Sharp, sea green eyes with a long angular nose. Pale silver hair and a defined jaw line; his plump pink lips are contorted into a sneer, a cigarette hanging from them. His breath feels like ice, but smells like nicotine.

Dammit, I love him.

His pale arms are crossed over his chest, leather and metal bracelets binding them. The long sleeved t-shirt he's wearing is cuffed at his elbows, the neck wide open and exposing milky white flesh. His shoulders are slumped slightly in a slouch as he leans against the wall, looking at me with cat-like orbs.

I stride over quickly and wrap my tanned arms around him, the contrast in color so different. Chocolate brown clashes with turquoise as our eyes meet. He drops the cigarette from his lips and crushes it under his sneaker, reaching those pale arms around my neck and standing on his toes to place a kiss on my lips.

The height difference pisses him off. I love it. I love everything about him.

Change scenery.

We're in the bedroom.

His face is flushed, those pink lips parted as he moans and arches under my touch. "Takeshi…" he groans my name, coming undone over his chest and mine.

I follow right behind with a deep, "Hayato…" his name falls from my own lips as I lay beside him.

We whisper soft 'I love you's and exchange sweet kisses until I fall asleep. I especially love the times like this, when he's mine and only mine… when he shows me the side of him that no one else sees.

I wake up early to find a cold bed, without my precious bomber in it. "Dera, come back to bed…" I murmur, my voice husky with sleepiness.

He lays down beside me with a soft sigh, slipping beneath the covers and nuzzling into me. "Yeah, yeah… Yakyuu baka… you sleep much easier than I do."

I kiss his head and ignore the comment, closing my eyes and pretending to drift to sleep.

He hums softly, thinking I'm far from conscious, but I hear him.

Eventually, the humming fades, and he finally falls asleep.