Written for Brianna Bennett

The Gift Of Giving


May second 2000 seemed just as depressing then the year previous. The death if everyone was still fresh in their minds, even after a year. Hermione woke up and was careful not to wake Fred as she got up and creeped out of bed. Eight months pregnant, and not every good at being sneaky anyway, caused her to wake Fred up anyway.

"Good morning, Love. Are you okay?" Fred asked hopping out of bed and rushing over to his fiancé.

Hermione smiled, "Yeah, I'm fine, she's fine."

Fred grinned, "Are you sure you want to go to the ceremony? I mean your eight months pregnant!"

Hermione smiled, "I'll be fine honey, besides Fleur is going and she's two weeks further than I am. Plus, I know you want to be there to honer the memory of George."

Fred nodded and the both of them went on their way. Every May second, there was a service held in Hogsmeade to honer everyone who had died in the second war.

"Fred?" Hermione said, fear evident in her voice. The couple had just arrived at the ceremony and were being greeted by the people there.


"I think the baby's coming!" She said in a rush rubbing her swollen stomach. Fred looked at her in shock, the people they were talking too, Andromeda and baby Teddy went to find a healer while Hermione started freaking out. Fred nuzzled against her to comfort her as the healer came and confirmed that she was indeed in labor. An hour later she gave birth to her first innocent baby girl, Roxanne Weasley.

Written For;

AU Diversity BC; Rose

Pairing Diversity BC; Hermione/Fred; Nuzzle

Fav Era BC; Innocence

If you dare Challenge; 623. Innocence