It was a still, cool night. A slender teenage criminal moved silently through the back allyways of the city. The smells of fast food and gasoline hung in the air.

Jinx sauntered around another corner on her intricate route back to the hotel. She was working solo now; the boys from the HIVE five had been holding her back. The night's spoils were few: she managed to rip off a few ATM's with hexes, enough dough to get her through a few months. The cracking cement made what seemed to her a deafening crunch underfoot. But she had little need to fear here.

Across the country from any farmiliar Titans, Jinx was confident she wouldn't be caught. She just had to keep a low profile and never stop anyhere for too long. She'd also changed her apperance a bit. She let her pink hair down, and wore jeans, sneakers, and a black-and-pink hoodie. She kept her old outfit in her duffel bag. She might need an old ally to recognize her later. And she didn't want to get rid of her beautiful boots.

The only problem was that she had no problem. This wandering around stealing money was way too easy. And Jinx had a few ambitions of her own. She could start her own academy. Do it right. All Jinx lacked was a goal. But she gave herself some time to figure it out. The last thing she needed was to be rushed. Things go wrong when they're too fast...

She pulled her hood over her head as she passed an open window of an apartment, and hurried off to the hotel.

Back at the hotel she'd been for two nights already, Jinx tossed her bag on the floor near her bed. She sighed as she slipped into the shower, and again slipping out. She didn't need to worry about removing her makeup anymore. Her bare face was the perfect disguise. Except her eyes...

Jinx tossed on sweats and an old shirt and crawled into the bed. A good hour was spent staring at the ceiling. She couldn't sleep, ever, it seemed. She tried TV, and then sketching. Nothing worked, nor had she expected it would. She decided to take a walk, no bag. She exchanged the sweatss fo jeans and decided to wear her boots. Leaving with only a key to her room, she went through a back alley. She slid the key into a side pocket on one of her boots. She wondered why she ever stopped wearing them after leaving the HIVE. It occured to her that leaving the hotel- and the HIVE- felt more like... running away.

She sneered at herself, and asked the brick walls and car echoes of the city, "What would I even be running from?"

She felt an unnatural breeze blow by her in the still night.

A loud, cheerful voice from behind her answered, "Nothing you could out-run."

Jinx's blood ran cold. No. No. No. He found her. A titan found her. THAT Titan found her.

Jinx snarled as she whipped around. Another breeze, and no one to be found. The alley behind her was empty. She felt releif flood her and she shivered from the chill.

But... why had she imagined the voice? She began to shake her head. She cursed herself for letting a stupid Titan get under her skin like that. She started back for her hotel, shaken, when she felt a light tap on her shoulder. She tensed up and slowly turned around.

She hadn't imagined anything. Standing before her, in bright yellow spandex, was Kid Flash.