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Reason #42: Breaking in a new apartment

"I don't think your stuff is going to fit." Jesse stared at the boxes stacked in the living room.

"What makes you think that," Beca deadpanned. But damn, those boxes were daunting. This one bedroom apartment was not going to be big enough for the two of them.

"We'll make it work," Jesse said thoughtfully. "Somehow. Maybe just... Tetris our life a bit."

"Does that mean the shelf of movies will disappear since it forms a solid line?"

Jesse was torn between being aghast at her suggestion his movies disappear and wanting to applaud her. "Careful. Your nerd is showing through."

Beca rolled her eyes. "Yeah, that's your fault."

"It's fine. We'll add a small desk for you in the bedroom, and I'll move my keyboard out here. We'll just have to live with a couple boxes stacked tackily in the corner until we can afford a bigger apartment."

Beca quirked a smile up at him. "We. Weird."

Jesse smiled at her. "Yes. We. This is our apartment."

Beca arrived that morning after sending her stuff out a week or two in advance. Jesse spent the month after Copenhagen cleaning up his apartment, boxing up stuff he didn't think he'd need anytime soon to make room for her stuff.

Jesse wrapped his arms around her and kissed her forehead. She sighed contentedly and poked his side. "Hey. Remember that time you word vomited a proposal?"

Jesse scoffed. "You better not think that was the real thing. There's a grand romantic gesture coming. Just. Not anytime soon."

They discussed the alleged proposal. Was it real? Yes and no. They both knew it was in their future, but there was no rush. Jesse meant it and would never take it back, but it was one of those inner thoughts that accidentally escaped. He was just happy she wasn't appalled by the idea of it.

"I'd like a bigger apartment first," Beca said. In a week, she'd start her new job. Her new life. Here. In L.A. With Jesse. "Hey Jesse."


"We have an apartment. Together."

"Yeah. I know. We talked about it."

"We live together."


"We don't have roommates."

Jesse stared at her as it dawned on both of them. No Benji. No Fat Amy. No Treble house. No Bellas. It was just them.

"I can walk around naked!" Jesse exclaimed.

"Never did understand the draw of that. Your ass would get itchy sitting on the couch. And then, your naked ass would literally be on the couch. Like, your balls would be all sweaty and touching the couch that I would try to nap on. Gross. No."

"That's actually a valid point." He pouted a little. "Although..."

Beca squealed as he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder, setting her down on the kitchen table. "We're alone. No. Roommates." He punctuated his statement with a kiss. He felt her smile into the kiss as her arms wrapped around his neck.

"Jesse," she mumbled against his mouth as she ran a hand through his hair, scraping her nails against his scalp.

"Hm?" Jesse responded as he ran his tongue along her bottom lip then moved to the spot on her neck that made her giggle and gasp in response.

"Table," she gasped out as she reflexively wrapped her legs around his hips. He groaned as he subconsciously ground against her.

"Yeah. Have one," he said as he kissed down her collarbone.

"No. Not-" her fingers carded through his hair as he nuzzled between her breasts, his hands wandering underneath her shirt, gently rubbing circles on her hips. "Ikea. Ikea table," she managed to say after he threw her shirt off.

He snapped his head up at that, hands pausing at the clasp of her bra. His eyes focused momentarily on the table then he glanced back at Beca. He let her slide off the table and stand up before he tossed her bra somewhere behind him, then his lips were back on hers. He scooped her up and then somehow they were on the kitchen floor.

"Cold cold cold!" Beca squealed as her back rested on the tile.

"Oh. Shit. Sorry," Jesse mumbled and rolled them over so he was on floor with Beca sitting astride him. She placed her hands on his chest for balance and ground down on him. He groaned loudly. In response, he reached up and ran both his thumbs in circles around her nipples, causing her to grind down on him more as she moaned.

She pushed against his chest lightly and he paused, eyes trying to see straight. He looked confused when she got off him and he lifted himself up on his elbows to look at her. She stood up long enough to shimmy out of her pants and underwear. His face split into a smile as he threw his shirt over his head. He started to undo his pants and got them halfway off his ass before she climbed on top of him, stilling his hands. He gripped her waist as she knelt over him, rubbing herself along his length.

"Oh... fuck..." he mumbled as he let her slide herself along him, making him twitch. He heard her breathing harder before she wrapped her hand around him sunk down on to him. He arched up off the floor and she moaned loudly. He reached a hand between them as she started riding him, her hands holding onto his chest for balance. It wasn't long before she was frantic above him, her hair a curtain around his face as she screamed out his name. His hands went to her hips as he thrust in to her a couple more times before she collapsed atop of him, both completely out of breath.

"I... think... I might have bruises... on my knees.." she panted out between breaths.

"My ass is cold," Jesse mumbled.

"The couch. It was right there." Beca gestured to the left of her.

"Where's the fun in that?"

"There really aren't a lot of areas to christen in this place, you know," she said.

"Ah, that's just where we have to get creative," Jesse said, wiggling his eyebrows.

"God, you're such a nerd," she laughed. "Come on. Let's get in the shower then we can figure out where my stuff's going."

Jesse never got up so fast in his life.