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Five minutes later

The whole place was white; buildings of similar color arranged neatly in rows that slowly rise to encircle a tall, white dome like figure towering high above everything else. The sky wrapped the 'ark', the waters in which it floated above were still. The place, to someone who had not known the inhabitants of the ark, would seem like haven and might have thought they had died somewhere along the way. To someone who knew 'them' well and fought with 'them' for seven thousand years, the sight was terrifyingly deadly and foreboding.

The 'owners', infamously known as the Noahs, will kill you once you were found out, and it is hard to hide from them, but in my case, since I was already 'dead' they could not be bothered even less. For not the first time, I felt glad I was the Heart's twin innocence. The others had called me and my twin a lot of names; Twin Hearts, The-Twin-Heroes-of-the-World, Destruction(me) and Life(my twin), and a whole bunch of corny names.

They seriously needed to work on those.

Change my mind. Like they would. They'd probably think we don't want them to call us that because we were too humble. Seriously, humble? More like embarrassed. If you hear an even more bizarre name than this ones, well if it speaks about twins or something of the sort, you now know who it's being directed to.

Well, talking about twins, the Heart was always the better one of us two I guess. He was always understanding, kind, forgiving, and well, just about everything good. I know I wasn't really the best, but you know, I didn't really have to be treated like an outcast, right?

To the people who think of me that way: like you can talk you hypocrites. You, Apocrophys mostly, kill both humans and innocence without a thought for your own specific 'reasons' that does not usually include my twin like you always claim to. You can't just really do that and you guys know it.

Check the people who bad mouthed me. I roll my eyes. Really, just because I can destroy both innocence and akumas and Noahs doesn't mean I was going to 'sell' them away. Fortunately for them, I also wasn't they type to care. My job was just destroy the akumas then kill the Noahs.

If that was all, then life was easy. I never plan to betray my fellows anyway like that specific group of Apocrophys claim to.

"Milleni! Milleni! C'mon! C'mon!" I turned my head swiftly, barely catching a glimpse of the bloody Earl's freakishly large butt disappearing into the door of a white, flat roofed house.

"Hai, hai. I'm coming right now!" He was already inside when he said that. Seeing as neither he nor the Noahs had any business outside, I hadn't imagined that he would poke his forever grinning face out again and stare at me, well at most of me, for a second and left the door slightly ajar.

I could go in, was what the action indicated.

But I didn't follow. Why should I anyway? I mean sure, I could spy on their conversation, but right now, I just don't really feel up to it. None of my pieces had went inside that particular house so why bother making them go there? Even at an opportunity like this, survival was a first. What if they noticed my presence? Or had actually set this at the first place? Then I would have nothing to tell anyone, duh!

I was all alone now; left to ponder on my own thoughts and try to figure out how to get out of this ark. Well, if I could just collect all my pieces, the moment the Noahs use the ark I could slip out. Yes, that was the plan for now. I know I could be stuck here for years. It's not like I can find a better one anyway.

This was what I've been thinking before a very weak presence interrupted my thoughts.

"He. . . Lo. . .?" a warm breeze suddenly bellowed gently in the street, and flew me, as in me and my pieces, straight up a complete twenty feet off ground and into a whole new street nearer to the tall roman-style open-spaced dome.

What the bloody, bloody hell was that?! I put my guard up and didn't answer. I focused my inner sight and began to try locate this confusing presence. Tried. Weird. . . It seemed to be everywhere. . . Oh God! Oh goodness gracious! Don't tell me this ark had a fucking guardian or something? Was that why the Noahs didn't seem to be worried about me if they even actually noticed?

"Mr. . . Wind. . .?"

Mr. Wind? Is he calling for me? Oh wait. . . Can't the Noahs hear him? The voice was not threatening, but it held great wariness. And. . . It sounded like a child. . . Ah-uh-uh! No way! The only child in here was Road, the Noah of Dreams, and really, she not even young anymore!

"He~…lo...? Mr. . . . Wind?" The voice and the wind called out again, and once again, the same breeze pushed against me, only this time, it pushed me against a glowing white house. I gaped, pretty sure that this house was not glowing earlier. The wind nudged me softly against the door, and slowly, slowly, the wooden door creaked open silently to the tiniest of gaps.

"Are. . . Are you calling to me, child?" I tried to push back, struggle against the wind, but it was hopeless, and I knew that. It was like when I got 'vacuumed' into the ark again.

". . . " was his answer as I was slowly seeping in through the barely visible gap with not even a single clue to what was waiting for me inside.

It was dark, oh well, the surrounding was dark. But there, in the center of all this gloominess was a gigantic orb of light. I 'stepped' nearer to it, and found its presence calming and needy. It compelled me closer, and immediately, I complied. I knew I was doing something so stupid. This was the Noah's Ark! How was I suppose to know this wasn't a trap?

My worries and caution, however, were thrown aside as I saw what was in the very center of the pale green orb.

A child.

A beautiful child.

A beautiful child with silver white hair.

A beautiful child with silver white hair dressed in whiten silk with his eyes closed in a seemingly peaceful sleep.

A pure child, a child of innocence.. . .

A child of Light.

And. . .

A child of. . . Darkness.

I didn't know how I knew that, but somehow, somehow, I knew that this boy, this boy, was someone like me. A two-sider, the one in the fair side, more or less like an outcast by both sides of society(preferably the Noahs and Innocence society). Just like me.

There was an expectant silence. Both of us keeping an eye on who should make what move first.

"He . . . Lo? Is that . . . You Mr. Wind?"

"Well, if you mean me, then yes, it is me here," I tried to sound like an understanding adult, and probably would failed if not for the fact that the tenseness in the air dropped by several hundred degrees. "Do you mind if I may ask for your name?"

There it was again, that hesitant silence. Though the child's eyes were closed, I could see his struggle, his struggle for his name. Brows elegantly steeping in concentration and his feet and hands tightening around him as if searching for comfort.

"I. . . I don't have any." The voice trembled, as if he was about to cry. I tried to get even closer, nearer him when suddenly I was hurled backwards into unseen walls.

Ouch, I think my already pounded self just got pounded even more.

"No! Don't come closer!"

I laughed shakily, having the breath taken out of me. "Don't worry, I'm fine!"

"Please don't go closer! I'm surrounded by powerful wards! They can harm you!" The child cried, and even from afar, I could see the glistening tears slowly sliding down his soft, pale cheeks.

"So. . . You've never been outside?"

"Yes. . . I've never met anyone before. Not even the people who were always inside the ark. I don't think they even know about me either. . ." I barely heard it. He said it so quietly, I wouldn't have been surprised if I imagined his response.

I stood up, feeling rage build up around me. Here I was, thinking I was the one whom everyone didn't really like to meet and feeling all alone by myself when this child didn't even see anybody until I came. Who in the world would trap a child like this? I am so pathetic! I cried in my head, calling myself every single insult I know. That's it! I made my decision, and no one, let me repeat, no one, will ever be able to stop me.

"Then I'm taking you outside! Out of this. . . This place! Out of the ark, and into the world." I said with certainty lining my words. I looked around me before looking back into his sleeping face.

"Right now, in this day. We're getting you out."


We flung ourselves at the open door, and as I felt the familiar rush of space against my skin, I couldn't help but screamed in joy. I grinned as I watched my little child's face and found delight spread all across it. I felt my heart skip a beat;this was the first time I acted like this beside other people. Not even to my brother had I ever screamed and ran in elation. I had to act formal whenever I was with the rest, never like this.

"Yeah! Hello world! I'm finally here!" my child shouted at the top of his lungs as the path, or door we've taken spat us into—

"The North Pole!" I cried in horror this time. We weren't prepared for this! Damn it!I knew we should have went in the other one!

Oh. . . ! Bitter winds bit me and seemed to seep inside of me, freezing me from within. If I was already this cold, wouldn't my child be even colder? I asked myself, horrified. I looked down, and touched his cheeks and wow, its warm! Looks like he didn't need my worries.

"Aaaaaaaaah!" My little child and I landed on something black,squishy, wet, and ALIVE. Whatever this was, I was pretty sure it didn't die. I was innocence, I practically weight like air. My child was lighter than normal human children. You could almost carry him with one hand.

"Is this. . . Is this. . . Seals!"

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