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I woke up to my alarm clock and groaned hitting it repeatedly. Stupid thing. It ruined my dreams I could still see Bella jumping up and down on that couch her breast bouncing. I groaned again feeling my morning wood. I walked into my bathroom and turned the water on. Standing under the hot spray. I took my cock in my hands and Let myself imagine Bella was with me. My release came and I felt slightly better until I remembered that Bella was still next door and I had to go to work.

I got out of the shower and toweled off. I put on my uniform and then grabbed my cell phone.

"This better be good." I heard Jasper's tired voice on the other end.

"Do you have to go into work today?"

"No but I should."

"Good you can come and babysit Bella and Alice.

"Wait, what Bella and Alice are still at your place why?'

"You can blame Emmett and his special brownies for that one."

"Special brownies I'll kill him and then maybe Alice for good measure I'm guessing she knew.

"Oh yeah she knew."

"Ok I don't' want to get up but I will." I heard the phone click and chuckled before waiting by the door for Jasper.

"I'm here and I came bearing a bagel and cream cheese for you and egg sandwiches for when the girls get up."

"You're a life saver man." I grabbed the bagel he held out too me "Sorry to run like this but I have to go." I was out the door before he could say anything else. I got into my car and made my way to the police station. Parking I made my way inside. I growled when I saw that Tyler's desk was piled with paper work. I wasn't going to put up with that shit not on a day like today.

"Crowly what in the hell have you been doing." I slammed my hand on his desk sending papers flying and causing him to jump.

"It's off work chief." He stuttered.

"You haven't gotten anyone it done by the looks of it." I picked up one of them and looked at it. "This report is from three days ago. Get your shit together Crowly or you're fired and this all has to be done before the end of your shift you're on desk duty until this is done." I looked around the office. "Chany."

"Yes sir."

"You're going to be riding with Newton until Crowly can get his act together."

"Yes sir."

I left Tyler standing with his mouth open as I stormed into my office and slammed the door. I was hoping for a nice normal day but of course that wouldn't happen. Before lunch we had three domestic disputes and three accidents a few off which required I go to the scene. I was finishing the last of my paperwork up. Scowling at Crowly who was slowly making his way through his pile. What was so hard about doing the paper work it sucked I know but everyone had to do it.

I looked at the clock and saw that it read one o'clock Lunch time if ever there was on. I stacked my paper work up and grabbed my wallet. I walked past my officers and down to a quite cafe I wanted a quite sit down lunch.

Sitting down I ordered a coke and a turkey sub from a young waitress when it came I nibbled on it as my mind wondered off to what may just be happening at home. I dialed Jasper.

"Hey man what's up."

"How's everything going there?"

"Ok Alice is in a time out." I almost spit my drink out.

"A time out."

"Yeah ohh and your house is full of silly string."

"How did they get silly string?"

"Beats me but if I had to say it may have been Emmett.

"No." I shook my head "I don't think so. I'll figure it out how is Bella? "

"She's in the shower Alice really got her with that Silly string." I stifled a groan thinking of Bella in the shower.

"Oh man I'm going to finish lunch and head back to work but I'll be home hopefully by five."

"Got it" and with that Jasper hung up. I finished my food and threw my trash away. I worked through the rest of the day glaring at Crowly who was lucky to get his work done.

"Don't let it happen again." I pierced him with my gaze as he handed it to me.

"Yes sir." He nodded before walking out. I picked up my things and exited myself as the night shift came on.

I walked into my apartment to find it actually coved in Silly string and two girls asleep on my couch. "You weren't kidding." I said turning to Jasper.

"Nope I would have cleaned up but just trying to keep up with Alice was a job."

"I understand." I bent down and picked up some of the hardening string and throwing it into the trash. "Should we feed them then you can take them back to campus."

"Sure thing. I'll order Chinese and you can wake them up. I think if I do they may bite me." I looked at him wondering if he was being serious. I was kind of afraid he was. I heard him on the line with the Chinese place. I slowly made my way towards the girls and shook first Bella and then Alice.

"Up you two."

"No." Bella groaned throwing her hand over her face.

"Yes you have to eat." I said pulling her hand away from her face and pulling her up. I swallowed at the fact that she was in my clothes. I sighed trying to keep myself in control.

"It better be good food." She scowled turning around she kicked Alice. "Alice get up and clean this place up I told her silly string was a bad idea. She had it hidden this whole time." she said turning back to me.

"Right" I mumbled as Jasper came back. As I silently repeated in your head best friends sister commitment issues can't jump Bella.

"It should be here soon."

"Yippy." Bella yawned and kicked Alice again.

"I'm up." Alice snapped sitting up and glaring at Bella.

"Sure you are." Bella rolled her eyes. As we waited for the food which came twenty minutes later. The girls fell on it like ravenous wolfs. I watched wide eyed as they ate. When they were finished and my apartment was sort of clean Jasper loaded them into his truck and hauled back to campus and I sat in my empty apartment and thought about what a crazy three days it had been.

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