Chapter 14

The next day Tina got to go back home. Carolyn was sad to see her go but said she'd see her at Hogwarts. Tina was upstairs in her bed watching Beauty and the Beast while the other kids were in the living room with Severus, Voldemort, Vicki, and the other adults. "Now I want to throw Tina a early birthday party, I want to know what you guys think of the idea. "I think it's a great idea Severus" Fred said.

Everyone else agreed. Hey Tina come on down here we're going to Sirius's house!" Severus called up the ramp. Tina came down the ramp and everyone headed out to the car. When they got to Sirius's house Severus opened the door. "Surprise Happy Birthday Tina! Everyone shouted. "Thanks but my birthday is in September" Tina said.

"We know but some of us won't be at Hogwarts for your birthday so we're having a little one now" Molly said. "Can we open presents first?" Tina asked. "Of course we can" Severus said. Tina picked up the card that was attached to the first present. Tina I saw this in the store the day you, Ron, and Draco were in there. I saw your face light up so I knew you liked her. I love you very much baby girl, Love papa.

Tina opened the cage and looked inside. "Ron, Draco, it's the puppy from the pet store" Tina said taking her out and showing everybody. "Oh she's so cute Tina" Luna said. "Thank you papa" she said. Severus nodded."I'm going to name her Belle from Beauty and the Beast Tina said picking up another present. "That's a good name sweetie" Sheridan said.

Tina picked up another card from the pile attached to it was a cage. Tina don't ask us how we did it, because magicians never reveal their secrets. We're really sorry for what we did to you this summer, Harry, Ginny and Hermione. Tina took the sheet off the cage it was empty. "There's nothing in here" she said.

Harry whistled. "Tina look up" he said. Tina looked up to where Harry was pointing. "Storm she's alive!" Tina cried happily. "Thank you guys but, this doesn't change what you did to me" Tina said reaching for another gift.

There was a note attached to the present. Tina, I remember when you saw this at the mall saying you'd love to have it. I got it for you to show you how much more I loved you than Jake did. I hope you like it. I love you so much my angel, Love Lucius. Tina unwrapped the present from Lucius.

"It's the tiara from the jewelry store!" Tina cried happily hugging Lucius. Harry and the other kids, were upstairs because Lucius wanted to give her the present alone. "Thank you Lucius" she said. "You're welcome" he said. "One more present baby girl" Severus said as Severus and Sirius handed her two envelopes. "Adoption papers you want to adopt me for real?" She asked.

"Yes but you can only pick one of us" Sirius said. "Can I think about it and let you know later?" Tina asked. "Sure you can baby girl" Severus said. "Thanks see you later" she said and wheeled herself up the ramp to the room the other kids were in. "You guys are not going to believe what happened" Tina said as she entered the room.

"What happened?" Harry asked. "Both Sirius and papa want to adopt me, I can only choose one, any suggestions?" she asked. I think you should pick Severus" Ron said. "I think you should pick Sirius" Harry said. Why should she pick Sirius Harry?" Ron asked.

"He's her godfather on my father's side, why should she pick Severus Ron?" Harry asked angrily. "Harry let me ask you something, who is it that tucks her in every night? Severus" Ron said. Who is it that tells her he loves her? Severus" Ron said. "Who cried when he found out what you, Ginny, and Hermione did to her? Severus" Ron said for the third time. "He didn't cry Ron" Harry said.

"Yes he did Harry he put a silencing charm up after Tina had gone to bed so she wouldn't hear him" Luna said. "Kids time for cake!" Molly called from downstairs. They all left the room and headed downstairs. After the cake Harry and the Weasley's had gone back to the burrow to get ready for Hogwarts next week. "Can I have everyone's attention please?" Tina asked.

Everyone looked at her. "Thank you now you all know that Sirius and papa want to adopt me, but you don't know who I picked right?" she asked. Everyone nodded. "I'm sorry Sirius but I'm going to pick papa because he's been there for me through all this and even if he hadn't I'd still pick him" Tina said. "I understand cub" he said hugging her.

Severus came over to Tina and got her out of her chair. "I love you papa" Tina said. "I love you too baby girl" he said crying.