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Disney Debate




Robin breathed an annoyed sigh as he leaned further back into the couch at Mount Justice with his arms crossed.

His day had started well enough, surprisingly. Batman had been called away on a very important League mission with Green Lantern and Hawkman that would possibly last all weekend. Of course Robin was a little worried for his mentor's safety, and disappointed that their planned time together would have to be rescheduled… again. But at least he'd had the option of a few days in the company of his friends. That was something to look forward to.


It had been so peaceful just sitting there, listening to M'gann's bubbly account of her latest cheer practice. It had been a long week of late night patrols and science fair projects, and Robin found the young Martian's rambling to be quite relaxing.

And then a certain speedster just had to ruin the moment.

Now Robin could understand that Wally was a bit upset about Artemis' replacement of Roy; but it wasn't really her fault that the other archer was being a stubborn idiot. The only thing he was accomplishing by constantly picking fights with her was giving everyone around them a headache.

Such as now.

Robin wasn't even sure what Wally had said to get her started, but it had completely destroyed the quiet atmosphere.

"Oh you have got to be kidding me," Artemis was sneering, "That is without a doubt the dumbest show on the planet! Course, seeing how you willingly parade around in bright yellow spandex should've been a clue that you have no taste whatsoever."

"Well at least I don't look like a leprechaun!" Wally protested heatedly.

Artemis' eyes narrowed dangerously, "Are you implying that I am short?"

"Oh I'm not just implying. You're as small as your little mind that can't even see the awesomeness that is 'Tron'."

Artemis clenched her fists and gritted her teeth, looking close to punching the smug look off his face. "You are an idiot," she growled choosing to ignore the comment on her height, "That is one of the most boring movies I've ever had the displeasure of watching. I find it hard to believe its Disney."

Robin sat up a little straighter and raised an eyebrow. Maybe there's a way to spare everyone a migraine after all, he thought with a barely concealed smirk.

"I don't know, Wally," he feigned serious thoughtfulness, "She kind of has a point about one thing. Nothing beats the classics, right?"

Artemis crossed her arms with a triumphant smirk while Wally rolled his eyes, but M'gann's expression brightened considerably.

"Oh I love all of the old Disney movies," she clasped her hands excitedly, "They would play sometimes on Mars and they have the most wonderful music. Just the other day Conner and I watched a few together after hearing my squad talking about them." She smiled brightly at the clone sitting beside her before turning back to the room at large, "I still prefer 'Cinderella' though; it was the first one I ever watched. And the story is just so sweet."

Robin smiled- partly because of her enthusiasm, partly because Artemis and Wally had finally sat down- and leaned forward to look around M'gann at Conner.

"What about you, SB?" he smirked, "You a Disney fan now?"

Conner shrugged, "The one with the beast was alright." Robin nodded and relaxed back into the cushions. It figured he'd like that one; he could probably relate to the Beast fairly well. Anger issues, trouble expressing emotion, an underlying desire to be loved and accepted.

"I don't suppose you've had any movie marathons at home, have you Kal?" he looked questioningly at their leader.

The Atlantean gave a small smile. "I am afraid not," he replied, "Although I have seen the one called 'The Little Mermaid', I believe." Robin tried not to snicker at the irony of that; of all the movies… "Wally seemed to think I would enjoy it."

Oh, not so ironic after all.

He was about to ask Artemis her opinion, but he didn't need to. At the exact same moment, neither to be outdone by the other, Wally and Artemis said, "I like 'Hercules'."

Try as he might, Robin couldn't hide his amusement at this revelation. He let out a sound somewhere between his usual cackle and a snort as he saw the matching death glares on his friends' faces.

"A-and you guys- thought you had n-nothing in common," he managed to get out from behind his hand.

"We don't!" was the immediate synchronized reply. This had M'gann and Kaldur looking down to hide their smiles as well; even Conner couldn't hide his amusement.

"Whatever," Wally kept his scowl on the blonde, "You just said it to try and get under my skin."

"Oh please," Artemis rolled her eyes, "We said it at the same time, Kid Dork. Not everything is about you anyway. I happen to like it because of Meg."

"What is it that you like about her Artemis?" M'gann inquired, trying to prevent another argument.

Artemis shifted a bit from her spot on the floor, looking uncomfortable. "I don't know," she shrugged, "She's just a strong character I guess. Plenty of sass, trying to do what's right despite her past…"

Robin could practically hear 'story of my life' at the end of her explanation, but that could've been because he knew it was.

"Her attitude is definitely similar to yours," he agreed. His gaze turned to Wally and his eyes sparked with a mischievous twinkle that no one could see behind his sunglasses. "Why do you like it, Wally?"

"Because I can relate to Hercules," he replied with a smirk, "He's a hero and a chick magnet, the crowds love him."

"Yeah," Robin grinned as he shared a conspiritory look with Artemis, "And he started out as a skinny klutz too…"

Artemis smirked, "Maybe one day you'll grow out of that phase."

For a moment Wally seemed lost for words, opening and closing his mouth like a fish. Eventually though he recovered enough to send Robin a look and hiss under his breath, "Traitor."

Robin just smiled back, un-phased. Despite his efforts to make the arguing stop, he was tempted to point out that at the end of the movie Hercules and Meg fall in love. That would be sure to set off more fireworks.

"What about you Robin?" M'gann asked curiously, "Do you have a favorite?"

Robin tilted his head as though he were considering the question. In reality, he was simply trying to decide if he should answer or not. Batman had forbidden him from revealing his identity to his teammates, though Wally already knew. He would probably be against it, claim it revealed too much about his life. And maybe it did, but…

The team wouldn't know that.

So after a brief, expectant silence he answered with, "Definitely 'The Lion King'."

His friends' expressions varied from confused (M'gann), to surprised (Wally), to indifferent (Conner).

Again it was the Martian who spoke up. "I don't believe I have seen that one," she confessed, "What is it about?"

Robin gave a small sigh, "It's about this lion named Simba. When he's just a cub, he watches his father fall from a cliff and die. It was his uncle that did it but Simba is convinced it was really his fault and he leaves his old life behind. Along the way he runs into two unlikely guardians and learns to put his past behind him. In the end he learns the truth, defeats his uncle, and builds a new life as king with his pride."

The room seemed awkwardly quiet for a moment after his explanation and he noticed that Wally was studying him thoughtfully. Robin realized that quite a few parts of the story hit close to home- a parent falling, it being a murder, two slightly strange caretakers- and he wondered if any of that had somehow shown through in his voice.

Artemis' eyes narrowed slightly, "Why exactly do you like it so much?" The suspicion in her voice was well concealed. Unless, of course, you were a Bat.

Robin knew he had to tread carefully here. Artemis was from Gotham, she no doubt had heard of his alter-ego. And Batman had mentioned something about her receiving a scholarship to Gotham Academy…

He grinned and said, "The Hyenas." Thus ended the conversation and started another argument between the archer and the speedster about which African mammal was the coolest.




I've seen a lot of fics where Dick is traumatized at the scene where Mufasa dies. Quite a few of them are really good, and I have nothing against it; but I thought it would be interesting to switch it up and have it as his favorite. There are some striking similarities. Also, I've never seen Tron so I don't know if it's good or not. I just needed a newer Disney movie that might interest Wally. I'll try not to wait so long before I update again. Hope you liked it.