As Kim left Shego picked up her scatted clothes that had been littered across the floor of the hotel room. She hadn't any idea how exactly she had managed to get in this position with Kim.

'I swear to god, I'm never ever drinking again.' Shego slipped into her her t-shirt. Shego did normally wear her catsuit but she was trying to not to get spotted and the suit wasn't exactly that suitable for keeping her self from getting noticed. Still though Kim had found some way to find her.

"Gahh!" Shego plunged her fist into the wall. 'No matter where I go she's there.' The green girl had most likely broke a few bones in her hand but she simply ignored it. 'How the hell did this even happen?'

Shego attempted to find something in her memory that could help her figure how she got into this mess.

'I only remember the bar then..what happened after that?' She thought but then suddenly remembered 'Oh wait I remember after that, I convinced Kim to go to the Las Vegas Strip with me'

Last Night

"Man all those lights". Shego admired the Las Vegas lights "It's pretty nice right?"

"Hey Shego couldn't we just call it a night." Kim hiccuped "I'm not feeling too well"

"Kimmie I can hardly believe that you're drunk of a couple of shots" The other woman shook her head at Kim "You're such a light weight."

"But Sheg-"

"Stop right there cupcake" Shego placed her hand to halt the red haired girl speaking "Kimmie all your life you've always played by the rules. But tonight I'm gonna change that. Say are you any good at dancing?"

"Not really" Kim admitted

"Well I'll teach you then" The plasma girl dragged the younger girl in the direction of a nearby club

"Err Shego that lines a little long" The red head pointed out

"Leave that to me" Shego walked up to the club's bouncer "Hey pal. Any chance we can go in next?"

"No" The man spoke "Wait in line"

Shego sighed and tapped the shoulder of bouncer


Before the Bouncer could respond Shego punched the man knocking him to the floor

"See." Shego smiled "No problem"

Kim remained silent started by what she had seen causing the older woman to practically drag her inside.

Shego rubbed her hand against her chin attempting to remember but coming up blank. But her thoughts were interrupted by the red headed girl re-entering the room.

"Thanks a lot Shego." Kim glared at the other woman "Now Betty thinks I'm some kind of slut now"

"So? Why should I care?" Shego folded her arms "Besides you are."

"Shut up Shego" Kim yelled "This is all your fault. If you hadn't convinced me to have that drink with you, I never would have gotten drunk and we would have know"

Shego just simply rolled her eyes at the Heroine.

"Whatever Kimmie" The green haired girl turned to leave.

"Where are you going?" Kim questioned "You can't leave after everything that's happened"

"Why?" Shego raised her eyebrow "What do you want me to do? Give you flowers and promise to call you?"

"No.." The red haired girl muttered. "But I still have to arrest you remember?"

"Seriously Kimmie?" Shego questioned "You're going to screw me twice?"

"Sh..shut up Shego" Kim blushed

Shego placed her hand on her forehead "Listen Kimmie, I have a hangover and I'm pretty sure you do too, so are you really going to try and arrest me?"

"Of course I am." Kim launched her self at the villain pining her to the ground.

"Wow, you really don't listen do you?" Shego felt the pain go through her head when she hit the ground

"Shego" Kim tried ignored the hangover "Tell me. What actually happened between us last night."

"Probably something like this" Shego responded.

"I mean before." Kim moved her face closer to Shego's.

"I Dunno." The plasma woman shrugged "Last I remembered was when I took you into that night club."

"The nightclub?" Kim began to remember "I remember. You knocked the bouncer out. And then we you took me onto the dance floor"

"Hey I'm gonna get us something more to drink you wait her Kimmie" Shego told before she left the other girl on the dance floor. Kim was baffled. She found it hard to understand how exactly it was that Shego was able to drink without seeming drunk. Kim could leave now while Shego was gone.

Kim took the chance to leave but found her arm gripped by someone behind her. The redhair turned to see some shady guy had grabbed her arm

"Leaving so soon beautiful?" The Guy asked. Naturally she would have normally struck out at the guy, but she wasn't in the best position to react.

"Yeah the party hasn't even started yet" Another guy spoke

"Please just go away" Kim pleaded

"Come on we just want-"

The guy hit floor hard let Kim go who a stumbled to the ground

"Hey pervs, don't you have better things to do then pick on a drunk girl?"

Kim looked up to see that Shego had whacked the guy over the head with a glass bottle. The other man attempted to move towards the green woman who noticed elbowing him to the floor. Shego turned back to the drunk redhead helping her to her feet.

"Come on" Let's get out of here" Shego instructed caring the heroine along.

Both Shego and Kim remained silent as they walked away from the club. Kim noticed as Shego pulled out a vodka bottle and took a sip.

"Where did you get that?" Kim eventually broke the silence

"Oh this?" Shego looked at the bottle "I took it before we left. I'm sure they won't mind one bottle missing"

Kim attempted to lecture Shego about stealing but it was obvious she wasn't going to listen.

"You want some?" Shego offered

"Not re-" Kim paused as she stared at the other girl "Yes actually" Kim took the bottle and began to gulp it down

"Woah! Kimmie slow down" Shego took the bottle from the other girl before she could finish the contents of the bottle

"Sorr'ey" Kim giggled

Shego took a drink. She couldn't believe how drunk this girl was already.

"Can I has an'ther dr'nk?" Kim hugged the green girl

"I think you've had enough Kimmie" Shego pried the redhead off of her

"Com on." Kim attempted to take the bottle from Shego who drank it all before Kim had a chance.

"I think I need to sit down after that." Shego took a seat on a nearby bus bench.

"Hey Shego" Kim lay on the other girl.

"Yeah princess?" Shego questioned.

"Wh' do we al'awys hav' to fig'ht?" Kim asked.

"Because we're enemies Kimmie" Shego leaned back in her seat.

"If we're en'mies then wh'y di' you s've me f'om those men bac' in tha club?" Kim slurred.

Shego thought before she answered. Why did she save Kim from those weirdos back in the club anyway?

"I.." Shego began "I guess I just didn't want to see you get hurt. That's my job."


An Update? You better Believe it!

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