Cordelia, there is no need to bring up the damn chip in every single letter. I know it's there, the Slayer knows it's there; you know it's there. And I'm betting by now the Poof knows it's there, as well. Am I right?

And I may scare Xander just for the fun of it. Nice to know I have your permission, though.

You may think there's no front to be put on, and you can continue denying it. But I can tell. You act as though nothing bothers you until you can't help but show it. You keep mentioning how you've got things going on in your head, which makes me believe that I'm the only person you've really talked to about it. How do you think Peaches would feel if he found out you were hiding something big from him? Of course, I don't know what it is, but I would bet Angel would want to know.

And, as it happens, I've a bag of blood right here with me. Here's to you. Cheers.

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