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Summary: Justin and Kira get sent back in time and meet the original MMPR except Tommy set after Green candle and before Tommy's return.

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The Disappearing Rangers

Chapter 12

In Reefside Jason and Tommy were in their suits heading to Karen Fords house ready to try and explain to her that Kira was on a mission for the Power Rangers without giving away too much information to Karen.

Outside the Ford residence Jason was nervous he knew he would have to remove his helmet to make Karen believe them and he still didn't think she would be happy with the news but it was all they could do.

Tommy rang the bell standing there in his Braccio Dino Thunder Suit and Jason was beside him in his Red MMPR suit.

"Hello what can I do for you?" asked Karen not paying attention to who was at the door at first then she looked up and said, "What is going on Halloween isn't for another few months?"

"Mrs. Karen Ford may we please come in we need to talk to you" said the Red Ranger.

"Is something wrong, has something happened to my daughter Kira?" asked Karen.

"Please could we discuss this inside it will be safer for all those involved" said the Black Ranger.

"Ok but I warn you a mother in a bad mood is a bad thing to face" said Karen.

The three of them made their way towards the front room and Karen lead them in and sat on her couch

"Mrs. Ford I understand you have been worried about the whereabouts of your daughter" said the Black Ranger.

"Yes and although her friends claimed she was with her boyfriend Justin I found it hard to believe and now you are both here so I guess that is not true" said Karen.

"Correct Mrs. Ford, Kira is actually on a mission for the Power Rangers and Justin is with her" said the Red Ranger.

"How could you have chosen her and not even asked me?" asked Karen.

"The truth is Kira volunteered to go and she dragged Justin with her to make sure she doesn't do anything silly" said the Red Ranger.

"I'm calling the police this is silly my daughter is missing and you are the one who probably kidnapped her and you are using this as an excuse for why she isn't here, if this is genuine I need to know why I should trust you" said Karen as she reached for the phone.

The Black Ranger nodded to the Red one who raised his hands and unclipped his helmet and took it off revealing Jason Lee Scott.

"Jason? This is real isn't it?" asked Karen.

"Unfortunately yes and seeing as now you know who I am I suppose I should tell you the truth about what has happened to Kira and Justin" said Jason.

"Jason please tell me the truth I deserve that" said Karen.

"Kira and Justin got caught up in a monster attack and got sent back in time to 1993, I know she is safe because I remember meeting her back in that time frame and I do know they left that time zone safely I just don't know when they return here. Since they are essentially travelling through time they could come back any time at all, they spend a total of a month in 1993 and helped us keep our identity a secret from people trying to find out who we are" said Jason.

"Can you get them back?" asked Karen to the Black Ranger.

"My tech consultant and her assistant are attempting to find a way to get them back we have contacted them and they are safe, we are waiting for the monster to attack again that sent them back in time so we can attempt to defeat him" said the Black Ranger.

"Can you defeat him?" asked Karen.

"We hope so his power level is very strong from our first scans it will take everything we have from our Zords to do it but we will try" said the Black Ranger.

The Disappearing Rangers

Meanwhile at Tommy's house there was a knock at the door and Conner went to open it.

"Hello is Tommy Oliver here?" asked the man at the door.

"Not at the moment can I help with anything?" asked Conner.

Just then Conner looked up to see who the man was and got a shock. "Wesley Collins Red Time Force Ranger!" said Conner.

"Yeah that's me so I guess I'm in the right place may I come in and wait for him to return?" asked Wes.

"Sure follow me" said Conner as he lead Wes over to the secret trap door that lead down to the Command Cave where Hayley and Ethan were working on ways to increase the power of the Dino Thunder Zords so they could safely take on the Time Monster that had sent Kira and Justin back in time.

"Who was that at the door Conner?" asked Hayley.

"Hayley Ziktor?" said Wes.

"Wes what an interesting development this is, what brought you out here I thought you couldn't do anything to help us?" said Hayley.

"That was true up until 3 hours ago when a case I had in a time lock opened and it had something in it that I was told to bring to Tommy" said Wes.

"What is it?" asked Hayley.

"Something he needs" said Wes placing the box down on the table with a written letter on top of it.

"What's in the letter?" asked Hayley.

"It's from Justin and Kira, Justin wrote it in the past and sent it to me in the future along with the item in the box" said Wes.

The Disappearing Rangers

At the Ford residence Jason was putting his helmet back on and getting ready to leave when Karen said to him "Jason please try to get them back safely, and please give them all the info they need to get my precious daughter back soon"

"We're doing all we can Mrs. Ford I assure you" said the Black Ranger.

"Thank you for coming and being honest with me" said Karen.

The two Rangers left the house and headed back to Tommy's Jeep and then they drove off, and once they were on a secluded road heading back to Tommy's they de-morphed.

"Thank god that's over with now I just hope we can get them back safely I don't want to deal with her if anything happens to Kira" said Jason.

"I know but we know they leave the past safely otherwise I would have met them before Justin became Turbo Blue" said Tommy.

"I guess" said Jason.

"Jason did you or the others actually witness them leaving the past?" asked Tommy.

"No Zordon told us they had gone although I think Billy knew and kept it a secret. Then a few days later that Dramole monster showed up and you returned" said Jason.

Tommy was shocked and was silent until they reached his house and he saw a Silver Guardian's car parked in front of the house.

"Now what's going on?" asked Tommy.

"No idea you think Wes is stupid enough to actually show up after ordering me to silence about what I remember of that time" said Jason.

"He's a Red I think he would show up and make sure we are not cheating the time line" replied Tommy.

The Disappearing Rangers

Tommy and Jason entered the house and saw the trap door was open and they could hear voices from the Command Cave and one of those voices was Wes, they both heard him saying about the box and the letter from Justin and Kira.

"So what is in the letter?" asked Tommy making Wes jump.

"Instructions for me to follow and deliver the box at a certain time and place" said Wes.

"Do you know what is in the box?" asked Jason.

"Yes it says in the letter I was given with the box and it was sent by Zordon, Justin said you would need this" said Wes as he handed the box to Tommy.

Tommy carefully opened the box and looked at what was inside and couldn't believe his eyes.

"But how I thought it was lost in time?" said Tommy.

"Apparently not all I know about it was that it was sent on the temporal date that you became the White Ranger Tommy" said Wes.

"Did you read the second letter?" asked Tommy.

"No it was addressed to your team all we did was scan it for any temporal anomalies" said Wes.

"So can you tell us any more about what happens because I'm now almost certain we fight the monster here and defeat it only for it to go back in time" said Tommy.

"You are right and also I have to tell you your friend Billy Cranston with help from this end from Hayley and Ethan help bring them back to the correct time frame" said Wes.

"How much longer until they return?" asked Tommy.

"Once the monster is defeated in both realities you get a message from Zordon and Billy and with help from this side you match up your quantum and temporal dates and times and using the devises that Billy built to enter Rita's Dark Dimension to retrieve the Green candle you are able to open a time hole for them to enter and return to your time" said Wes.

"What date do they return?" asked Tommy again getting the idea he won't get an answer from Wes.

"Sorry I can't tell you that I have already said too much" said Wes.