What is it with girls and kitten poker? Some people play with chips, some with kittens. It's all about the cards!

I'm a bloody vampire, Cordelia. What is wrong doesn't really matter to me. However, now that I can't have any more Happy Meals on legs, I just want them all the more, and that just makes it cruel.

No vampire should have to suffer this way.

You keep telling yourself that, Cheerleader. A chip is what I've got – a front is what you've got, no matter what happened in order for you to get them.

Information overload – too much at once. Okay, so the war of the worlds. It's true that they're only concerned for themselves – they could probably say the same about us.

Yes, I have come across an Ethros – they're tricky. They like to destroy. How'd that go? You know…besides the little kid and all.

Good joke with Dennis the Menace. Try telling one of those to the Poof – he always did like The Funnies.

And cop lady would be…..who? Angel always was a shifty, crafty one…seems she has a reason to be suspect of him.

I've heard of those underground fighting rings, too. They're mainly popular in the big cities, since the demon population has more of a variety there. Big ticket types, you know? It's no wonder they picked him.

You find out what he was doing instead?

Let me know more about this front, yeah?

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