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Chapter 1: prologe

It was a normal day in the city everone was in the centre becuse the avatar had came and people wanted to see her and stuff. Meanwhile Amon was in his evil underground layar planning to take over the city for nobenders and capitalism.

It was an evil layar since it was a dark dungon with no lites and stoney depressed walls. It looked so deperessed that there coudve been skeltons and other evil stuff on the walls if he wanted.

"good news for our city everone. The avatar came today!" a voice said on the 20s radio, pople charing could be herd in the background. Aon just smiled an evil smile under his pail mask. "sir the avartar came" it was amons evil minon the Lt.

"Ha ha, I know" Amon laughed evilly "I am pleased". "Sir I think we can start our plan to take over the city" the lutenant said back to him. "Mwahaha you're rite Lutenant. the benders don't stand a chance!" Amon ploted

Sudanly Amon stood up and said "lutanant I hav a vary impotent tasck for you to unde

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