I am officially a published author!


My full published works are currently on Amazon Kindle. To all of you who have enjoyed my stores so far, I'd absolutely love it if you would read and review my life's masterpiece (something I've spent over six years on, and has been ten years in the coming).

The link to finding them will be posted on my twitter, tiffanyanorth. Just follow me and go to Amazon and look them up. :)

The finalized works are as follows:

Book 1 of the Crowns of Fire Trilogy

***** Crowns of Fire by Tiffany North

Book 2 of the Crowns of Fire Trilogy

***** Dance of Dragons by Tiffany North

Book 3 of the Crowns of Fire Trilogy

***** Stones of Shadow by Tiffany North

This also means I can finally get back to fanfiction soon, as this has completely ruled my work life in publishing these books. :)

Many thanks to hihazuki for collaborative help on these novels' coverart, and overall help throughout the editing process! AND A GIANT THANK YOU TO ALL MY READERS OF THIS FANFICTION, WHO HAVE HELPED INSPIRE ME WITH YOUR GLOWING ENCOURAGEMENT AND PRAISE TO CONTINUE TO WRITE AND STRIVE FOR BIGGER THINGS. :)

Thank you so much!

I'll absolutely adore you (though I already do) if you go and read my brand new books (my first ever published!)




As per request of werewolf120, I'll put in a tiny snippet of what these books are about.

Here is the book description from the first novel, on the back cover:

"A prince with a dark past. A crippled orphan. A telepathic girl who was never meant to survive. A self-centered basketball star. Twin sisters struggling through college. And a little girl with faith strong enough to move mountains.

What happens when seven strangers from different worlds collide? Can they unite to save a realm oppressed by a tyrannical sorcerer?

Join a world where dragons roam free, centaurs battle for the forests, and mermaids thrive beneath deep blue lagoons. Legends are made, kingdoms war, and magic—dark and light—clashes while a reign of fear looms over the land.

Tiffany North weaves a compelling tale of hope and conflict, life and death, victory and loss. Follow seven heroes' unforgettable journey as they discover not only a strange new land, but their purpose in it."

They are all three on Amazon Kindle as of 21 hours ago (I'm so excited!) and I'd be head over heels thrilled if you bought and read them :) I couldn't make them free (some annoying Amazon policy says they have to make a profit from whatever I sell)-so I put them at the lowest possible price: 99 cents each. :) Soon I will have them available to be ordered in paperback as well.
Thanks so much! Have a fantastic rest of your summer,