Another bullet whizzed past the two, Lukas tackling Emil to keep him out of the way. They fell a few hundred feet but quickly retaliated to get out of the area as quickly as possible.

The Norwegian looked back to where the shot rung out, the person being shrouded by the trees below. "How did this end up happening? Emil, I told you that you need to conceal yourself in public!"

"It's not my fault! Some girl saw a feather sticking out and she tugged on it!" The platinum-blond boy spit back, avoiding another shot as it passed nearby. "I didn't want them to just rip through my clothes either!"

A third shot rang out below and without any warning, the bullet ran through the elder brother's shoulder. Emil quickly noticed when Lukas fell down a couple hundred feet. Still, bullets were being fired. Lukas held his shoulder, looking at his sibling. "Go. Just get somewhere safe and I'll come and get you later, okay? So go!"

Emil gave a weary look until a bullet was shot between them and he took off. Lukas could feel warm blood spilling on his clothes and the knowledge that he couldn't continue much longer outweighed everything. He went off in the opposite direction. He was happy to hear the gunman was following him and sparing his little brother.

This went on for an hour or so before the gunman completely stopped. At this point, Lukas was getting so drained from blood-loss, he simply landed in a patch he deemed safe and landed lazily, crashing painfully on his face.

He gathered himself up, leaning on the nearest tree trunk and slowly made his way forward with his wings tucked behind his back, blood slowly oozing down in between the fabric of his shirt and skin. There was a rustling ahead of him, making him paused an a beat of worry. Possibly the man trying to kill him was coming towards him.

Someone came through the brush, crystalline blue eyes and spiked blond hair. The man paused and looked at Lukas, quickly noticing the blood on his shoulders. Lukas defensively lifted his wings, trying to muster a threatening look to scare the man away. Yet, he remained mostly unfazed.

"Dude, you're all bloody! Come here, lemme see." He moved swiftly to Lukas' side and examined the gun wound with widening eyes. " can take you to my house and get that cleaned up-"

"Off me..." Lukas hissed, backing away. "Don't touch me..."

"You need help." He stated obliviously, moving closer once more. "Come on, I promise I won't hurt you. Let me at least wrap it-" before he finished, Lukas toppled over, unconscious.

" that just happened..."

Lukas started coming to house later, laying in a foreign bed smelling strong of unnatural scents. He scrunched his nose and pinched it shut, disliking the bitter scent in his nose. When he went to sit up, he noticed his shoulder had been all wrapped up and the bed sheets had small traces of blood on them. His eyes narrowed, that idiot had brought him to his home.

Getting up, he hoped to make an escape to hopefully go out and find his brother. It looked dark enough outside to where he assumed the man would possibly be asleep. He crawled out of the bedroom and started limping around, looking for an exit. Pain was surging in his leg, most likely from the faulty landing.

"Hey you!" Someone snapped behind him, making him flinch and his wings to spread as far as they could. "You aren't feeling better yet, are you? I can see you limping. Come on, back to bed."

Before he could protest, his smaller body was lifted and no amount of flailing or writhing could remove him of the grip the Dane held him in. "I don't like being touched, let me go."

"No. You're hurt and you're thinking of running off." The man growled, making Lukas fall silent. "I'll be okay. You're limping, let me check that leg..."

"Get off of me." Lukas murmured as he was laid on the bed. "I need to find Emil. Let me go and find him!"

"No." The man stated simply, leaving for a brief moment to return with a first aid kit. "Just lay there and relaxed. You seem really pale right now too, you need to calm down before you pass out again."

He lifted Lukas' leg and he winced in pain, pulling it away to cause more pain to himself. "Okay, okay, easy now-"

"Stop talking to me like I'm an animal that's going to give you some sort of a disease." He spit, carefully extending his leg out again. "I'm not a human but I'm no rodent either."

The man nodded, carefully lifting his leg and wrapping it up for him to walk on it. "That should be good for now. Um...I could get you cleaner sheets if you want. You were bleeding on those..."

"They're wound might open again so I'd rather not have you continually giving me new ones constantly." He replied dully, looking away from the man with a sigh. "I'm Lukas..."

He looked over and grinned. "Mathias, nice to meet you."

Lukas was restless for the first few days. He didn't want to be sitting around and was constantly going up and about, even managing to make it outside for some fresh air by escaping through the window. Mathias got extremely annoyed with this but brought the other joy.

Eventually he had settled with keeping still, pretty much when he reopened his wound once more from all his restlessness. He didn't want to admit Mathias was right, so he simply didn't and allowed himself to be sitting comfortably as he was tended to.

When he had gotten somewhat better, Lukas was allowed outside. He didn't care much, just hoping for any sign of Emil when he was. There were signals out there but he had yet to come get Lukas out of here. Probably because of the flurry of panic from earlier. He might've assumed that his brother was captured.

Mathias would go outside and watch as Lukas flew in circles. He seemed amused and sometimes (to poke his own fun) he'd land on the ground on front of him and send him back with a strong gust of air followed by 'stop staring at me.'

There was even one time when he lifted Mathias off the ground a few dozen feet into the air while he squeaked in surprise and fright. This had even made Lukas smile, not so much because of his fright but from honest fun he was having.

Then one day, Lukas woke up normally and went outside for a quick flight. It only took him a moment to realize someone was approaching and turned his head to see his little brother there, looking below the surrounding area. "Emil! Emil!"

The blond looked over, a smile curving on his lips before he rushed over. Lukas did the same, trying to get to his brother's aid only to have a bullet tear through his right wing and send him to the ground in front of Mathias' house. Mathias, who was watching at the time, saw him crash painfully to the ground and lay still in a heap.

"Lukas! Damnit Lukas!" He rushed out the door and beside the man's side, seeing that the bullet had completely torn through the flesh on his wing. Emil came down, seeing Mathias and quickly tackling him to the ground throwing violent blows. "Hey! Hey stop!"

"Why did you do that to my brother!?" He hissed, literally scratching flesh off of Mathias' exposed arms. "Leave us alone!"

"Emil..." Both paused when they heard Lukas. "H-He helped me...he's not bad..."

"Yeah. I need to get you both inside quick." Mathias grinned as Emil stepped off of him. "Just go in there and hide. Lukas...I need you to tuck your wings in. Just for a little while until I can be sure you're safe."

He nodded, getting helped up while Emil stepped inside and hid beneath Lukas' bed. "This place smells bitter...I don't like it..."

"You g-get used to it..." There was a loud knocking at the door, making even Lukas flinch. "Don't l-let whoever it is in..."

"Lock the bedroom door just in case. Emil...try to stop the bleeding any way you can."

"Don't refer to me so lightly you filth." He hissed back, sitting on the bed as his brother extended his wing out to reveal the bloodied wound. The door was locked behind Mathias. "Keep us safe or else! I don't trust you as it is."

When he went to the door, Mathias was face-to-face with a gruffly man with a shotgun barrel aimed towards him. "Have you seen any strange men been 'round here?"

"Aside from you, no." He went to shut the door when the man's foot stopped it. "This isn't a game. Have you seen anything or not?"

"I don't get much around these parts so no." Again, he went to shut the door when the man stepped in. "The authorities are closer than you think if you want me to call! Get out!"

"You were fighting with something. There are fresh wounds on your arm." He paused, examining them again. "You saw the two of 'me didn't you?" Mathias stayed completely silent. "Well?"

"Yes, I saw them." He said calmly, looking the man in the eye. "I scared the gray one was towing the other one."


"Why do you want 'em?"

"The government of Norway is looking to exchange for a pretty penny." The man said with a dark laugh. "Probably would've kept 'em for myself. Be set for life with my hybrid captives."

"I couldn't stop them but they looked like they were going towards the border to Germany. I'd head there if you're still hunting them."

"Thanks." He said with a smile before rushing out. Mathias waited by the window until he was out of sight then locked the door and entered the bedroom with the two. Emil was crying into Lukas' arms, looking towards the Dane as he entered with watery eyes.

"He's gone." He stated simply. "Come on, I'll help you with that wound..."

He left and quickly returned with the kit, daubing disinfectant on the wound before wrapping it up, remaining cautious of the feathers. Emil sat close, watching with a pout on his face knowing the trust Lukas had on this human to allow him to even be near his wings.

Once he had finished, Lukas leaned on Mathias and rested his head on his chest. Emil narrowed his eyes, resting his head on Lukas' lap and breathing out heavily.

"Are you okay Emil?" Lukas asked softly, brushing his fluffy platinum-blond hair. "Mathias, can you make him something to eat? You've gotten skinnier, haven't you?"

Mathias obliged, getting up to get the younger male something to eat. When he left, Emil narrowed his eyes. "You've imprinted on the human male, haven't you Lukas?"

"Yeah. And?"

"Do say it so openly." He hissed, glaring at his brother. "Humans made us into this. Don't trust him."

"I do though." He muttered as Mathias came back with reheated leftovers for Emil. "And I plan on staying on here for awhile longer."

The younger man rolled his eyes but knew simply that he couldn't survive long on his own. "Fine then. But if something goes wrong, it's on your head."