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The Gift Of Giving

RemusTonks in the eyes of Andromeda

When I saw him coming through the door, I instantly knew something was wrong. The pain etched across his face was unmask-able, it was then that I realized Dora wasn't with him. I gave him a huge hug and we both just cried. I couldn't believe my daughter was gone and Remus looked worse then he did the night after a full moon.

"She shouldn't have even been there!"

I jumped as the coffee table smashes from Remus flipping it over and I look at him with a sad smile. His amber eyes are like those of flames, but after a minute the fire is put out and tears replace the anger. I get his need to break something, Dora should have stayed here with her son. She wasn't supposed to fight in that battle.

"Where's Teddy?"

The question seems so abnormal to me but I can't really explain why. I understand it, but my mind is so fogged with the news of my daughters death, I promptly forget about my grandson.

"He's in his room."

Remus rushes off to get his son, cuddling him tightly, I didn't even notice that the one month old was crying uncontrollably. Remus got him to calm down and he was sleeping soundly in his arms, not understanding what's happened.

Not knowing that his mother is gone forever.

If you Dare Challenge; Prompt 30. A Full Moon

Pairing Diversity BC Challenge; Nymphadora/Remus; 11. Fire

Cross-Gen BC; War

AU Diversity; Remus Lives; Understand

Organization BC; OotP; Stay

SongFic BC; Say Goodbye