Arthur awoke with jolt hours later laying in an unfamiliar bed with odd scents surrounding him. A clap of lightning and the sense of fear quickly reasoned him to awakening. There was a young person nearby who was scared.

Shakily, he swung his legs over the bedside and stood up. It took a long moment to get to the door but he did so wobbly and soon was able to steady himself with the wall as he walked down the halls to the source of the fearful person.

Outside, flashes of lightning and large, heavy raindrops accompanied by thunder created the only noise. He unsurely entered a room, seeing a bundle of sheets shivering in fear, his first thought going right to his little brother probably sitting in the middle of the woods doing the same exact thing.

Moving closer, Arthur approached the strange young person and sat down on the edge of their bed in relative silence. Their head poked out, a little brunette with crystal-clear blue eyes staring back full of surprise and fear. His head covered once more at the sound of thunder, even making Arthur's feathers ruffle a bit.

Pulling the sheets off, Arthur opened his arms in silence and allowed the boy to carefully and cautiously climb into his lap. His brothers warned him earlier that he may be a potential danger but the second Arthur's arms were around him, he could feel that he wouldn't be harming him in any way.

"Are ye feelin' better...?" He asked shakily, looking up at the man and cringing at the noise outside once more.

"I'm still stiff and sore, but I'll be alright..." Arthur replied, letting his wings slowly wrap around the two of them even with pain shooting through the left one where he was nicked. "You're scared, aren't you...?"

"N-Not of ye..." He mumbled, coming closer and wrapping his arms around the blond's neck. "I don' like storms..."

"Neither does my brother." He said with a sincere smile, letting the boy wrap his arms around his neck. "Don't worry, I'll keep you safe tonight."

He was about to interject when he silenced himself. "Peter...he's yer brother, isn't he? Wha' happened to 'im?"

"He and I got separated." Arthur muttered, stroking the boy's back carefully as if he did have wings to watch out for. Still the boy liked the sensation from it and relaxed completely in his arms. "I need to go look for him once I get better. I don't know where he is..."

"Yer gunna find 'im. Me and mah brother's can help." He offered a little bit of reassurance, making Arthur smile.

"Thank you." He said, brushing the boy's curly locks. "My name is Arthur."

The brunette boy smiled, snuggling closer in complete comfort. "Mah name's Aiden." He flinched once more at the sound outside of the house and held him closer like the boy was his brother. "I'm sorry-"

"Just rest your head against my shoulder. I've got you..." He did as Arthur asked, still stroking the boy's back and keeping his wings spread around them until he fell asleep. "Good night Aiden..." He whispered, tucking his wings back and laying down beside him, wondering what in the world poor Peter was up to right now.

Emil woke up feeling Peter's fear from the other side of the house. Mathias decided it be better to stay overnight. Unfortunately he was laying alone regarding that his own brother decided to go lay with Mathias when he went to sleep.

Getting out of bed, he slowly and silently trudged down the halls to Peter's room and went to see what was the matter. "Peter...? Are you alright in here? You seem scared."

"T-Thunder..." He murmured from his bed, his blond head covered by a blanket. "I-I don't like thunder..."

Sure enough, there was a storm outside although Emil was reluctant to even notice. "Alright then. I'll just keep you company for a little bit." He sat down, surprised to have Peter cling onto him like he was a mother. "It's okay Peter, I'm right here-"

"I'm scared..." He admitted bashfully, clinging onto Emil tightly and hoping for him to react the same as Arthur would. It took Emil a moment to realize this and eventually wrapped his arms around the boy, lifting his wings up and around them, shrouding the two from the outside world hammering at the window.

"Don't worry...we're all going to help you find Arthur. He's strong so don't panic too much." He brushed the spot in between the boy's wings and eventually let his fingers trace to the tips. "Come on, how about you take a deep breath and relax? Tino and Berwald are going to take good care of you until then. And if you need me or Lukas, tell them and they'll get us to come over."

Peter nodded, resting his head against Emil's chest and breathing out heavily and shakily. "W-Why are you so scared of humans Emil...?"

"Don't trust all of them..." Emil breathed into his hairline,"not all of them are as nice as Tino and Berwald..."

"But Mathias is really nice too..." He piped up in a kind voice. "Besides, Lukas seems to really like him a lot."

His eyes narrowed angrily,"don't remind me."

"Lukas imprinted on the human male, didn't he...?" Peter asked with intrigued blue eyes cutting through the occasional flash of lightning outside. He didn't seem as phased by it anymore.

Emil's eyes rolled slightly and he could only nod. "I don't see what he likes so much in that human male. He's an idiotic person..."

"Maybe it happened when you weren't there..." Peter mused, yawning softly and resting his head against Emil's shirt and started shutting his eyes. "I like Mathias though...he makes Lukas happy noticed...?"

"Yeah, I have." He mumbled bashfully, laying on his side with the boy clung onto his shirt still. "How about we lay down for a little bit. I'll stay around here for the night if you're still worried about the storm."

"Thank you Emil..." He murmured quietly, burrowing his face into the crook of the platinum-blond's neck. " you think Arthur got out of there all right? I mean...d-do you think he...?"

"Don't worry." Emil muttered, shutting his own eyes and relaxing beneath the sheets. "Arthur knows how to take good care of himself. He's strong and has magic none of us understand...I'm pretty sure that he's going to be okay..."

Peter smiled at this and nestled in quietly, the two quickly succumbing to sleep's enticing trance with the rain hitting harshly against the world they lived at the moment. Around this time in the other room, Lukas stirred at the loud noises himself and lazily turned away to meet the Dane's electric-blue eyes.

"W-What are you doing up so late...?" Lukas asked, propping himself up slightly (and uncomfortably) to look at Mathias, bare-chested due to being stubborn and not wanting to wear a shirt to bed. "W-What are you...?"

"I was just watching you..." He said in a whisper, flashing a grin through the dark. Lukas glared back, causing it to fall. "I woke up a few minutes ago because of the storm too. If you're really scared from it though, you're allowed to cuddle closer to me-"

"Don't even think about it." Lukas hissed, turning away to face the window which was being hit by a barrage of raindrop-bullets. "Just go back to sleep. I just noticed that Emil went to comfort Peter..."

"Why are you being so cold Lukas...?" Mathias purred, wrapping an around around his waist and pulling the hybrid closer to him. "What happened after those first weeks...? You always laid in bed with were always so scared. It was kinda cute actually..."

"I'm not afraid anymore..." He hissed, looking back with his dulled eyes with annoyance within. "I don't need you to baby me like the first two weeks I was with you."

Mathias laid in silence, refusing to break away and brushing Lukas' arm with little gentle circles using the pads of his fingers. Lukas didn't move or seem to mind though, inwardly liking the sensation of him rubbing small circles into his arm.

"Lukas..." Mathias started only to pause once more and stare towards where the mentioned was glaring at. "I'm not going to tell anybody if you really are scared or whatever. I never told Emil."

"Because Emil would've killed you..." He hissed back, nestling closer. "And I would've killed you for telling him that..."

"Alright, alright." He silently laughed, kissing Lukas' cheek and settling down. "I'll let you go to sleep. Just try not to shift around too much for the sake of your wings and my body-"

He paused when Lukas turned his head, sliding his hand on the other's cheek and pressed a chaste kiss on his lips. They stared for a brief moment before Lukas turned his head around. "T-Thats how you humans casually say 'good night,' am I right?"

"Y-Yeah but-"

"Then good night." His voice was harsh, his face red from the initial embarrassment of what he had just done. "I'll try not to smack you with my wings-"

He was cut short when Mathias sat up, pinning him down and pressing his lips on Lukas' once more. He struggled to pull away and eventually managed to break away from the Danish man. "What exactly are you doing you idiot...!? I just told you 'good night' so go to sleep...!"

"Lukas, I really like you." He blurted out a red tint coming upon his face too. "I think you're a really...handsome man...and definitely the most interesting thing I've seen so're beautiful in your own way-"

Without much warning his arms flew around Mathias' neck, his lips pressed against his much more passionately then they had before. But neither noticed, holding one another tightly and rolling around in the bed sheets as they entangled themselves within them. It was a battle for who was more powerful, rolling this way and that with lips moving in such sync. It took a few moments before Lukas was laying on top the other man and they broke apart from one another panting with an odd, fuzzy feeling swelling up within both of their chests.

Mathias grinned, seeing Lukas staring so intently as normal but with a much different look within his eyes. "You really like moving fast into this, don't you Luke?"

"Lukas..." He growled, averting his eyes for a moment before staring back at him. "And I refused to do anything to you unless I have your permission and cooperation. Since you're already enough of a pain in the ass to deal with..."

He wiggled his eyebrows, gaining himself a well-deserved smack on the shoulder. "Shut up..."

Once more, their lips collided and their fit of passion started again. They moved in sync, as if the two had been one person originally with arms wrapped closely around one another. Only Lukas didn't really think as he descended further about the two other winged companions who could sense everything he was feeling and immediately shooting back up into attentiveness when they noticed. He only let his own instinct carry him further from reality as it stormed outside...

When Lukas awoke the next morning, Mathias' arm was wrapped around his shoulder as he lay snuggled close to him. His mind was still hazed with sleep as he sat up and stared at Mathias, his messed up hair and two sandy feathers stuck within it in two other areas.

As his mind ventured back to that night, he felt a blush quickly spread onto his cheeks. 'Oh my God...' Shame and embarrassment filled him quickly and he turned away to the side of the bed to hopefully find his clothes laying on the floor.

Right as he managed to find his clothes and put them back on, a light knocking at the door got his attention. Tino poked his head in, smiling when he saw the man standing up with his normal, calm expression. "Good morning Lukas. I hope you slept well."

His eyes traced back to Mathias for a moment then to Tino looking expectantly. "Yeah, we were alright. The storm woke us up some time last night but...we got back to sleep later..."

"That's good." He smiled his happy little grin. "Berwald just made breakfast and I just thought you should know. Let Mathias sleep...he won't wake up for anything anyway."

Lukas let a small smile come upon his lips as he followed Tino into the kitchen where Berwald, Emil and Peter were sitting and eating already. When he entered, he noticed the two look over with rather suspicious and (otherwise) terrifying glances. Peter was laughing to himself and Emil seemed to be in a rather good mood.

Sitting down, he gave the two a glare and uttered a silent "good morning" to the two. Emil got a mischievous look in his violet eyes, dancing with a sort of amusement in them. "Good morning. You and Mathias sleep well last night?"

Tino and Berwald paid attention in silence while they ate. Lukas showed no indicator that something out of the norm happened and nodded. "Yeah. That blockhead is still asleep so he's just going to be hungry when he wake up. This is really good Tino."

"Oh, thank you. But Ber-"

"Did you know that there was a thunderstorm last night?" Peter interjected with a grin. "Emil woke up to comfort me and around that time we noticed that you got up too."

His face tinted lightly with blush but his face showed no emotion. "Is that so?"

Emil joined in too, not skipping a beat. "Oh it is so. You wanna know what's really interesting that I found out is that when you're heart-rate increases, we can tell. Any idea why yours was so high?"

"The storm scared me a bit is all." He rebutted while glaring at the two. "It's nothing special."

"It is when you can sense...infatuation." Tino dropped his fork, sputtering and coughing while Berwald lightly rubbed his back. Peter started laughing and even Emil let a smile surface, going so far as to laughing himself. "If it's any conciliation, we could hear you too."

Lukas lowered his head in shame, slinking back into his chair right when Mathias came out, rubbing his tired eyes and carefully patting the Norwegian's back. "Mornin'." All eyes went on him, Peter and Emil holding back their hysterics and Tino looking over with a bewildered expression. "What exactly did I miss?"