Are you seriously asking what's wrong with kitten poker? How about the fact that you're playing with little bitty kittens? Who cares about the cards – let those poor babies have a snack and then send them home. Some little girl may be dying for company, and you all are depriving her of it!

And yes, what's wrong does matter to you. If it didn't, you'd find a way to eat your Happy Meals, even though you feel the pain. And Angel does it, too, even though he wouldn't feel physical pain – his would be all mental and emotional.

Yes. War of the worlds; Ethros; cop lady's father … cop lady is the woman who sometimes helps out with some of the more … legal … aspects of our work. She had access to some resources that we didn't, and in return, we helped her from time to time.

I wasn't there, but the Ethros is now dead… Angel vented his feelings, which is a rather rare occurrence.

And thank you for thinking my joke was funny. I didn't mean for it to be – it was meant to be a scathing remark on your choice of reading material – but then I got to tease Angel. He didn't appreciate it too much, but it was fun nonetheless. ….That's a very long word.

And no, I never did find out was he was thinking… I kind of got a little hysterical as soon as I asked him, and he was able to sneak his way out of answering the question. It's not like one of those things that you can just sneak into conversation – once the moment's gone, it's gone. Unfortunately.

What front are you talking about? I see no front.

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