Just Another Dream?

Pairing: Shirosaki x Ichigo

Summary: Ichigo is in a long tiring fight with his hollow, then next thing he knows Shiro is on top of him. Yaoi One-Shot

Warnings!: This IS yaoi a.k.a boy x boy, If you don't like, then please don't read it.

Please enjoy the beautiful smut

Ichigo lay in bed asleep, beads of sweat covered his forehead and he was panting hard. Most people would think he was just having a bad dream, but he wasn't. This was a fight for control and his body. He bit his lip and gripped the sheets. His eyes opened slightly, black beginning to invade one of them, but it slowly retreated, the sclera going back to its natural white. Ichigo's eyes closed once again.

… Within his inner world…

Ichigo panted, he had been fighting his hollow ever since he had fallen asleep. Ichigo gripped his zanpakuto's handle tighter, this fight was going nowhere. They were equally matched. The two of them ran towards each other, Shirosaki copying his Kings movements. Their swords were about to hit but Shirosaki suddenly tripped, falling on top of his King. Their zanpakuto's landing a few feet away from them.

Ichigo's breath stopped for a moment. Shirosaki's eyes widened and his heart began beating a little faster. Neither of them could think of anything to say. This was the closest they had ever been to one another. Shirosaki looked to the side for a moment, trying not to blush at the sight of his King below him. Ichigo took the chance to squirm and try to scoot out from under the hollow, but Shirosaki pinned him down.

"Hey let me go! What the hell do you think you're doing?!" Ichigo asked with a very irritated look on his face.

Shirosaki starred down at Ichigo, a creepy smirk replacing the surprised look on his face. "What am I doin'?" He chuckled. "I'm doin' what I wanted from the first day I entered yer body."

Ichigo was nervous for some reason. "And what the hell is that?"

The snowy haired man chuckled once again, sending shivers down Ichigo's spine. "I'm glad ya asked King." Shirosaki's blue tongue popped out of his mouth and he bent closer to Ichigo, licking from his chin, along his jaw and up to his ear. He bit down and nibbled on Ichigo's lobe. Ichigo winced.

Shirosaki moved down to Ichigo's neck and bit down, marking the teen as his. Shirosaki used his knee and pushed it up against Ichigo's crotch, rubbing it roughly. Ichigo struggled and tried getting away once more, but Shirosaki bit his neck harder making Ichigo stop submissively.

Shirosaki pulled away and Ichigo glared at him. "Ya really shouldn't make faces, we don' wan' yer face getting' stuck that way."

Ichigo turned his head to the side, trying to ignore the white haired man. Shirosaki frowned, not quite enjoying Ichigo's attitude. He pushed his hand into Ichigo's hakama and gripped his dick.

"Gaahh!" Ichigo's eyes widened and he let out a small scream in surprise. Shirosaki smiled, opening Ichigo's kasode and shitagi. His hand trailed up Ichigo's stomach and to his chest. Shirosaki pinched one of Ichigo's nipples with one hand while pumping his cock with the other. Ichigo panted, his body began moving on its own, grinding against Shirosaki.

Shirosaki's lips met Ichigo's for a quick second then pulled away. Ichigo blushed slightly. "Ya liked that, huh?" Shirosaki asked as he pulled Ichigo's hakama off and threw it to the side. He laughed. "Ya ask me ta stop King, yet yer hard!" Ichigo, stubborn as always didn't want to admit it. Although it was weird, Shirosaki's touches felt nice… He liked it, but he would never admit it or show it.

Pushing his own hakama down, Shirosaki smiled. "Hope yer ready fer this King." Slowly, Shirosaki pressed himself into Ichigo. Ichigo arched his back and dug his nails into the side of the building below himself. Pain rushed through him. "Just bear with it King." Shirosaki said as he thrusted in and out of the teen. Shirosaki noticed a cut on Ichigo's chest, one he had given him earlier when they were fighting. He licked the wound with his unnaturally blue tongue, not caring if he was being rough or not.

Ichigo panted and moaned, he enjoyed the pain, it seemed to bring him pleasure. His arms wrapped themselves around Shirosaki's neck. "See feels good now doesn' it?" Shirosaki asked pulling his face away slightly and licking traces of blood off his lips. Ichigo dug his nails into Shirosaki's back as the hollow pushed himself fully into the teen. He couldn't get enough, he loved having the white mans cock inside of him. Ichigo stared into Shirosaki's eyes then forced the mans head down, their lips meeting in a passionate kiss. Shirosaki's eyes widened as a tongue pushed its way into his mouth.

Their tongues circled and moved with one another. Ichigo panted and pulled away slightly. "Sh-Shiro!" He moaned as the hollow fucked his ass hard and good.

"Ya want more a that King?! Tell me, I can give it ta ya!"

"Y-Yes!" Ichigo panted grinding back against the hollow.

"Good, I won't have ta hold back anymore." Shirosaki thrusted harder and faster, pounding into Ichigo. The teen arched his back and screamed in pleasure, he enjoyed every minute of this.

Pleasure ran through Ichigo's entire body. "Shiro!" he cried as the hollow it his sweet spot and continued hitting it over and over again.

"Scream my name!" Shirosaki ordered, continuing his vigorous thrusts in and out of the teen.

"Shiro!" Ichigo screamed out, panting hard. He was close. Shirosaki continuously ran into Ichigo's prostate, sending more and more pleasure through the teen's body.

Ichigo moaned loudly as he came. Shirosaki moaned as well as Ichigo tightened around him. He came, filling the teen with his seed.

At that moment, Ichigo woke up. He could feel cum around his crotch and on the sheets. "Just a dream…" He said to himself in slight sadness. Slowly he tried to sit up but winced in pain, his whole lower back hurt like hell.

Then Ichigo heard the watery voice of his hollow in his head. "No King, believe it or not, that was real!"A loud laugh echoed in his head and slowly disappeared.

Ichigo's eyes widened, he was sort of happy it was real, but… Then again… This only meant his hollow was getting that much closer to him…

… End…

Author Notes: So I hope this was a good story, not written too quickly or anything, please review if you want to, I would love to know how I did on this. Also I am sorry if this story is too short.