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Order of Importance:

1. Noah of Cycle

2. Watched You

3. What Really Happened

4. Child and Clown

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This story's made a thousand years ago. I decided that since it would be deleted if I don't work on it for far too long, it'll be gone story and all so here it is! Banzai! Moi ami!

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Huh? What'll work out?

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Uh. . .

Take a guess on which anime has this characters.

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This story of Allen's childhood is extracted from his Innocence's eyes. This story will also explain later on why the fourteenth betrayed his family.

I stood still, unable to do anything but watch them beat up my little child mercilessly. I wanted to do something. My blood was boiling; red blotches forced their way onto my eyes, anger gnawing away my breath into rags. I wanted to beat them into a pulp, kill them, and hear their scream for mercy begging for their lives, and their impure blood running down their face to taint the ground with their filth. I was shaking, vibrating with rage!

But I just stood there.

Doing nothing.

Just watching.



If only I could synchronize with him. If only his body was not as resistant as Noah to innocence, then maybe, maybe. . . If only my little child would not blame himself if I killed them. If only he wouldn't care.

"That's what you get kid when you pick a fight with people stronger than you!"

"Kid? That thing is a demon. I mean, look at his arm man, covered with blood."


"C'mon man, let's leave. There's nothing left here anyway,"

"See ya Demon. If you could still see that is."

I watched their wretched backs, one of them limping badly due to the impact my child had sent flying into him and almost falling while the other was sporting a blackening left eye, and a couple of his veins clogged. At least my child could fight two at a time and giving them beyond the greatest amount of damage a normal child of his age could hardly do bare handedly.

I hate them, loath them. Damn humans. What are the Noahs doing?! If they're going to destroy the world and rid humanity, I wouldn't even bat an eye. My child was beyond the lowly minds of these humans. Oh wait, I wasn't supposed to hate humanity. For Pete's sake! I was innocence! I was to protect them.

But now, I couldn't even care less as I watched my beautiful fair-skinned child struggle to breathe. Blood pooled from his mouth. I checked through my link to him and found that his throat was bleeding, he had fifteen bloody wounds, three internally, one long gash slashing through his silvery eyes, and at least ten bones broken AND his right hand's dislocated, twisting in an odd, painful angle. Yet he didn't cry, his eyes, though were half closed due to the bloody wound, burned with determination. I'm not going to die here! Not give up! I'm still here! That was what his eyes ragingly screamed at me.

I didn't have to worry, I knew that. It had always come in times like this. Always. I didn't have to wait long, a few minutes after those 'men' went, a song, a melody that had always protected him began to flow from my child's body, lyrics swirling high above his limp body.

Soshite bouya wa nemuri ni tsuita
Ikizuku hai no naka no honoo hitotsu, futatsu to
Ukabu fukurami itoshii yokogao
Daichi ni taruru ikusen no yume, yume
Gin no hitomi no yuragu yoru ni
Umare ochita kagayaku omae
Ikuoku no toshitsugi ga
Ikutsu inori wo tsuchi e kaeshitemo
Watashi wa inori tsuzukeru
Douka konoko ni ai no
Tsunaida te ni Kiss woSoshite bouya wa nemuri ni tsuita
Ikizuku hai no naka no honoo hitotsu, futatsu toUkabu fukurami itoshii yokogao
Daichi ni taruru ikusen no yume, yume
Gin no hitomi no yuragu yoru ni
Umare ochita kagayaku omae
Ikuoku no toshitsugi ga
Ikutsu inori o tsuchi e kaeshitemo
Watashi wa inori tsuzukeru
Douka konoko ni ai no
Tsunaida te ni Kiss wo

Watashi wa inori tsuzukeru
Douka konoko ni ai no
Tsunaida te ni Kiss wo

I watched, half fascinated by the magic working in front of me, and the other half was dead away with murder as a last thought. His wounds were healing, both internally and externally, broken bones were mending, and his right hand snapped back into place; life was flowing back into him, into my child. The eerie golden symbols, or lyrics, gradually disappeared knowing it had accomplished its task.

Gently, I cradled my child's body. He wasn't really my child by blood. I found him inside the Noah's Ark, sleeping peacefully, but seemingly lonely while trapped inside a powerfully warded crystal ball of blue and violet light the size of a house.


I was weak then. The Noahs had once again shattered my form. I'm so. . . weak. Yes, I'm so weak, but at least I didn't really die like my brothers and sisters, right? I sighed. No Noah could actually destroy me. Though my form gets shattered, burnt to a crisp by no other than the Noah, my will did not die. It simply remained there, too stubborn to let go. Thus, I was able to reform after time.

Oh no! Bloody hell! No, no, no! I'm not going into that ark! Alas, the wind seemed to despise me today. The wind blew most of my pieces into the ark's gate as the Noah of Dreams head poked out, grinned, and launched an assault towards the Earl. The Earl caught her and hugged her back.

"Milleni! Everyone's worried! You were so late!" came the protest from the ever so fake of a smiling face. The Earl swung her around, her blue hair spiked to the wind, and proceeded to get inside the ark. Along. With. My. Pieces.

"Ah~ Gomen ne~ I met a couple of pests along the way~!"

"Is it that Order again? They're so stupid! How long will it take for them to realize it's useless to strike back?" And then they went in, WITH me trailing behind.

NO! I screamed in my head though I knew I was too late to do anything. The bloody ark was bloody sucking me in! Aaaaagh! Damn you Noahs!

Five minutes later

The whole place was white; buildings of white arranged neatly in rows to encircle a tall, white dome like figure towering high above everything else. The sky encircled the 'ark', the waters in which it floated above on still. The place, to someone who had not known the inhabitants of the ark, would seem like haven and might have thought they had died somewhere along the way. To someone who knew them well and fought with them for seven millennia, the sight was terrifyingly deadly.

The 'owners' would kill you once you were found out, and it is hard to hide from them, but in my case, since I was already 'dead' they could not be bothered even less. For not the first time, I am glad I was the Heart's twin innocence. The others called me and my twin a lot of names; Twin Hearts, The-Twin-Heros-of-the-World, Destruction(me) and Life(my twin), and a whole bunch of corny names.

They seriously needed to work on those. Ugh!


It was dark, oh well, the surrounding was dark. But there, in the center of all this gloominess was a gigantic orb of light. I 'stepped nearer to it, and found its presence calming and needy. I t compelled me closer, and I immediately complied. I knew I was doing something so stupid. This was the Noah's Ark! How was I suppose to know this wasn't a trap?

My worries and caution, however, was thrown aside as I saw what was in the very center of the pale green orb.

A child.

A beautiful child.

A beautiful child with silver white hair.

A beautiful child with silver white hair dressed in whiten silk with his eyes closed in sleep.

A pure child, a child of innocence.

. . .

A child of Light.

And. . .

A child of. . . Darkness.

Well. . . what do you think? I know there's a lot of explaining to do so here:

Allen's Innocence(Crown Clown)

* Wants to protect the world while his other half yearned to kill those who hurted Allen who did nothing to them.

*Upon seeing the humans' mistreatment to an innocent, homeless child, a part of him slowly turned dark.

*This results in him being able to destroy both innocence and akuma (not to mention the Noahs)

*Will always, and only be wielded by Allen.

You can decide the rest.

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