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Bella POV

I woke up the sun shining in on me. Well at least I wasn't hung over this time. "Alice wake up." I hissed. Pulling the blankets off of my friend. Who grumbled and tried to grab them back from me.

"No I'm sleeping and you can't make me get up." She tried to burrow under the covers but I pulled them back.

"Oh yeah watch me I'll go get some ice water to pour on you."

"You're mean." She said sitting up.

"This is what you get for tricking me into eating pot brownie's." I scowled at her. First I get drunk and dance on tables and then I get high and jump on couch's."

"I know drunk and high Bella is amazingly hilarious." Alice cackled. I just pushed her off the bed.

"Hey." She glared at me as she pulled herself up.

"You deserved that." I said standing up. "You realize we're both still in our clubbing clothes for the third day right."

"Ah well it was worth it she shrugged." We made our way out of the bedroom stopping when we saw Jasper in the kitchen.

"What are you doing here?"

"Watching you. Of course you need a baby sitter you like to get on furniture and she likes doing crazy things." He pointed at Alice. "And Emmett is out as he got you high so I got put on baby sitting duty. Now I brought you some sandwiches." He gestured to the breakfast sand witches on the table. I went over picking one up gingerly. "Don't worry Bella its egg cheese and Ham I know not to even put a sausage one in front of you."

I unwrapped it and took a big bite. "Thanks." I mumbled.

"Yeah no problem. At least you're both sober today.

"Yeah luckily hay have you seen our lovely friend Emmett I owe him for getting me high yesterday."

"No I'm sure he's hiding from Edward."

"Well he should be more worried more about me then Edward." I bite into my sandwich again.

"Yes because you're so scary Bella." Alice chuckled and I threw her a death glare.

"Mary Alice I wouldn't push me I've missed one day of class been drunk and high and I just want to crawl into my own bed and forget this whole time happened.

"Never going to let that happen Bella dear." She teased. "It was good to see you let loose and hey you even kissed Edward now if only we could get you to do more. You really need to get laid girl."

"Eww that's my sister." Jasper scrunched up his nose. "I don't want to have anything with trying to get her laid."

"So you're saying you would object to her being with Edward?"

"No Edward is a good guy she can date him I just don't want to hear about the sex."

"Fair enough." Alice nodded as if they just closed some type of deal.

"Hey you both know I'm still here right?" I waved my hand in front of Jasper's face.

"Yes sister dear we know you're here."

"Well good and you know my number one rule no cops. And Edward is that in spades."

"Bella you need to let it go." Jasper sighed. "Why don't you talk to mom about this fear you have of being with a cop maybe she can help."

I shook my head glaring at him. "NO, nothing mom says will change this. I can't fall in love with a cop. I won't." tears welled in my eyes and I crossed my arms."

"Okay if you say so Bella if you say so." I knew he was trying to placate me. Before I could say anything else I felt something wet hit me.

"What the hell." I turned around to see Alice behind me with a can of Silly spray. "Where did you even get that?"

"Hid it in my purse." She smirked hitting me with it again.

"Ew gross and I don't have any other clothes." I scowled. You're lucky this is just in my hair." I jumped up and ran towards the bathroom before she could hit me with it again. I stripped out of my clothes and hopped into the shower. Not even letting myself think about how I was in Edwards shower. Oh god don't think about that." I mumbled to myself. Anything but that. I hurried through the shower before more thoughts of Edward and showers could invade my mind. I hopped out and was prepared to put my clothes back on but realized they just wouldn't work. Wrapping a towel around myself I yelled out the door. "Jasper get me a pair of Edwards clothes I don't care what just as long as it semi fits me." I closed the door and balled my clothes up in a ball. At Jasper's knock I opened the door and grabbed the shirt and sweatpants out of his hands and shut the door again letting my wet hair hang around my head and pulling the clothes on.

"Oh Sexy." Alice said as I came out."

"Hey I told you to stand in that corner." Jasper said pointing at Alice.

"Yes Daddy." She smirked turning back around.

"You know she's enjoying this to much right?"

"You're probably right he sighed. "Fine you can get out."

"Yes." She said racing out of the corner and jumping on the couch. I don't know what happened after that I know Jasper tried to get us to clean up that didn't work. And I know somehow we both fell asleep on the couch because the next thing I remember is Edward waking us up.

"Up." I heard his voice but refused to be pulled away from my sleep.

"No I grumbled. Pushing my hand over my face.

"Yes you have to eat." He pulled my hand out of my face and pulled me up.

"It better be good food." I looked at him before kicking Alice. "Alice get up and clean this place up .I told her silly string was a bad idea. She had it hidden this whole time." I turned back to Edward trying to explain the mess that was now his apartment

"Right he mumbled as Jasper came towards us .

"It should be here soon."

"Yippy." I yawned and kicked Alice again.

"I'm up." Alice snapped sitting up and glaring at me.

"Sure you are." I rolled my eyes. "Sorry I had to steal your clothes but what can you do when pixie's get silly string.

"Yeah uh sure that's fine." He stuttered I shook my head. No cops I reminded myself

We waited for the food which came twenty minutes later. After eating and trying to put Edwards apartment back to some semblance of normal Jasper took us back to campus and I gratefully fell into my own bed hoping to forget the whole mess but finding it difficult considering I was swathed in Edwards clothing and smelled like him. "Fuck my life." I mumbled into my pillow.

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