Jackie pouted as she sat in her chair with her arms crossed. She couldn't believe she had been sent to the principal's office over a few stupid tardy slips. The door opened and principal Pridewell walked in. "Well Jackie, I'm sorry to see you in here."

"So am I." She said bitterly.

He sat down at his desk and then picked up a pile of papers. "I don't know why you're so surprised. You've had to know how many tardy slips you were building up."

Jackie sighed. "Uh, it's just a few!" She argued.

"It's seventeen." He deadpanned.

She rolled her eyes. "Whatever. It's not like I skipped class or anything."

"It's not about skipping, it's about being late."

"I had things to do! I have a life outside of school you know!" She snapped.

"Forgive me Ms. Burkhart, but I highly doubt whatever teenage crap going on in your life is an excuse for being late to class."

Jackie looked insulted. "Well forgive me Mr. Pridewell, but just because you're hair is on the verge of falling out doesn't mean some of us shouldn't take a few minutes of our day to make sure our hair is done."

"Hair is not more important than education Ms. Burkhart."

"It is to me."

"Well, regardless of your opinion, I told you at prom last week that the next time you screwed up you'd be paddled. Time to own up young lady."

Jackie grew wide eyed and rose from her seat. "Wait, you're serious going to paddle me?"

"Of course I am."

She looked totally dumbfounded. "You can't paddle me! I'm the most popular girl in school! I'm a cheerleader! I'm the prom queen!"

"You were runner up." He pointed out.

"Well I should have been!"

"Ms. Burkhart, you are GOING to be paddled."

"No, no you can't do that! I am not meant to be paddled! Look at this butt!" She said turning around. "It's cute and perky! This is not the butt of a girl meant to be paddled!"

Mr. Pridewell opened his draw and pulled out a wooden paddle. "Well, I have to disagree."

Jackie crossed her arms. "And what if I just decide to walk out right now?" She asked. What else could besides give her detention?

"I'll kick you off the cheerleading team." On the other hand, he could do that.

"You can't do that!" She complained.

"Look Ms. Burkhart, you're not the first popular cheerleader to be paddled, and I assure you that you won't be the last. The others have been in here three or four times already. Frankly you should have been paddled quite a few times already."

Jackie sighed. "This is so unfair! I'm beautiful and popular! I shouldn't have to deal with this!"

"Look, this isn't an argument. If you want to stay on the team then you'll bend over and place your hands on this desk." He said pointing down at his desk with the paddle.

Jackie bit her lip frustrated. She had never been spanked, let alone paddled. But bring off the team would serious send her popularity into a spiral, especially after just losing prom queen.

"Okay fine! But just remember that this is the butt of a future model, and any permanent damage will be jeopardizing my career!"

"I'll keep it in mind. Now bend over and place your hands on the desk." Jackie let out one last groan before walking over and placing her hands on the desk. "Spread your legs and stick you butt out."

She reluctantly complied. "How long do I have to stay here?" She asked.

"You're going to get ten swats."

"Ten?! That's not fair!"

"Considering you have seventeen tardy slips it's not nearly enough. I'm only giving you this many because you've never been paddled before."

"This is such bull." She mumbled.

"I want you to count off and thank me for each one. If you get up before I tell you, reach back to rub, or forget to count off, it will not be counted. You understand?"

She rolled her eyes. "Yeah, whatever, let's just get this over with."

He lifted the paddle and tapped her jean covered bottom a few times. He had to admit she was right, her butt was very cute and perky. He brought the paddle back and then swung. It landed with a CRACK!

"OW!" Jackie quickly jumped up and then began fiercely rubbing her butt. She turned around and looked bewildered. "That hurt!"

"It's supposed to hurt Ms. Burkhart. It's a paddling, that's kind of the point."

She kept rubbing her butt. "Well yeah, but I thought you would only hit half as hard or something. Don't cheerleaders get it easier or something?"

"No. If anything as representatives of this school cheerleaders get it harder. Now bend back over that desk."

Jackie grumbled but did as she was told. He tapped her bottom again and then swung. CRACK! She jumped in pain.










Jackie got up and then jumped up and down as she began to rub her butt. That was the most painful thing that had ever happened to her. "Please bend back over Ms. Burkhart."

She looked at him in shock. "Why?! You said I only had ten swats! That was ten swats!"

"Ten swats you forgot to count and thank me for." He pointed out.

Her jaw dropped. "You can't be serious!"

"Back over the desk Ms. Burkhart."

She shook her head. "I can't take ten more of those! My butt is already on fire!"

"You're a big girl Ms. Burkhart, you can take it."

"I can't do this!" She snapped.

"Very well, I'll inform the coach that you're no longer on the cheerleading team."

Jackie glared at him and weighed her options. It was possible to be a cheerleader and remain popular, but it was tricky. Maybe she could pull it off though. No, there was no way. If rumor spread she had gotten kicked off the team right after she failed to become prom queen, her reputation was through. For the sake of her high school reputation she had to bend back over that desk.

"Fine!" She snapped as she bent back over.

"Very well." He tapped her with the paddle again and noticed she winced in pain. He smirked. He could have let her off even though she didn't count, twenty with the paddle was certainly a lot, but she honestly deserved it. Moreover, he didn't mind applying the wooden instrument to the rather attractive young girl's bottom either. He pulled it back.

CRACK! "OOH! One, thank you sir!"

CRACK! "MMM! Two, thank you sir!"

CRACK! "OUCH! Three, thank you sir!"

CRACK! "OH! Four, thank you sir!"

CRACK! "AH! Five, thank you sir!"

CRACK! "UH! Six, thank you sir!"

CRACK! "YEOW! Seven, thank you sir!"

CRACK! "AW! Eight, thank you sir!"

CRACK! "YEOCH! Nine, thank you sir!"

CRACK! "DAMN! Ten, thank you sir!"

CRACK! "OW! What was that for?" She asked looking back.

"That was an extra for using profanity. You may now rise." He said. Jackie quickly got up and rubbed her butt. He watched as he 'danced' before her trying to sooth the stinging pain.

"This should be illegal." She said biting her lip.

"Now Ms. Burkhart, as I said earlier you've run out of warnings. So the next time you get in trouble you'll be getting the same treatment as today. I don't want to see you in here again, understand?" He asked.

"Yes sir. I'll be a good girl from now on." She said pouting.

"Good. Now you're dismissed." She walked out still rubbing her likely cherry red bottom and he smirked. Chances were he'd see her next week. And he was honestly looking forward to it.