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Chapter 25

Mokuba was lying on his belly on the floor of the common room. He had three feet of butcher paper spread out and he was using a pen to create a drawing that resembled blueprints. He glanced at the clock on his cell phone to see it was 2 am. Sighing he went back to his project.

His Saturday hadn't been what he would have wanted. The only good thing that had come out of it, was an idea he had when he had gone down to watch the Hufflepuff team during their Quidditch practice. As he was watching Yolanda on her broom, it got him thinking about a new project to generate some new kind of sales for Kaiba Corp in the magical community.

As he was trying to put some finishing touches on his layout, he threw his pen out of frustration. He couldn't concentrate, as his mind went back to the letter he had awoken to find on his bedside table. He pulled it out to read it again. He really hoped that this time it would say something different than the previous thirteen times he had looked at it that day.

The letter read:

Morning Mokie,

I wanted to write this out so that you know what is going on. But I don't want you to panic; I promise you everything is going to be alright.

Earlier this week Krista had a vision. It scared her. And her fear was justified.

The evidence we have is causing us to have to go undercover in the Underground today.

Before you jump to the wrong conclusion, know that Krista won't be dueling today. I will be the one dueling, under the rule of sponsorship.

Under no circumstances are you to try to contact us today. We are trying to verify if the vision she had of the one card that is feared above all others in Duel Monsters has returned. If it has then we intend to destroy it the same way she did last time.

I have Odion covering for us at KC so no need to worry about that.

You are not to mention this to anyone and you are to stay on Hogwarts grounds.

We will be informing the others who were involved last time this evening at a quarter to midnight. But I wanted you to be the first to be informed of our predicament. Marik and Bakura will not be joining us at the KC tower as they still have detention, but we will inform them later.

Stay safe and we'll see you tomorrow as I'm sure you'll be in bed when we get back.


Looking at the letter, the teen grumbled. "Don't panic. Don't contact. Fuck, Seto, I can't help but worry about you. How the hell do I know you aren't in the hospital right now after being involved in underground duels! Add the fear of the return of Seal of Orichalcos into the mix and my day has been hell."

Putting the letter back in his pocket, Mokie continued his rant. "Well, Big Brother, you'll be glad to know I did as I was told. But how in the hell did you expect me be asleep? I won't sleep until you and Krista are both back here safely." Mokie pulled out his wand summoning his pen. He was just about to go back to working on his project, when he heard a knock on the portrait door.

"It is the Headmaster open up!" Snape's voice yelled.

Mokie leapt to his feet and dashed to the door. Once he opened it, he saw Jasmine and Snape standing outside the door. The teen couldn't control his fear any longer, causing him to cry out. "Please tell me my big brother is okay!"

"I'm not here about your brother," replied Snape. "If he isn't here, than I would assume he is still in London at his office. You of all people, should know how he takes his company seriously."

"Ah yeah, I just you know worry that he skips a meal or something." Mokie muttered while staring at his feet.

A sudden jolt of fear ran down Jasmine's spine. "Mokuba, where is my charge?" She asked in a demanding tone. "You are her apprentice and would sense if something was wrong! Now out with it. What is wrong with the Daughter of the House of Mahad?"

Mokie's eyes widen as he looked back up at Jasmine. "She is fine."

Sensing that the young teen wasn't being fully honest, Jasmine said. "Mokuba, I'm only going to ask you one more time; what is wrong with my charge?"

"Okay you see she saw something and well to confirm or deny the return of her greatest fear, she and Seto went undercover to her old life." The teen lamely explained.

Jasmine did a double take and began yelling. "She went to the Underground in her condition! That was a very irresponsible thing for her to do!"

"She isn't dueling, Seto is." Mokie said.

Jasmine stared a Mokuba trying to read him. After taking several moments to deduce his cryptic explanation she said. "There is only one thing that would scare her enough to go back. Please tell me I'm wrong, and it isn't the Curse of Atlantis."

Figuring out Jasmine's metaphor to mean the Seal of Orichalcos, Mokie replied in a fearful tone. "That is possible. They haven't contacted me. I don't know anything else. Please don't tell big brother I said anything. I just let my fear overpower me for a moment and slipped up."

"I won't tell your brother a thing. But I may just strangle my charge," said Jasmine. "She needs to remember that she is not only carrying the next Daughter of the House of Mahad, but also the first born for the next generation of Shadow Magic. And she needs to be careful and not overwork herself."

Snape looked back and forth between his wife and Mokuba. He could tell that this curse they were discussing was something they both feared. He sensed that they even feared it over the Unforgivable Curses. But for the life of him, he didn't know what this curse was or what it did. Finally he asked. "What am I missing?"

Jasmine shook her head. "Not now, I'll fill you in later."

"Okay." Snape replied.

"Sensei, if you aren't here about Seto, why are you here?" Mokie asked

Snape glared at Mokie. "Where is Mr. Bakura?"

Mokie pointed to Bakura's bedroom door. "Where most people are after two in the morning. He is in his room sleeping. I just can't get to sleep until Seto and Krista are back." Mokuba stated before he lay back on the floor to continue working on his blueprints.

While Mokuba was busy with his project, Snape walked over to Bakura's bedroom door and began pounding on it. "Mr. Bakura get out of bed right now!" Hollered the headmaster.

After waiting for several minutes Snape lifted his fist to the door about to pound on it again, when Bakura exited his room yawning. "Sensei, it is after two in the morning. My detention doesn't start until after breakfast."

Snape glared at the Tomb Robber asking in a stern tone. "Where is it?"

Ryou looked at the headmaster with a questioning look on his face. "Where is what?"

"The Armor of Lancelot." Snape replied.

Bakura wasn't in the mood to play games, it was too early in the morning, so he just responded in a smartass tone. "Have you looked in Camelot?"

Mokie began laughing at the Tomb Robber's antics, this caused Snape to turn his head and scold the young boy. "Not funny, it has been on this campus since Merlin's death!" Snape looked back a Bakura before continuing his rant. "It was located in a secret room just outside the entrance to the Slytherin common room. Merlin created that room when he was a student here. He liked to get out of the Slytherin common room and practice wizardry without an audience. I just got done doing an inventory of the room and the armor is missing. You and Mr. Ishtar, know this castle better than anyone else here. Now where did you hide it?"

Fighting his sudden urge to Shadow Game his mentor, Bakura took a breath. He then placed his right hand on his deck and declared. "I swear on my deck, I've never seen any armor, or the room for that matter. The only secret room I've been in is the Room of Requirement."

Snape knowing that his students only swore on their decks when they were being truthful, he walked over to Marik's door and pounded on it. "Mr. Ishtar out of bed."

Once again Snape found himself waiting for several minutes before the door to Marik's door opened. As soon as the tomb keeper saw Snape he said. "Sensei, surely you aren't still pissed about us gift wrapping your wife, that was four weeks ago. Now what is with the early wake up call. This is cruel and unusual punishment."

"Since I just swore on my deck I didn't know, he now thinks that you took Lancelot's armor."

"Who in Ra's name, is Lancelot?"

Mokuba snickered. He was sure why but perhaps it was his lack of sleep causing him to find this whole situation humorous. Figuring that the tomb robber never learned about Camelot, the teen replied. "Lancelot was one of King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table. In fact he was seen as the most honorable until he began having an affair with Queen Guinevere. After the affair began it helped lead to the deconstruction of the Knights and the destruction of Camelot. "

The tomb keeper shook his head, he was not in the mood for a history lesson at 2:30 in the morning. He decided the best way to get this over with so he could go back to bed was to follow Bakura's example. He placed his right hand on his deck. "I also swear on my deck I haven't any idea what any of you are talking about."

Snape let out a long sigh. "Well it is missing, and it is an irreplaceable historical artifact,

"How powerful is it?" Mokie asked without taking his eyes of his work.

Jasmine looked at Mokuba and snickered. It appeared the teen had a little of his older brother's personality. "The only magical property of Lancelot's armor is it magically adjusts to fit the knight who wears it." She replied.

Mokie began laughing. "Jasmine, you really are a walking history book."

"I learned everything I know from the Encyclopedia Britannica." Jasmine explained.

"I assume that is a metaphor for a book used by the Valkyrias." Mokuba stated.

"They are a collection of books with information about all things magical. They are the required textbooks for all Valkyrias in training." She stated.

"If it gets out to the press that is it missing the reputation of the school is in jeopardy." Snape stated.

"Well we aren't going to tell anyone it is missing." Bakura promised.

"But if we find it we'll let you know." Marik added.

As Snape was trying to figure out how to find the missing armor, a load pop radiated throughout the common room breaking his concentration. The group found themselves facing a strange sight.

Kreacher had just apparated into the common room pulling Mundungus Fletcher by a leash that was attached to the thief's neck. The thief was also gagged with a white cloth. Kreacher pulled on the leash making the thief follow him as he approached Mokuba while looking around the common room. "Kreacher has returned with the thief!" When he couldn't find Krista, the elf yelled. "Mistress' brother in law, where is Kreacher's mistress?"

Mokuba lifted his head to find himself facing the elf, fighting his impulse to laugh at the sight in front of him he just replied. "She isn't back from London yet."

Kreacher nodded his head to symbolize he understood as he watch the young Kaiba go back to work. He then waved his arm to use his elf magic to magically tie Mundungus to a chair with the leash that was around the thief's neck. He then leaped onto Mundungus' lap. He pulled something out of Mundungus' robe pocket that looked a little like a gulf ball and held it to Mundungus' chest.

Marik walked up to the chair as he tried desperately to figure out what Kreacher was up to. Finally the Tomb Keeper asked. "Kreacher what are you doing?" When the elf didn't respond Marik asked again. "Kreacher, I'm Marik Ishtar. I'm a friend of Krista's and want to know what you are doing?"

Kreacher turned his head to look at the Tomb Keeper. "Your name is on mistress' list so Kreacher will tell you that Kreacher is following orders."

The gang continued to stare at the elf as he turned his head back to stare at Mundungus. The entire group was trying to figure out what to do with the odd scene in front of them. Their minds were interrupted when a loud roar was heard on the school grounds.

Snape groaned. "Great Hagrid must have awoken the dragons now the entire castle will be awake."

"I know that roar!" Mokie hollered as he sprang to his feet and ran to the window to look out on the grounds. He smiled as he saw Blue Eyes landing on the school grounds. "Seto and Krista are back!"

The Headmaster and his wife walked over to the window just in time to see Kaiba and Krista dismount. As they watched Kaiba dismiss his monster, Snape began to shake his head. "He just had to make an entrance at 2:30 in the morning didn't he?"

Mokuba smiled. "That's my brother for you."

"At least it is dark and no one will be able to tell the difference between Zantanna and Blue Eyes." Jasmine said.

The group waited in silence until they saw the door to the dorm swing open. As Krista and Kaiba walked into the common room they began surveying the scene in front of them. Each postulating a theory on what was going on.

Before Krista could ask what was going on, Kreacher leaped off Mundungus lap and wrapped his arms around her legs. "Kreacher is so sorry it took so long. The thief is sneaky and has many hidey holes. Kreacher will accept any punishment you demand."

Krista smiled down at her elf. "No punishment is nessessary. You have served me well."

"Thank you mistress." Kreacher looked up at Krista.

Krista noticed that Kreacher was holding a small ball. She pointed to his hand. "Kreacher what are you holding in your hand."

Kreacher held his hand out palm up to show he was holding Mad Eye's magic eye. "Mistress told Kreacher to keep an eye on the thief if Kreacher returned and mistress wasn't here, and so Kreacher followed his orders. Kreacher first thought about ripping out the thief's eye but noticed he had this on his person."

Krista knelt down so that she was at Kreacher's eye level. "Kreacher give that magic eye to me." Kreacher put the eye in Krista's outstretched hand.

Bakura stared at the magic eye as it began spinning in the Krista's hand. "Talk about taking your orders literally." He sent telepathically.

"Tomb Robber, shut up!" Krista replied as she rose to her full height.

Kreacher's ears perked up as he heard a sound similar to that of a washing machine during its wash cycle. He leaned over, pressing his ear to Krista's abdomen. He then looked over at the fireplace then back up at Krista. "Mistress did you not know that you are with child? Kreacher can hear the baby's heartbeat."

Krista widened her eye in surprise, she had know idea that a house elf could hear so well. "I found out a week ago."

The elf puffed out his chest. "Oh you must have wanted to wait for Kreacher, so he could do the tradition."

"What tradition?" Krista asked.

"Kreacher should have known that mistress didn't know about the tradition, mistress' father wouldn't have told her, because mistress' father doesn't like tradition and broke his mother's heart." The elf mumbled under his breath even though the entire room heard him.

Krista looked down at her house elf, she didn't want to sound harsh but knew she must sound firm. "Kreacher, my father was a teenager when he ran away. I want you to keep that in mind when you complain about his adolescent behavior."

The elf nodded his head. "Kreacher understands. So would mistress like Kreacher to do the tradition?"

"Royal Sorceress, what tradition is he talking about?" Marik asked over the telepathic link.

"How the fuck I should know?" Krista replied. "Draco never mentioned any wizarding traditions with pregnancy. I'm sure my father or Narcissa would know but since I haven't seen them yet to tell them I'm pregnant, I'm in the dark on this one. But I sense that it is important to Kreacher so I'll just play along and let him do this tradition. For all I know he was ordered to make sure it was done every generation by my deranged paternal grandmother and I don't want him kicking his own ass if it isn't done."

"How about after I interrogate the thief." Krista said while smiling down at her elf. "High Priest, Tomb Robber and Tomb Keeper I need you to all move in closer to the thief so we can interrogate him. But since we decided that Severus can't know about the Horcruxes, I'm going to have to cast a Muffling Charm."

Severus watched as his students moved closer to the suspect and was thrown back when he heard the familiar buzzing sound of his Muffling Charm. However, he figured that they must have a reason to keep him out of this. So he just decided to take his wife by the hand and wait for the others to finish the interrogation.

Krista waved her wand vanishing the gag on Mundungus. "You are a crazy bitch to be sending a bloody house elf on me." Fletcher yelled.

Kreacher snapped his fingers conjuring a cast iron skillet. Before anyone could stop him he hit Mundungus over the head with it.

As he was about to hit the thief again Krista held her hand out and yelled. "Kreacher, stop!"

The elf turned to look at his mistress. "But he insulted you, Mistress."

Krista nodded her head to convey the message that she understood before saying. "I need him conscious so that we may interrogate him."

Kreacher twirled the frying pan. "Perhaps, Mistress, would allow Kreacher one more hit, for luck?"

Krista snickered as she replied. "If he is uncooperative then by all means you may hit him a second time." Kreacher held the pan over his shoulder like it was a baseball bat. He stared at the thief waiting for his chance.

When it appeared that Kreacher wouldn't try hitting Mundungus again unless she ordered him to, Krista sent a message through the Court's shared mind link "High Priest, this thief may be unwilling to give me truthful answers think you can help with that?"

Kaiba smirked as he reached his hand behind his back and grasped the Millennium Rod. "Sure thing!" The High Priest concentrated, as he took control of Mundungus' mind, to make Fletcher tell the truth.

Krista walked up to Fletcher and began yelling. "When you turned my father's house over and stripped it of all it's treasures you took a locket!"

Feeling the nudge from Kaiba's mind control, Mundungus asked in a concerned tone. "How valuable is it?"

"You mean you still have it?" Bakura replied.

Noticing the concern in the thief's voice, the High Priest stated. "No he is worried he didn't get enough for it."

"Who did you sell it to?" Marik asked.

Unable to break free from Kaiba's mind control, Mundungus blurted out. "Some bloody muggle I bumped into on the street. I dropped the locket and he seemed interested it."

Krista annoyance and fury at Mundungus increased causing her to yell louder. "You just sold it to some stranger on the street!"

"He had a large case with muggle cash in it." Mundungus stated. "The goblins called them Euros and the exchange came to 1355 Galleons and 6 Knuts

Kaiba through his head back laughing sadistically, after figuring out that this fool had received only 10,000 Euros for a item that was priceless. "You were royally screwed on that sale".

The Tomb Keeper scratched his head. "Who would walk around London with a case full of Euros?"

"A tourist, who didn't covert their money to Pounds." Kaiba replied.

Krista gave Mundungus a death glare. "Tell me about the man!"

Once again feel the nudge from Kaiba's mind control. "The man spoke with a German accent and a ruffle collar."

"That really narrows it down." The Royal Sorceress sneered sarcastically.

"Did you not even get the man's name?" The Tomb Keeper asked.

"No." Mundungus replied.

Wanting to know more the CEO stated in his firing voice. "Then what did this man say?"

"He was in town on business." Fletcher replied.

Krista realizing this interrogation was too open ended to determine who had bought the locket. She figured she would just have to eliminate suspects later. So she decided to change her line of questioning. "How did you get this" Krista asked while holding out Mad Eye's magic eye.

"I took it from Mad Eye." Fletcher replied.

"You mean you killed him for it!" The Tomb Robber hollered.

"No, he was already dead, I found his body and figured he didn't need it." He turned his head to Krista. "Do you want to buy it?"

"No I don't want to buy it," snapped the Royal Sorceress as her temper rose. "I do however want to punish you for ransacking the Black Estate and selling my family heirlooms!"

"Sirius, didn't care about the stuff I took." Spat Fletcher.

"I'm his daughter and you didn't think that maybe we would have different tastes. For your thievery," Krista held the eye up. "I'm keeping this and we'll call it even." She put the eye in her pocket before she turned and looked at her house elf. "Kreacher, hit him until he is unconscious."

The elf leaped up hitting Mundungus so hard that it knocked him out in one blow. "The thief is out!" Kreacher declared as he snapped his fingers vanishing the pan. "Now would Mistress give Kreacher the order to do the tradition."

"Kreacher I order you to do the tradition."

"Thank you mistress." Kreacher practically ran to Krista and Kaiba's bedroom.

Kaiba released his grip on his rod as he began laughing at the knocked out thief. "Krista, it appears that I've had a bad influence on you. The knock out was overkill. You think the Black Family Crest is ugly. And I sure all those things he stole had it on it."

Krista laughed as she remover her deck from its holder and began flipping through it. "What this thief doesn't know won't hurt him." Krista sneered as she grabbed the card she wanted. She held a card in the air. "I summon the Magician Valkyria."

A portal opened up directly in front of Krista and out stepped Valkyria. "Royal Sorceress, how my I serve you today."

Krista sighed. "I know I haven't requested this in years, but both Seto and I are just too exhausted to do the altering spell." Krista pointed to the knocked out thief. "Please erase that thief's memoires. I don't want him remembering anything about the locket, where he stole it, who he sold it to, and the entire conversation we had in this room."

"Of course" Valkyria stated as she held out her scepter sending a green stream at Mundungus.

When Valkyria had finished erasing Mundungus mind, Krista stated. "You are dismissed." Valkyria nodded her head before she left through her portal.

Krista cast the counter spell to the muffling charm just as Kreacher came out of the bedroom carrying a large tapestry. He walked over to the fire place and magically hung Krista's family tree above the mental.

"Kreacher, why did you do that." Marik asked.

"It is a tradition. Every time a Black is with child, the family hangs the family tapestry over the fireplace that way when someone comes to visit they know that the lady of the house is with child." Explained the elf in an overly excited tone of voice.

"Imzadi, your familiar just decimated the decor of our common room." The High Priest stated.

Marik glared at the tapestry as he sent. "That is an ugly eyesore. Can we feed it to Bakura's Man Eater Bug?"

Bakura took one look at it and added. "I wonder if it was created by the same guy who designed Dumbledore's portable toilet!"

Krista was getting overly annoyed by the antics of everyone in the room causing her to lash out. "I'll be the first to agree that my tapestry is tacky! But for the love of Isis, it is Black family tradition! And I can't very well take back an order to my house elf. So until Setina is born my tapestry stays above the fireplace. Is that understood?"

"Yes Royal Sorceress!" Marik and Bakura replied together.

Krista turned and looked at Kaiba. "Well, are you going to leave it there?"

Kaiba playfully crossed his arms over his chest as he gave his wife his signature smirk. "I outrank you so I don't have to comply with your requests, but I guess I can humor you this time."

Krista gave her husband a snicker before turning to her elf. "Kreacher I need some black coffee, go to the kitchens and get me some. I also need a snack make it a fruit salad sprinkled with fresh ginger and cinnamon."

The elf nodded before walking over to Kaiba and looking up at him. "Does Master Kaiba want something to?"

Kaiba looked down at Kreacher. "Did you just call me, Master Kaiba?"

"Yes, you are mistress' husband and father to her baby so you are the master of the house." The elf reasoned.

"Black coffee for me too." Kaiba said. Kreacher nodded his head before bowing to Krista. The elf vanish with a pop.

Krista once again glanced around the room trying to figure out just why everyone was there. She was about to ask when a cell phone started ringing playing Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. "Mokuba, that is your ring tone. Who the fuck would be calling you at this hour?" Krista asked.

Mokie put down his pen and picked up his cell phone. He looked at the Caller ID to notice it said Leon Von Schroeder. "What the hell does he want?" The teen grumbled, as he hit the speaker button on his cell phone."Leon, if you are calling for a rematch, I'm a bit busy. And do you know what time it is?"

"It is around 10:30 am in Domino City." Leon's voice replied.

"I'm in London with my brother for an important meeting for KC tomorrow! So it is about 2:30 am." The teen lied.

"I had no idea that you were in Europe right now. If I had I would have called you later today. Anyway I wanted to contact you since my brother has gone a bit bonkers." Leon stated.

Krista rolled his eyes. "Leon, your brother has always been bonkers."

"What happened did he soil his favorite lavender suit?" Sneered Kaiba.

"No. A few months ago, he was in London and came home with an expensive locket. He said it was the perfect find to one up Kaiba Corp." Leon explained.

"Please you guys aren't even in the same league as Kaiba Corp." The egotistical CEO sneered.

Ignoring Kaiba's last remark, Leon continued his explanation. "Well Zigfried is planning a tournament in December, and he is offering the locket as the grand prize."

Kaiba nodded his head as everything clicked into place. "German accent, ruffle collar; I should have nudge the thief for more information so that he would have mentioned the pink hair and purple suit. I would have known that description anywhere."

"No shit!" Krista replied. "It looks like we get to go to Germany this December."

"A tournament, really!" Mokuba said.

"Yes. But the crazy thing is he is inviting legends from all aspects of dueling. Even the Underground. So I am personally inviting you as this will be the first tournament to contain Underground Duelists along side professional ones. My brother thinks that this will be the biggest tournament in Duel Monster history, check your e-mail for your KC dueling contract to confirm attendance."

"You brother is actually planning a tournament with Underground rules! He is bonkers!" Mokie yelled.

"No electric chokers are allowed." Leon said. "Zigfried doesn't want to be sued, if something goes wrong with them. And our company's issuance won't cover them. But he does want crowds from both the professional and underground fans to fill seats. So all other Underground rules are fair game during this tournament."

"Meaning betting, victory dances that usually have a sexual connotation, kneeling for a surrender, no draws, no cheating in a duel, and pretty much anything else one can think of that would fit the cliché of sex drugs and rock and roll." The Royal Sorceress sneered.

"You got it." Leon stated.

"Leon, put me down." Krista demanded.

"Mokuba, was that your sister in law?" Leon asked.

"Yes." Mokie replied.

"Why would she want invited?" Leon asked. "When I tried to send her an invite through her Kaiba Corp dueling contract, I got the message , only invite me if tied to a charity, if not don't waste my time, and clutter up my inbox, with your damn invites."

"Leon, your brother is having Underground rules and I'm the Queen of the Underground. I demand an invite to defend my title!" Hollered Krista.

"My brother sent all Underground duelists with any wins under their alias a personal invitation. The invites went through the local operators, if you have any Underground wins then check your Underground file. If it isn't there, I'll send you one through your KC contract." Leon stated.

Krista sat down at the table and pulled out her laptop as she stated. "I'm not only undefeated in the Underground, I have the highest number of wins." She quickly began typing away on her laptop to gain access to her underground file. She swiftly browsed through her emails until she found the one she was looking for.

The e-mail said:

Greetings, Queen of the Underground,

Due to your number one ranking reputation in the Underground, you are herby invited to participate in my tournament. All Underground rules apply with the exception of your electric shock collars, they can't be used during the tournament. Press confirm to save your spot.

Since all other Underground rules are in play if you faceoff against another Underground duelists and he or she wins against you, then your title of Number One Underground Duelist will be theirs.

Your gracious host,

Zigfried Von Schroeder CEO of Schroder Corp.

"It looks like it is here." Krista said as she clicked confirm.

Kaiba summoned his laptop. He first checked his KC contract e-mail for an invite, but wasn't too surprised not to find one. He then smirked as he decided to check the e-mail he had put on file in the Underground. As soon as he saw his invite, he began laughing sadistically as he hit confirm. "Leon, tell your brother I can't wait to embarrass him once again."

"Kaiba, you may be one of the best in the professional rinks, but Zigfried didn't invited you." Leon said in an apologetic tone. "If fact he specifically said you weren't to get one. And if you did get one, the employee who sent it to you would be fired."

"Actually he sent it himself and as everyone should know all invites to a tournament that are confirmed are contractually final," explained Kaiba. "I actually have several Underground wins I was sent the invite under my Underground alias. And there are no take backs unless your brother wants me to sue him for breach of contract. Tell him next time he wants to host a tournament he should do his research."

Mokie summoned his laptop as he found his invite hitting the confirm button. "See you in December, Leon. But remember I will wipe the floor with you. Kaibas will always triumph against Shroeders!" The teen hollered as he hung up the call.

Snape not understanding much of what had just happened. The only thing he got was that some kid's brother was having a dueling tournament. Figuring that it was just his students and their obsession with a card game, he just looked at Mokuba and asked. "Do I even want to know the story between you and that boy." Snape said.

Mokie picked up his pen and began working on his layout once more. "Leon, is my rival."

Snape's eyes popped out of his head. He couldn't imagine Mokuba ever being on bad terms with anyone. "Huh?"

Jasmine noticing her husband's sudden show of shock began snickering. "I'll tell you more on that story later too love."

The common room once again radiated a loud pop as Kreacher appeared carrying a tray with the coffee and Krista's fruit salad. He noticed that Krista was busy working on her laptop so he just placed the tray on the table.

Krista grabbed her cup of coffee and said. "Thanks, now Kreacher take the knocked out thief to a pub in Tasmania, so that when he comes too he thinks he passed out from a drunken night out. Then you are ordered to go to my father so that he can officially transfer full ownership of you to me. I want you to invite him to come over for tea tomorrow at four. Then go visit my cousin Narcissa and invite her to join me for tea at four as well. Both are night owls and should still be awake. You are ordered to not mention my pregnancy to them."

"Got it Mistress wants to have tea with family to tell them herself about the new Black heiress..." Kreacher ran over to the fireplace, picked up a poker and began hitting his head with it. "Bad Kreacher, not supposed to say baby sex unless asked, so not to spoil surprise."

Upon hearing Kreacher hitting himself, Krista jumped to her feet, and yelled. "Kreacher stop! It is alright, I already knew that I'm having a daughter, you didn't spoil any surprise."

Kreacher dropped the poker then walked over to Krista. "But Mistress' grandmother ordered Kreacher never to tell any Black with child the baby's sex unless asked first. Kreacher had to punish himself."

Krista got instantly sick to her stomach and knew it had nothing to do with her pregnancy. "I herby release you off all orders that were given to you from my paternal grandmother or anyone else in the Black family. I'm your mistress now and only my orders do you need to obey."

Kreacher nodded his head before whispering. "What about Master Regulus' last order."

Krista smiled as she whispered back. "Those on my list will help me to finish what he started. His death will not be in vain."

"Thank you Mistress," said Kreacher. "Anything else."

Krista put her hand in her pocket pulling out the magic eye and her cell phone. She held the eye out to Kreacher "After you see Narcissa I need you to take this eye to Maximillion Pegasus he is currently on his fantasy island."

Kreacher nodded his head as he took the eye from Krista. She then pressed some buttons on her cell phone before she held it out allowing Kreacher to take a good luck at the numbers she had pulled up on the phone. "Here are the coordinates to it. Tell Pegasus you are my house elf and that the eye is a belated birthday gift from me to him. You are ordered to not mention to Pegasus that I'm pregnant and after you are done you are ordered to return here."

"This Pegasus is on your list. Do you want him joining tea time too?" Asked the elf.

"Absolutely not." Stated Krista. "He is just a business colleague and I don't want him knowing about my daughter until after she is born."

"Kreacher will keep mistress' secret." The elf said with a bow before disapparating with the thief.

Once Kreacher was gone Krista looked at Severus. She placed her hands on her hips as she finally hollered out what she wanted to ask since the moment she got back to her dorm. "Now will someone tell me why the hell everyone is awake! Surely it isn't because Seto and I got back at a late hour."

"I was trying to find the location of Lancelot's armor from Mr. Ishtar and Mr. Bakura." Snape explained.

"Which neither of us have and now if you'll excuse us we're going back to bed!" Marik and Bakura yelled in unison before leaving the common room for their bedroom."

Kaiba raised his eyebrows and looked at Snape. "Is it made of white metal?"

"Yes," stated the Headmaster. "Have you've seen it?"

Krista nodded. "Seto and I went undercover in the Underground to do surveillance and one of our suspects is a wizard who uses the alias White Knight, and he was wearing white armor. I say it is safe to assume that the armor he was using is Lancelot's, and that he stole it from this school."

"Logical assumption." Snape sneered.

"Krista and I believe that there are five students here who have the potential to unleash hell on earth, but since this is a duelists' problem you must stay out of it, and leave this mess to us. We are more experienced with it than you are." Kaiba said with a glare that told Snape he better comply or there would be hell to pay.

"Severus, I'm going to need to narrow down our search." Krista said. "Therefore I need a list of all students who were off campus today, since you do allow them to leave if a family member has been killed or injured during the numerous attacks the Death Eaters are carrying out."

"I'll get it to you by lunch time." Snape said.

"Krista, with the pending return of the Curse of Atlantis, I must know how many spellcasters haven't gone through the Jedi Trials?" Jasmine asked in Ancient Egyptian.

After taking a few moments to decode Jasmine's metaphors Krista replied. "Including Mokuba three that I know of."

Fear began to fill Jasmine's entire body. "That's not good."

"Mokie will be fine." Krista said.

"You know what I mean," snapped Jasmine. "The last time the Curse of Atlantis showed up, the Pharaoh failed the first time he had the trial. The Curse of Atlantis is a magnet to any spellcaster who hasn't passed the trial. Since both are designed to seduce the deadliest of sins."

Krista's already short temper snapped in half as she began yelling. "Which is why I won't sever my bond to Mokuba until later, even though he is ready to be a spellcaster on his own. As long as he is still bonded as my student he won't face the test."

"Leaving two wielders to worry about!" Jasmine yelled.

Krista let out a long sigh in an attempt to gain control over her temper. "What do you expect me to do? It is a right of passage where the moment, implementation, and vicinity are know only to Fate. I can't even see when it is to happen to anyone even with the power of the Millennium Necklace."

"Be carful," warned Jasmine. "I don't want the Curse of Atlantis to take you again."

Krista's eyes widen in surprise. "How did you know about my Orichalcos loss? I never told you."

"I'm you Valkyria, and the female tomb keeper knew that." Jasmine replied before adding. "She also told me how the pharaoh failed his trial the first time, but passed the second time."

Krista felt her blood beginning to boil with anger. She put her hand to her head and closed her eyes as she tried to gain some control. "Ishizu, told you these things."

Sensing that her charge was feeling slightly betrayed by Ishizu. "She meant well, she knew there were things you couldn't know until the right time."

Unfortunately for Jasmine that wasn't the right thing to say, Krista's control evaporated causing several tears to escape her eyes. "I'm not sure how you knew her, and right now don't tell me! I feel like both of you should have said something to me. She was my best friend but never told me about being your charge, or the fact that I'm Mahad's descendent. Did it ever accrue to either of you that I could have used some guidance as I was learning, on my own, how to control my Shadow Magic. You both should have done something it would have saved me several accidental explosions."

Jasmine took a breath while she debated with herself how to best answer Krista. She knew that if she didn't chose her words carefully, that Krista temper in combination with her pregnancy hormones could cause something to spontaneously explode. Finally she said. "What could I have really done while you were mastering you powers, I had clipped my wings, making me pretty much useless in the magic department.

"So, you think you were just a plethora of knowledge, but had nothing practical to offer." Snapped the enraged Royal Sorceress.

"I wouldn't have put it quite like that!" Jasmine yelled. "But since I believe that your last remarks were hormonally influenced, I'll let the insults slide. And if you would just take a moment to calm yourself down, you would realize that Ishizu did guide you in her own way."

Krista used her palms to wipe her tears away as she yelled. "Oh bite me, Jasmine."

Severus just stared at the two bickering women, really wishing his wife wouldn't randomly start speaking to Krista in a language he didn't know. But figuring she had her reasons for doing it, he just looked at Kaiba and said. "I'll leave this whole duelists' situation to you. I really don't need added stress. Just try to get the armor back as soon as you can."

Even though Krista was still upset, she decided not to dwell on it. She took several very long deep breaths. When she felt centered, she turned to face Snape. "I'll contact my Underground spy, perhaps he can convince the White Knight to put the armor up as a wager."

"However if our assumption is correct that our five suspects are all students it might just show back up when the White Knight isn't dueling." added Kaiba.

Snape nodded. "Just one question more then Jasmine and I'll call it a night. And I request that you give me an honest answer."

"I'll answer truthfully, if it is possible." Krista stated.

"Mokuba seemed scared when Jasmine said something about a Curse of Atlantis. How bad is this curse?" The Headmaster asked.

Krista sighed she really hoped that wasn't the question he wanted an answer to. She looked Snape in his eyes and said. "Really bad, to put it in wizard terms it would be the form a Boggart would take, if it looked at me."

Snape was floored by Krista response. "That it is your greatest fear, is all you are going to tell me isn't it?"

"For your own safety, I can't tell you anymore." Krista stated. "The Dark Lord considers you his right hand man. In this case you need to not just pretend ignorance, you must be ignorant."

"You must also remain ignorant of the real reason for Atem, Harry and Hermione's absence this school year, which is why we haven't said anything about their whereabouts to you and I request that you don't ask about them. Otherwise we'll be force to lie to you." Kaiba stated.

Snape raised his eyebrows. "The two are related."

Kaiba smirked. "Inadvertently."

"Jasmine, for the safety of your husband, don't tell him every detail you know about the Curse of Atlantis until after this war is over." Said Krista.

Jasmine nodded her head to symbolize that she would comply with the request. "I understand," she then smiled up at her husband. "Sorry love but the only bed time story you get tonight is why Leon and Mokuba are rivals."

"A bed time story, you two have a weird form of foreplay, but whatever puts you two in the mood works for me." teased Krista.

Snape not wanting to be on the receiving end on another sex joke, took his wife's hand and said. "Let's go, Jasmine."

"See you all later." Jasmine said before turning and looking Krista directly in they eyes. "If Rashanna is at Zigfried's tournament, tell her the truth about Egypt. She deserves that."

Krista shook her head as she watched Jasmine leave with Snape. For the life of her she couldn't decode Jasmine's metaphors this time.

After trying for ten minutes she through her hands up in the air. "Who the hell is Rashanna supposed to be and what truth about Egypt! Damn you Jasmine and your insane metaphors. Is it so much to ask that for once you talk to me without making me decipher what you mean?" She whipped out her cell phone sending a text to her spy hoping the texting would help her gain control of her shot nerves.

When she was done with her text she turned to look at her husband to notice he was using her laptop. "We need to speak to Harry, Hermione and Atem. Let's set up a conference call on my laptop to inform them of Zigfried's tournament. Then we need to contact those with KC contracts telling them to confirm attendance."

Kaiba smirked. "I'm way ahead of you, Imzadi." Noticing the confused look on his wife's face the CEO elaborated. "While you were fighting with your Valkyria, I sent Yugi, the Mutt and Mai a text and all three have confirmed attendance," He pressed a few buttons on Krista laptop. "And it appears that both Bakura and Marik just confirmed before climbing back into bed. We now just need to wait for the Pharaoh, the Queen and the Chosen One to respond to my text and log onto this conference. Once we are done talking with those three, I'm going to issue two more KC contracts so that we have more of our allies during Schroeder's tournament. I think we should also make sure that Draco responds via his Underground alias."

"Sure, I'll inform Draco in the morning." Krista pulled out her wand waving it at an empty chair. The chair magically moved next to Kaiba's and she sat down it. She was starting to feel very foolish for losing her temper with Jasmine. "Do you think I was wrong for reacting the way I did."

Kaiba looked up from Krista's laptop with his eyebrows raised knowing exactly what she meant. He could sense that she felt foolish and wanted to answer her honestly but at the same time not upset her. "I think you reacted the way you did, because on some level you feel that Ishizu betrayed you and you took it out on Jasmine."

Krista sighed. "Maybe I do feel that way. Although I really shouldn't be angry with Ishizu I never told her not to tell anyone about my loss to Alister. Even though Jasmine's comment annoyed me to know end, Perhaps she was right and my reactions were hormonally influenced."

Kaiba threw his head back laughing. "I can't believe you just admitted that she was right! I do believe that your pregnancy is effecting you in ways that you didn't anticipate." Sneered the CEO as he went back to looking at Krista's laptop screen.

Krista playfully hit Kaiba in the arm. "Shut up!"

Krista grabbed her coffee taking a sip while they were waiting for the pharaoh to log onto the conference call. "So who do you want to add to the KC duel roster?"

"Lady M and Riddle Raven." Kaiba replied. "Their duel that your cousin sent showed me that indeed those two have what it takes to have a KC contract."

"Luna will most likely only been in tournaments when the need arises. She said she didn't want to be in tournaments." Krista pointed out.

"You say the same thing." Kaiba rebutted as he grabbed his coffee and noticed that his wife was beginning to eat her fruit salad.

Kaiba and Krista continued to eat and drink in silence. After about ten minutes Kaiba grabbed his cell ready to text Atem again when three very familiar faces popped up on the laptop screen. "Kaiba, why the hell are you contacting us at almost three in the morning! Unless...Don't tell me the Orichalcos already showed up!" Yelled Atem.

"No not the Orichalcos. Kreacher returned." Krista stated while she popped a blueberry into her mouth. "

Harry smiled widely as he asked rapidly. "So where is the locket? Did it get destroyed? Are we one step closer to ending this war?"

"Wow, Chosen One calm down." Krista stated.

Before Harry could respond Kaiba added. "The locket is under lock and key complements of Zigfried von Schroeder. It is grand prize in his upcoming tournament this December. According to Leon most of those with KC contracts are invited to participate. So check your dueling contract emails and confirm attendance so that we can get the locket in two months."

"We have to wait until then to get it." Harry yelled.

"Yes." Krista and Kaiba stated in unison.

"Oh come on we are wizards and witches, lets just use magic and go get it." Harry suggest in an overly excited tone.

"And break the Statue of Secrecy! I don't think so! My stocks would never recover!" Yelled Kaiba.

"Kaiba, this is bigger than your company!" Harry yelled.

"No Harry," said Hermione while staring at her smart phone. "Kaiba is right if we go after it now it will draw too much attention." She turned her phone so that Harry could see what she was looking at. "Look even in our invites it only states a valuable no picture no description. Which means the Dark Lord won't know it is his Horcrux. For the moment it is safer in Zigfried's vault."

"Make sure everyone confirms." Ordered Atem.

"Those who were awake already have." Kaiba stated in an annoyed tone.

As Atem was confirming his invite on his smart phone he sneered. "And I'm sorry I won't get to face you this time Kaiba as I'm sure you weren't invited."

"Actually I was under my Underground alias. Evidently Zigfried wants professional and underground fans in the stands. He just didn't realize that The CEO was in fact me." Kaiba said.

"Krista are you confirming?" Hermione said.

Krista rolled her eyes evidently the Queen didn't hear the part about those being awake had confirmed. "I already did. I'm the Queen of the Underground and must be present!"

Harry knowing he was outvoted about going after the locket now, pulled out his cell phone to confirm his attendance. After he was done he asked. "So what are we supposed to do for two months?"

"Try to locate the Hufflepuff's Cup and stay on the look out for the Orichalcos." Krista stated as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Harry rolled his eyes at the Royal Sorceress and asked. "Is the Black Dragon confirming?"

"He better or else he will deal with me." Krista sneered. "I intend to inform him tomorrow. I won't wake him up for this."

"We'll need all the allies we can get, so that one of us takes home the locket." Atem stated.

"And then the winner should get the honor of destroying it." Kaiba said.

"Kaiba, if you are thinking it will be you, need I remind you that I always beat you." Atem said.

Kaiba leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms over his chest. "Need I remind you that my wife beat you. And if Anubis hadn't knocked me out, I would have won that duel by using your own god cards against you. And one day I will device another strategy that will make it so I win against you."

"See all of you in December." Hermione said as she logged off the conference call.

Krista let out a yawn as she turned to see Mokuba still busy working on the floor. She rose out of her chair and walked over to him and asked him a question that had been eating away on her since her confrontation with Jasmine. "Mokie why did you rat me out to my Valkyria?"

Mokuba looked up from his work and said. "Huh?"

"she knew we were looking for the seal of Orichalcos."

"Oh that was an accident I was just too worried about you guys and it sort of slipped out."

Kaiba let curiosity get the better of him as he went to stand next to his wife. "Mokie, what are you working on? It seems to have taking all your attention. You didn't even seem to notice anything else going around."

A big grin spread on Mokie's face. "A way to generate new sales for our company in the real or magical world." Mokie said while holding up his blueprints. "Meet the KC hover board. The perfect companion for dueling in mid air."

Kaiba nodded his head as he looked over Mokuba's specks. He had to admit to himself they weren't too bad for a first draft. He could tell that some tweaking in the upper math category would need done but all in all a very good first try. Not wanting to point out the minor mathematical errors and ruin his little brother's good mood, the CEO stated. "Not bad...the project is all your."

Mokuba jumped up giving his brother a hug. "Really."

"Yep you earned it. Vice President Kaiba." The CEO stated

"Thanks big brother," Mokuba let out a yawn as he rolled up his blueprints. "Now that you are back safe, I think I will finally go to bed."

Seto snickered as he watched his brother go to his room. He then wrapped his arm around his wife's waist as the two went back their laptops to begin working. After a couple minutes, he noticed Krista was yawning and nodding off as she was trying to work on her laptop. "Imzadi, I have more work to do, but you should really get to bed."

"You are my husband not my father." She snapped.

"I'm also your boss, and you are carrying my child you need your rest."

Krista shut the lid on her laptop. "Fine, I'll go to bed but wake me when you climb into bed." Krista said with a wink.

Kaiba watched as his wife walked through the door to their room. After the door was closed, he said. "Baby you can bet my entire fortune on that!"

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