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Beth Greene could only look out the window as the sun began to set, she'd been staring off into space awhile due to one of her "feelings". Growing up her feelings always meant the day was gonna suck. So she sat thinking that before all she had to worry about was that she might trip or embarass herself that day and thats what was causing the 'feeling' but now, the world changed overnight and this feeling could mean worse.. her death, becoming one of those things. Beth sighed.

"no point n' bein' up here anymore" she muttered as she got up.

As she made her way out of her room she let her mind wander to her life before all this, she would be getting back from school right now, she was 17 years old, it was finally her senior year and she had made the cheerleading squad. It was suppose to be the best school year ever. Her mother should've been waiting by the door asking if she had a good day. She should be here. Not where she is now. Dead. A monster.

She wasnt there when it happened but those things managed to take out half her family in one day. The world had certaintly changed for the worse. Beth walked outside to the front porch seeing her older sister Maggie keeping a lookout over the property. Beth had barley managed to find a seat when Maggie jumped up startling her.

"Dad..come quick" Maggie said. Looking out towards the fields.

Beth looked to where her sister was staring seeing a man running towards them with a boy in his arms, blood soaked his shirt as well as the boys. She gasped. Otis ran a few paces behind the man holding his hunting rifle, it took Beth but a few seconds to realize what probably happened. She moved out of the way as her father Hershel ran outside. Seeing the man and boy her father quickly got them inside asking Patricia to get ready for surgery.

Beth noticed another man run inside, she and Maggie quickly followed after him as Otis began to explain what had happened out in the woods. A hunting accident. Their was nothing they could do now but wait and hope their father could help the boy.

She went upstairs after Otis and the other man Shane left to try and bring back medical supplies. Maggie went off to tell Rick's wife and the rest of his group what happened, they would be arriving soon. Though her suspicion of something bad happening did occur she couldnt help but feel that their was something more to come. She just hoped that for once it could be something good.

Glancing out of her bedroom window. Just once she wished her little feelings meant something good.

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