.

"Oh goody it is my turn again." Pegasus said as he drew card. After glancing at it he pouted. "Well that is disappointing, still not the card I want."

Krista became thoroughly annoyed by the antics of the creator so she yelled. "Pegasus, if your entire strategy is anchored on your trump, then you are going to lose badly to me."

"Krista girl, I'm a better duelist than that, but for now I'll just use your own monster to attack you directly." The creator laughed while commanding. "Dark Magician Girl attack Krista girl directly!"

The Dark Magician Girl extend her scepter at Krista sending a blast of black magic at her. Krista watched as her life points dropped to 2000. "You got lucky, but next time you won't!" Krista yelled.

"I'll set a card facedown and end my turn." Pegasus said.

"My draw!" Krista drew a card and smirked as a wave of recognition ran down her arm, she knew which card was in her hand. "Now that it is my standby phase I'll take my 1000 life point." Krista's life points rose to 3000. "I told you, your luck wouldn't hold out and now I'm going to prove it!" Krista hit a button on her duel disk. "I activate the magic card Ultimate Sacrifice and I'm sure you already know what it does but just in case you don't this card makes it so I can special summon an eight star spellcaster from my hand after I send five monsters from my deck to the graveyard." Krista removes her deck. She quickly flips through it selecting five monster to discard.

After she finished discarding her monsters, she replaces her deck into the deck slot. "I now summon Venus the Light Magician (3000 ATK) in attack mode. Now Venus destroy the Dark Magician Girl with a white lighting scepter blast!"

"Right away, mistress!" Venus points her scepter at the Dark Magician Girl sending a stream of white light at her. The blast nails the Dark Magician Girl in the chest causing her to be destroyed in an explosion of white light.

Pegasus watches his life points drop to 2700. "Oh dear I'm in trouble now!" He cried.

"I can't' believe you think your deck stands a chance against mine." Krista taunted.

Pegasus pushes a button on his duel disk. "I guess it is time to activate my Numinous Healer trap card. When I take life point damage I can activate this card to increase my life points by 1000." Pegasus life points rose to 3700.

"I fucking end my turn!" Krista yelled.

Pegasus drew his next card when he saw it he started laughing. "Yes, ladies and gentleman it is now time to enter a world of mayhem, a world of chaos, a world of all toons! I pay a price of 1000 life points to activate the continuous magic card Toon World." Pegasus' life points dropped to 2700.

As Pegasus's trump card took to the field both Krista and Kaiba groaned in unison. Krista quickly recomposed her figure. "I told you that relying on that idiotic Toon World trump card of yours would be your downfall."

"But Krista girl, I'm just getting warmed up." Pegasus hit a button on his duel disk. "Next I'll activate another trap card. The rules state I can have up to three of the same card in my deck so now I activate my second Numinous Healer to get 1000 more life points and as an added bonus I get an additional 500 for the one that is in my graveyard." Pegasus' life points rose to 4200 as he flipped a card over in his hand. "Now I activate the magic card, Card of Sanctity. Now we each draw from our decks until we have five cards."

Krista and Pegasus drew their cards. Each scanned their new hand. "Now comes the fun part!" Pegasus said. "First I'll activate the magic card Toon Table of Contents so that I can add a toon monster from my deck to my hand. And just for fun I'll activate the second one in my hand to get a second toon monster from my deck."

Krista rolled her eyes. "Pegasus you are just stalling, now hurry up and finish your turn or I'm going to blast you into the afterlife."

"Temper temper Krista girl." Pegasus scolded. "First I get to summon my toon monsters and since summoning a toon monster counts as a special summoning I get to summon as many as I can in one turn. First I'll summon my Toon Gemini Elf (1900 ATK). Next I'll summon my Toon Mermaid (1400 ATK) and last I'll activate the magic card Cost Down to summon the Toon Summon Skull (2500 ATK) without a sacrifice. and I'll play them all in attack mode."

"Are you done now?" Krista belted out in annoyance.

"Yes, I set a card face down and I will now end my turn since my toons can't attack in the same turn as they were summoned." Pegasus stated.

"Which is one of the many weakness in them! And I'm going to exploit that!" Krista sneered.

"How?" Pegasus asked. "You can't destroy them in battle or by a cards effect."

"Not directly no, but I can do this." Krista taunted as she drew her next card. She quickly scanned her hand and the field. She knew what she needed to do. She flipped a card over in her hand. "First I'll activate the magic card A Spellcaster's Gift to raise my life points by 500 for each spellcaster in my graveyard and I have nine." Krista's life points rose to 7500.

"You must be terrified of my attack next turn to take such a raise in your life points." The creator said.

"Pegasus you won't get your next turn since I intend to rid the field of your Toon World with this card." Krista flipped a card over in her hand. "I activate Heavy Storm to rid the field of all magic and trap cards!"

Pegasus smirked as he pushed a button on his duel disk. "Not a bad move Krista girl, but I activate my counter trap card, Solemn Judgment. When a monster is summoned or a card is activated I can sacrifice half my life points to negate the activation of your magic card." Pegasus watched as his life points dropped to 2100. He then hit a second button on his duel disk. "Since I just took a hit to my life points, I can now activate my third Numinous Healer to get 1000 more life points and since I now have two others in my gave my bonus is an additional 1000 for a total of 2000 life points." Pegasus life points rose to 4100.

Krista threw her head back and started laughing at Pegasus' last move. "What is so funny?" He asked.

"You just fell for my trap, I was hoping you would activate your two facedown cards so that I could destroy your trump with mine. But first I'll summon Magician Valkyria (1600 ATK) in attack mode!" Krista flipped her trump card over in her hand. "Now I activate the field spell The Elemental Magician's Pentacle of Light. As you well know this magic card has some great benefits but at a price. I now will sacrifice 500 life points to rid the field and your hand of all magic and trap cards."

"NO!" Pegasus cried.

"Oh yes say so long to Toon World and when Toon World is destroyed so are your toon monsters." Krista yelled. Pegasus side of the field was cleared in one gigantic explosion. "Are you going to surrender or am I going to attack you with both my monsters. I've already won so what is it going to be?"

"I can't believe you just destroyed my precious toons." Pegasus cried.

"Get over it!" Krista yelled.

"Just attack," said Pegasus. "But do it quickly."

"Fine. Venus attack Pegasus' directly with a white lighting scepter blast!" Hollered Krista.

"Of course, my mistress." Venus extended her staff sending a beam of light at Pegasus dropping his life points to 100.

"Valkyria, finish him off with a mystic scepter blast." Krista commanded.

"You got it!" Valkyria pointed her scepter at Pegasus sending a stream of green light at him.

Valkyria's blast knocked Pegasus to the ground. Krista walked over to him while deactivating her duel disk. She held out her hand to him. "Can I have my access key now."

"Pegasus, you better give Krista her key, or else I'll sue you!" The CEO threatened before logging off of the video call.

Pegasus got up from the ground and pulled out Krista's access key. He held it out to her. When she reached out to grab it her Necklace activated itself the moment her fingers touched her key.

Krista watched as the area around her spun out of focus. When the blur cleared she found herself standing on the side of the lake she was just standing by. However she could tell that she was seeing a vision from another time.

Krista looked over at the horizon and noticed that it was around sunset. She then looked over at a table to see Pegasus drinking a glass of white wine while reading a copy of Funny Bunny. She continued to look around her when a Shadow Portal opened and out stepped a teenage boy with blond hair, a duel disk on his left arm, and what looked like a dueling outfit underneath a wizard's robe.

Krista could sense that this boy was going to be a future apprentice and that she would be successful at adding Shadow Magic to the curriculum for Hogwarts. She could also tell from the teenage boy's body language that he was pissed about something. But what shocked her worse than when she would sacrifice 5000 life points in an underground duel was what happened next.

The boy ran up to Pegasus and yelled. "Is what she said true dad?"

Pegasus looked at the boy knowing only one person could say something to tick his son off this badly. "What did Tina girl say, when you dueled her this time?"

"She said that I was accident! That you and mom never wanted me!" The boy yelled.

Krista's vision faded out of focus and she once again she found herself back on the edge of the water. She grabbed yanked the key from Pegasus hand. She then grabbed her laptop and started running toward the jet. As soon as she got to the jet she climbed in.

She wasn't in the mood to discuss what she had just seen. The idea that she would be having a future apprentice that was the son of Pegasus was too much for her to handle right now although she could help but wonder who Pegasus hooked up with. Pushing her wondering thoughts aside. She quickly fired up the Blue Eyes White Jet and began her flight back home to Domino City.

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